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chadslc t1_ixksuhw wrote

If both were kept entirely indoors, it's not that far out of the question.


Nakorite t1_ixkw3uf wrote

Lol mate the chances of having two unrelated cats living with this liar owner somehow surviving almost double the expected age of a cat is so drastically improbable he is obviously lying.


BestOfSlaanesh t1_ixmnxvv wrote

There might be something about the diet he's giving them that extends their longevity. It's probably worth researching.


Nakorite t1_ixo0k9d wrote

The same diet that his previous cat had where it aged 10 years in 2 ? The guy is a pathological liar.

Basically one year his cat was in its 20s a couple of years later it died at 33.


chadslc t1_ixkwc8y wrote

I have a strictly-indoor cat who just turned 16 who isn't slowing down at all.

I take good care of her and don't feed her crap food.



shawnkfox t1_ixlabkj wrote

16 isn't particularly old for a cat, it isn't all that uncommon for cats to live to 20 years old or so and still be fairly healthy. Pretty rare for them to make it over 20 though before getting significant problems which require medication (usually kidney problems and/or diabetes) or they get cancer. Not that different than what takes out most people as they get up to 90+.

In any case, it is hardly very surprising that all the 30+ year old cats disappeared now that we use microchips to track them. The current world's oldest documented cat is only 26 which shows how ridiculous the claim of a 38 year old cat is.

If the guy wasn't a liar he may just have been senile and just got confused. Vets don't see cats often enough (except near end of life) to be able to tell two similar looking cats apart without a microchip.


WienerDogMan t1_ixl1qnm wrote

To put it in perspective, you would have to wait another 6 years (which would already be pushing the limit quite a bit) for your cat to be the same age as this cat was when your cat was first born.

Then living it’s entire 16 year life after that point.

Then having it happen twice.

It’s just beyond ridiculous.


WafflesAreEpic t1_ixlqlfb wrote

Yeah and some people win the lottery twice. Improbable things happen all the time.


Diamondsfullofclubs t1_ixlus1g wrote

But he takes good care of his cat and doesn't feed her crap.


Edit: /s


effjayyelle t1_ixl8gd8 wrote

Same! 19 years old here.

Except I only got her when she was 10, so I don't know how her life was before me. But she's thriving. Still doing zoomies and headbutting me for food (even though she's got like 3 teeth haha)


dokelyok t1_ixlx1sk wrote

My kitty is 19 too! She was in great health until developing asthma a few months ago but still acts like a hyper kitty most of the time.


spectrumero t1_ixm55b6 wrote

That your cat is doing well today doesn't mean they'll be doing well tomorrow.

Both my cats were fine until literally the day they died. My last one didn't go downhill until 18 hours before we had to have her put down.


t4thfavor t1_ixm635q wrote

My cat is 18 now, he’s getting skinnier but still sneaks outside to do whatever cats do outside on the regular. He’s pretty tough still even for someone of advanced age.


margo_plicatus t1_ixmekul wrote

Since you mentioned he’s losing weight: if he hasn’t had labwork recently, consider getting him in for that. There’s usually a medical reason. Here’s hoping you have several more good years with him!