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mattyb07 t1_iycbtkr wrote

I've got 2 extra vertebrae


MuhnYourDog t1_iycfrll wrote

"Thirty-six percent of all foot radiographs had identifiable accessory bones."

Did you actually read the article? It's based on "abormal" radiolographic (x-ray) results from podiatrists and ER foot injury referrals that may show signs of accessory bones.

The article is about improving x-rays on human feet in particular instances, after a referral, not "for millennia, people couldn't count".


gedaliyah OP t1_iyd8w09 wrote

Okay, here is a recent study that says it's not a third of people but actually closer to 1/5

Either way it turns out that the 206 thing is not nearly as constant as we are generally taught


MuhnYourDog t1_iyd9xu8 wrote

The paper is titled "Incidence of accessory ossicles and sesamoid bones in the feet: a radiographic study of the Turkish subjects".

I stand by my original point.


gedaliyah OP t1_iydc09d wrote

Now you are just being obstinate. The abstract explicitly states that the purpose of the study is to determine the incidence in the adult population.


MuhnYourDog t1_iydf5h2 wrote

>Incidence of accessory ossicles and sesamoid bones in the feet: a radiographic study of the Turkish subjects

Are we done, or d'ye want to continue the exposition of your idiocyidiocy?


bougienative t1_iydks9y wrote

He offered a very valid counterpoint when he brought up the purpose of said article, you just repeated the name of the article again. So it's more if you are done lol.


Tr3sp4ss3r t1_iyd4re2 wrote

You do not want extra bones in your feet. I have had 3 Neuromas (scarred nerves) in each foot my entire life from the bones rubbing on the nerves. Not fun. Did you know there was a size EEEE13 shoe? I think it stands for extra-extra-extra-extra wide, size 13. Good luck buying them at the mall. Individual results may vary, maybe someone else's extra bones will just make them walk faster. (j/k)

Edited: On a positive note, much like a weeble, I don't fall down. Wider is better. All the cliches are true!


gedaliyah OP t1_iydcnkj wrote

According to this article, most accessory bones are asymptomatic. In other words, for a lot of people it's perfectly fine, and they might not even notice the difference. I'm sorry to hear about your difficulties though.


Tr3sp4ss3r t1_iyeb3aq wrote

I didn't know that, thanks. TIL. Interesting how when you have an issue you naturally expect everyone else with that issue to have same/similar symptoms, but that's not always true.


MuhnYourDog t1_iydi2lv wrote

That's not what aysomptomatic means, you fucking idiot.


Tr3sp4ss3r t1_iyeaw7e wrote

I agree with his wording. >a·symp·to·mat·ic

adjective: asymptomatic

(of a condition or a person) producing or showing no symptoms.

GenXCub t1_iyczpea wrote

If someone wants to show you their accessory bone, don’t do it. After the third time, I started getting suspicious.


markthe t1_iyd7tfu wrote

I had two extra wisdom teeth. Teeth count as bones, right?


Redmarkred t1_iyc9qbn wrote

I always accessorise my outfits with extra bones


Apt_5 t1_iye6kai wrote

I think I saw you on Game of Thrones- tell me, what’s Jon Snow really like in person?


old_bearded_beats t1_iyesjru wrote

If you took a survey of all living humans, the average number of skulls is greater than 1.