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minniedriverstits t1_j058j6p wrote

Those poor star anise farmers; the price must have plummeted so hard. I hope Roche used their own exclusive plantations, at least.


durrtyurr t1_j06ph1g wrote

It's actually a really good example of a monopsony, where there are many sellers but only one buyer. The only other example that I can come up with off the top of my head is barley in South Africa, where there are hundreds of farmers who grow barley but South African Brewing buys 90% of all the barley grown in the country.


rediot t1_j04rib3 wrote

This headline is way too dense


rhb4n8 t1_j04vy6d wrote

Is this why so many recipes have anise now or did pho always have anise?


matdex t1_j04xu27 wrote

Traditionally pho does have anise.


CircaSixty8 t1_j04z2yc wrote

Which is why Pho is literally medicine.


Procrasturbating t1_j050smo wrote

A chemical intermediate does not mean a medicine, just a chemical needed to make one chemical into another that is a medicine... Pho is freaking fantastic though.


dustin91 t1_j04z9hh wrote

Was there an issue getting anise at that time, or was there enough to go around without impacting normal consumer demand?


TheSirusKing t1_j054ou8 wrote

It was probably the primary cause of demand by this number


Carl_The_Sagan t1_j05ho8w wrote

And it’s still impossible to get Tamiflu


Internet_Ugly t1_j06boiu wrote

My pharmacy has a generous stock. We got about 3 manufacturers of it. If you’re okay with generic. We also are one of few that have amox 400/5 in stock in the market as well.


Carl_The_Sagan t1_j077fyd wrote

That's good. Its also just you have to have it Rx'd very early on in flu symptoms, when most people think its just a cold or haven't got to the doctor yet


zombie_spiderman t1_j05dvmo wrote

That stopped being words two thirds of the way through


RocketRabbit t1_j05ykjj wrote

TIL star anise has exactly 2 acceptable uses.


lurker12346 t1_j071so3 wrote

Hmm, there was a couple of years where it was fucking impossible to find Star Anise, I wonder if this had to do with it.


Jrummmmy t1_j078cqe wrote

No wonder phö was so expensive