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RSwordsman t1_ixkn57l wrote

Nice of you to defend his honor on here. I have basically zero chance of interacting with him but would prefer to think he's legit, so thanks. :)


Austin_AD t1_ixknnr0 wrote


Just the sweetest guy ever...hope he's still alive.

Never stops talking about his cats, what he feed them etc.

Nothing random about why his cats live longs lives.


GDH907 t1_ixkoscy wrote

what was the feed, etc?


Spire2000 t1_ixm5w3i wrote

According to the article, dry cat food supplemented with broccoli, eggs, turkey bacon, coffee, cream, and an eyedropper full of red wine every two days.


SupaConducta t1_ixow87e wrote

I catch my cats sipping my heavily creamed coffee way too often. Maybe I shouldn't get upset that I have to make a new cup.


randomcharacters3 t1_ixkpwvw wrote

Well as a follow up to, "...hope he's still alive", depending on the answer to that, he may have in fact stopped talking about his cats.


carcinoma_kid t1_ixlc8n4 wrote

If they’re drinking the same water he may well make it to 150.


hypotyposis t1_ixl8swl wrote

And his cousin is former Governor Rick Perry?? All the proof I need that we live in a simulation.


Honeyface t1_ixnbfc3 wrote

did he give you some tips for feline longlivity?