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ovationman t1_ixx8afa wrote

Go figure that more than one company would use some form of the Kola Nut in their brand name... It is also worth noting that Kola Coca is an alcoholic beverage


Funkyard87 t1_ixxdhcj wrote

Coca cola was also an alcoholic beverage (wine) before the prohibition


bdesign7 t1_ixzbxo2 wrote

Technically correct, but not the prohibition most people think of, Atlanta passed prohibition in 1886, so Coca Cola was only alcoholic for a few years.


tedead t1_ixx8iy0 wrote

I'd take the original Coca-Cola over alcoholic Kola Coca, ha ha.


opiate_lifer t1_ixxqabh wrote

Kola-African nut.

Coca-Coca leaf extract, same plant cocaine is extracted from.


KindAwareness3073 t1_ixypbt3 wrote

Totally different beverages only sharing similar sounding names.


Beau_Buffett t1_ixxzii7 wrote

Wanna guess how they came upon the idea to keep their recipe a secret?


DicknosePrickGoblin t1_ixygksr wrote

My guess is it wasn't a complicated one to begin with, water, some molasses, kola and coca extract and there you go, sweet drink that cures aches and gives you energy.


engineeryourmom t1_ixzbgnw wrote

Koala cola? Damned drop bears taking over the whole planet…


HolyGig t1_iy0lxm3 wrote

Whats with all the Coca Cola facts today?


Diet_Coke t1_ixz81a0 wrote

Just a coincidence, nothing to see here