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nemo1080 t1_ixkywwx wrote

Had Iacocca run for president he likely would have won. Not only did he invent the GTO but he was smart enough to redial his talents into creating the exact thing Dodge needed to be saved while simultaneously creating an iconic vehicle.


FiredFox OP t1_ixkzi7d wrote

Don’t forget his role in the creation of the Ford Mustang and getting Chrysler to buy the Jeep brand from AMC!


nemo1080 t1_ixlbz2c wrote

All the good things.


VotingIsImportant t1_ixmn6bo wrote

I don't know about that. Jeeps are trash vehicles.


FiredFox OP t1_ixmohdu wrote

The reborn and modernized Jeep brand was a huge money maker for Chrysler and could be said to have saved the company.


VotingIsImportant t1_ixmom4m wrote

Doesn't change the fact Jeeps are still trash.


FiredFox OP t1_ixmp6l4 wrote

High margin, fast selling, in high demand trash.

The best kind of trash.


muffinhead2580 t1_ixncnis wrote

Buying all of AMC which led to incoming horrible management because the amc chiefs were allowed to take over.


scooterboy1961 t1_ixn2s9y wrote

John Delorian invented the GTO.

Iacocca was responsible for the Mustang.


Fondren_Richmond t1_ixniumz wrote

> John Delorian invented the GTO.

It is confounding how much of a piece of shit John Delorean turned out to be


srcarruth t1_ixl0x0l wrote

I remember car ads in the 80s talking about cup holders like it was space age living. People used to have mugs with super wide bases that wouldn't fall over


ssshield t1_ixmd2st wrote

My dad always had a thermos of coffee and the big triangle coffee cup to drink from.

Thats how a man went to work before cup holders.


BobsReddit_ t1_ixkzzsv wrote

I wonder which year a standard phone holder will be invented


FiredFox OP t1_ixl0e7m wrote

They already have those of you count wireless charging pads


Van_GOOOOOUGH t1_ixl7med wrote



Traditional_Entry183 t1_ixlycxk wrote

My wife has a 2020 Toyota Highlander with a charging pad. It's soft and the phone doesn't slide around too


mstomm t1_ixnsvf4 wrote

My Camry has one too, unfortunately it's too weak to work though my phone case.

Luckily my phone still holds a charge so I only ever really needed it on a roadtrip when I was taking tons of pictures.


MosesOnAcid t1_ixlpcex wrote

Also the Plymouth Voyager, both released in 1983 by Chrysler as the 2 first mass produced cars with built in cupholders.


Coachbelcher t1_ixn5dn9 wrote

I remember as a kid having these cupholders that would fit into the window.


OSCgal t1_ixqqra5 wrote

Yeah, I remember trying to jam them in there. It was a tight fit.


SeraxOfTolos t1_ixlclpe wrote

Weird that my 89 Jetta didn't then. Fucking Germans.


FiredFox OP t1_ixmot45 wrote

Germans famously poo-poo'ed the cup holder for as long as they could since "nobody has a cup in their hands on the autobahn"

Even after they relented their cup holder designs were distinctly half-ass


Animallover4321 t1_ixm8y21 wrote

My ‘98 Buick didn’t either. Really made the 3 hours a day I spent commuting so much more fun.


VotingIsImportant t1_ixmnn48 wrote

3 hours a day. 90 hours a month. That's 3.9 days per months spend doing nothing but driving.


Fondren_Richmond t1_ixnj136 wrote

Every teen movie in the '80s the popular girl was driving a white VW Rabbit


GetsGold t1_ixlhzxa wrote

Maybe they felt people should be paying attention while driving 200 kph instead of sipping a steaming hot coffee.


henrysmith78362 t1_ixnccxa wrote

These were great family cars. The 3 liter engine was nearly bullet proof but the transmissions were absolute crap. I owned 3 of these vans and had to put a new trans in each at $1800 a pop. Through all the recalls and improvements they never fixed the trans. Then along came Honda and blew them out of the water.


Vera_Telco t1_ixkzmrn wrote

Iacocca is a genius! Now, who came up with the bud vase? (Edit: my spellin')


NickDanger3di t1_ixn5gph wrote

And now every car has holders, exactly sized so that any size cup you place in them will tip over at the first bump or curve.


dvdmaven t1_ixmf0od wrote

My eldest sister had one. I don't know exactly why, as she and her husband only had two kids.


mstomm t1_ixntdqj wrote

My parents test drove an early Caravan in winter. They were impressed with how well it handled the icy ruts on the roads, as few vehicles at the time were Front Wheel Drive (And AWD or 4WD was limited to work vehicles). They also liked the practicality, being able to haul lots of whatever. So they got one.

Then they found out they were having their first kid.

Kept the Caravan for 14 years, upgraded to a '98 Grand Caravan, kept that until it got totaled out by a Hit and Run 17 years later, and are now running the wheels off their Sienna.


VotingIsImportant t1_ixmo9zi wrote

Well, now a days we have people who drive Ford F-450 dually Super Duties as daily drivers for 1 person. For some people, that truck is a status symbol and will never see a days work in it's life of being of pavement princess.


genecy t1_ixms2jz wrote

people like what they like 🤷🏽‍♂️ i’ve been daily driving a sports car since 2017 but still have never seen a track. and i don’t really have a desire to