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I_like_the_titanic OP t1_j2a684j wrote

At the same ceremony a flag recovered from the WTC was also displayed; two flags from two of the darkest days in American history coming together.


GhettoChemist t1_j2adx4l wrote

Mmmmm the Challenger? I'm not trying to pick apart dark days, but honestly Jan 6 has Challenger beat dollars to donuts when it comes to dark days.


wit21 t1_j2ag2qm wrote

"Two of the darkest days" does not mean "The two darkest days."

They weren't trying to start a pissing contest over which were the top two. Just making a comment about two flags raised at the Olympics 20 years ago.


GhettoChemist t1_j2agh6v wrote

Geez im just making an observation. Guy cant even speak his thoughts without internet trolls getting their panties in a bunch


Carpe_DMX t1_j2aj4jb wrote

That’s literally what you did to the top level comment. Maybe change starts at home.


GhettoChemist t1_j2ajbhh wrote

Whatever. I'm just a victim of internet hate. Hope you guys feel better about yourself.


Carpe_DMX t1_j2ajlyi wrote

Pointing out hypocrisy AND getting to read your mopey response? Yeah, I do feel better about myself.

And I’d just like to point out “guys” and “yourself” don’t agree in number.


PipeLayer2016 t1_j2avxpr wrote

Naw dog. This was a bad take. Just own it and keep your head done


baby_puddingsnatcher t1_j2b1qj1 wrote

I wonder who they get to play you when Spielberg directs the movie about this.


Fizzeek t1_j2b2xmi wrote

Will Sasso but as a real life Eric Cartman fits the bill.


Civil_Speed_8234 t1_j2d6a56 wrote

Aww you're definitely the victim, since actions never have consequences for anyone else...


LuckoftheAmish t1_j2blzr4 wrote

Hmm. Which is darker? One or two LARPers dying during an unusually disruptive demonstration that most of the country laughed at, or the tragic deaths of a whole team of scientists that millions of people looked up to?


Qwez81 t1_j2afca4 wrote

Not even close, but to each there own


GhettoChemist t1_j2ag4rs wrote



Qwez81 t1_j2aor9p wrote

Sorry was too preoccupied by the absurdity of your statement. I’ll do better next time


ReadingGoat t1_j2b2bbv wrote

Challenger? Psssh. Come talk to me when people walk around a building for a while.


pineappleshnapps t1_j2b0hqw wrote

It really wasn’t much different than the numerous other times people have stormed sessions of our government. None of them are great, but still.


MartyVanB t1_j2a6ji2 wrote

How did the flag survive but the souvenir medallions melted into a single lump? Crazy


BiBoFieTo t1_j2ackda wrote

Why didn't they just make the space suits out of flag material? The whole tragedy could've been avoided.


skinte1 t1_j2bjqh4 wrote

Jokes aside the crew likely did survive the "explosion" (In reality the Shuttle was torn apart from aerodynamic forces) since several of the emergency airpacks had been activated manually in the seconds after the shuttle broke apart. The impact with the water at over 200 mph was what killed them.


kthulhu666 t1_j2agsfq wrote

Was looking for a 'Black Box' type comment, not disappointed.


goofyredditname t1_j2a9g32 wrote

I am remembering an article I read that mentioned the astronauts also survived the initial blast but not the fall. Idk maybe a half remember fever dream/conspiracy theory.

Edit: found an article


Davotk t1_j2adwhv wrote

3 of the backup oxygen supply were manually turned on after the "explosion" which was really more of a depressurized expulsion and some fire. The ?pilot? also tried maneuvers. Some of the crew therefore were possibly* alert and awake at least (others probably passed out), possibly right until impact with the water, and then instant death.

But it all happened in a few minutes, and mostly they would have been hyper focused on their training and fixing the problem.


Yugo87000 t1_j2b1seh wrote

Whow . This article is just crazy, and interresting.

Very sad to read that.


surfe t1_j2dbdq7 wrote

The shuttle suits should have had built in chutes. The reality is they probably survived all the way down.

During reentry the have helmets and visors on the suit is pressurized, and if they also have oxygen well there is a non-0 chance they could survive. the atmosphere is thin up there. No idea the speeds they have but there are cases of supersonic high altitude planes disintegrating and the pilot survives.


AliensStoleMuhBrains t1_j2c310b wrote

Find out what that flag is made out of and use that to build new shuttles. You’re welcome NASA


Sp4c3S4g3 t1_j2fw6gh wrote

As miraculous and more believe then the I.D.'s and blackboxes from the "plane" that seeming left not much else at the Pentagon. Sorry after seeing things like Tiananmen square, the Gulf of Tonkin, the assassination of JFK, the destruction of Nikolas Tesla lab, the fact jet fuel doesn't melt steel but thermite does, I just take anecdotes like this with a grain of salt. Don't trust everything you hear or see, ESPECIALLY from private interest groups like corporations and governing bodies, for the most part they're there for the status quo not the greater good of all.


horsemagicians t1_j2ar86m wrote

So a bunch of metal medallions melted into a single clump but a plastic flag survived completely unscathed. Lmao okay, I call bullshit. Not only that but they found it after months of floating around in the ocean. Can’t find a plane but can find a flag in a bag. Obviously the thing Americans bow down to everyday survived.


MartyVanB t1_j2atmem wrote

Or in a chaotic situation lots of shit happens. I mean if this flag was so important why am I JUST NOW hearing about it


za419 t1_j2cz706 wrote

I mean, Challenger went down very near the Florida coast, and everyone knew where. It's very easy to find stuff when you know where it is.

Granted, challenger broke up into many pieces, so any individual piece would be in an area, but the point is that's way easier than trying to find "a plane" - If you're referring to MH370 or similar, you're looking in a much less well defined area. The ocean is very big.

And, fireballs and atmospheric breakups are chaotic. Shit happens. A drop of burning fuel here, more air pushing flames away from there. When something breaks up as thoroughly as Challenger did, you'll always find things that have no right being as undamaged as they are, just by statistics - Ridiculously unlikely things are bound to be found once or twice if you look at thousands of examples.

So I don't even know what point you're trying to make, but.... No.