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shawnkfox t1_ixlawwo wrote

The world's oldest living fully documented cat is 26 right now. I'd bet you are mistaken on the exact birth year, likely by several years. I believe 25 years old is possible for sure, but that would be an incredibly old cat, likely holding the title of 'worlds oldest living cat' for a time.

Once you start tracking the age of cats verifiable by microchip and documented birth dates all those 30+ year old cats disappear because none of them were microchipped when they were kittens.


pprabs t1_ixlibo1 wrote

Can’t be mistaken if I got the kittens myself when I was 10 years old and they lived in my house until I was 31 and 35.


lonigus t1_ixlglgx wrote

What do you mean with "not documented"? Vets and vet pet books were a thing for many years. Cant speak for US, but we had those books you get at your fist vet visit before computers became the norm. We still have a "mini book" from the 70s with the first vaccine shot the pet got.


VeryJoyfulHeart59 t1_ixmapfb wrote

I'm in the USA and I've never heard of such a thing. Still, without a microchip, a person could swap out a similar looking car.


guynamedjames t1_ixn08f5 wrote

Or just change vets. "uh yeah, he's 19" says the owner of an 8 year old cat.

What are they gonna do, count the rings?


GMN123 t1_ixlifcf wrote

Microchips for pets were only invented in 89 and didn't become commonplace for quite a while, so it makes sense that until very recently the 30+yo cats weren't chipped as kittens.

It'll be interesting to see if the stats change now the oldest cats will be better trackable.


slightly2spooked t1_ixlsosb wrote

You know there’s no secret cat-measuring cabal that automatically records the age of every cat, right?