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firey21 t1_iybfw4r wrote

I think you mixed up a couple words there.


SharonInfections t1_iybljda wrote

It seems all fucked up, but they really just missed a by between "played" and "the." Maybe some punctuation to smooth it out.

>is a holdover from the original script where she and the farmhand, played by the same actor, had a romance.


ElGuano t1_iydg395 wrote

Now that just makes it sound like some guy played Dorothy.


bayesian13 t1_iybkp0v wrote

Dorothy and the Scarecrow were to fall in love.

A concluding scene back in Kansas after Dorothy's return was removed before final script approval and never filmed. If it had, we would look at Dorothy's relationship with the bumbling Scarecrow quite differently. In the end scene, Hunk (the Kansan version of the Scarecrow) is about to leave for agricultural college and asks Dorothy to write to him. This scene apperently was meant to imply that a romance would develop between the two. This is said to explain Dorothy's preference for the Scarecrow over her other two companions in Oz. Traces of this plot idea can still be noticed throughout the film however, particularly when Dorothy is about to leave Oz and tells the Scarecrow, "I think I'll miss you most of all."


Lopsided_Tomatillo27 t1_iyc8oiq wrote

Interesting. I always figured Dorothy said that because Scarecrow was the first friend she made in Oz.


pinko_zinko t1_iybj9to wrote

Yes, she and the farmhand played the same actor had a romance. That.


Sensitive_Deal_6363 OP t1_iybqupb wrote

ffs can't a person ever accidentally a word


pinko_zinko t1_iybqxxd wrote

accidentally all the words issue same time of the some my man


JesseFilmmakerTX t1_iyby571 wrote

Absolutely, but if you truly want to keep your sanity, a person should always disable reply notifications, and definitely never reply to any comments.


westhewolf t1_iydi65d wrote

Sure for words you can accident by make. Ok it's gonna be not ok, ok?


silvandeus t1_iyc1x93 wrote

That’s interesting! Wicked has the romance between the wicked witch and her lover, who is implied to have been reincarnated as the scarecrow.

Definitely a better choice than that troublemaking 12 year old Kansas gal!


Electromotivation t1_iycwfmu wrote

Oh yea.....she was supposed to be super young. Yea, that would have been weird.;


Maclarion t1_iybkqs7 wrote

Yes Judy Garland did indeed play the same actor alongside Ray Bolger. It was very confusing for them, too.


Sensitive_Deal_6363 OP t1_iybqtnc wrote

ffs can't a person ever accidentally a word


Maclarion t1_iybv7fd wrote

Of course they can. And then they can receive their feedback with dignity like an adult.


Sensitive_Deal_6363 OP t1_iyby3c1 wrote

sir this is reddit


Maclarion t1_iybyt55 wrote

Thank fuck you spoke up, I was about to buy a goblin farm but I now see this isn't Facebook marketplace and that farm is actually a mobile game ad.


DaveOJ12 t1_iybxfv0 wrote

With everyone piling on OP, I can see why they reacted how they did.


Maclarion t1_iyby5z0 wrote

That's fair, and their behavior is very understandable, though IMO immature. FWIW, I don't like when people pile on me either, but instead of blaming them for having their opinions, I proofread to prevent it.

I sometimes mistakes too, but it's silly to get grouchy with people for expressing their amusement at such.


StealyEyedSecMan t1_iybxxkg wrote

10-11 year old Dorothy by the was a different time


DirtyDanTheManlyMan t1_iychdky wrote

She was put on a diet of a pack of cigs, a cup of coffee, and an apple a day during the filming


bolanrox t1_iycix7z wrote

That where Christian bale got the idea?


Lure852 t1_iycncw4 wrote

2 years away from old timey child bearing age


yuckygross t1_iybkbfq wrote

Godzilla had a stroke


dooleebikes t1_iyco3t7 wrote

Proofread man, proofread.


bennyxboom t1_iybpvpj wrote

Isn't Dorothy supposed to be 12 years old? I think they made the right decision cutting that out.


classactdynamo t1_iydeq3v wrote

I love that they left it in, because it really sounds like a big FUCK YOU to the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion.


Pretty_Ad_8197 t1_iyecnta wrote

Right? Even as a child I thought, "Well that was rude". 😆


freakinweasel353 t1_iyda2fh wrote

Guess that sort of explains his name “Hunk” another name for a good looking guy, right?


TitleBulky4087 t1_iyd03kf wrote

I knew this, but above and beyond that, Baum was not a good guy. Two of his more infamous editorials concern the massacre at Wounded Knee and the death of Sitting Bull. Historians and scholars who have long studied both the Oz phenomenon and the man behind it are alarmed by Baum's call for the annihilation of the Indian people. Many condemned Baum's writings, calling them racist.