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cetacretin t1_ixlatau wrote

A lot of Guinness World Records are just paid for by rich people and protected from submissions to overtake said records, or it's just accepted because it's something weird that will draw people's attention (and thus bring in money from sales of their book, which is about the modern equivalent of a circus freak show sometimes)

Hbomberguy on YouTube recently accidentally got them to delete a record for Tommy Tallarico when he sent in an inquiry asking about how the record was verified. Shocker, it wasn't verified.

I'm not saying the records for the cats are fake because honestly I don't know, just that I always take a mental note that "world records" are often for entertainment purposes only, and sometimes are only about as real as "reality" TV shows. It's always worth looking up more information if your curiosity is sparked, just be wary it may be clickbait or stretched truth.