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MisterMarcus t1_j27mlai wrote

I think this song gets way too much undeserved hate.

The main criticisms I see is that it's "too simplistic" and "doesn't delve into the many conflicting feelings and emotions of a depressed/suicidal person".

It's literally a 3-4 minute pop song, it's not a 200 page psychology thesis.


Totally_Not_A_Bot_55 t1_j27s72q wrote

Might as well just be rapping about drugs, guns, and sex right? Fuck him for trying to do something good


biglollol t1_j28ay2c wrote

>I think this song gets way too much undeserved hate.

As someone who has been depressed with suicidal thoughts, this song touches my soul.


fairie_poison t1_j293em2 wrote

I hate this song. it would always come on at the worst times and put terrible lines into my head like "I just wanna die today."
I don't care if the song "ends on a good note" I never stuck around to cry for 3 minutes straight to "Get to the good part" it just upset me every time.


supcoco t1_j28lswc wrote

And I don’t get it. It’s a song that raises awareness for a serious issue and tries to offer help.


CRINGE_DETECTED t1_j28zs15 wrote

yeah that's silly, it's not supposed to be an essay. It's supposed to raise awareness and encourage people to get help which obviously worked


General1lol t1_j28g72s wrote

My main qualm with it is that it’s just not a good song. I LOVE pop music, it’s all I listen to; but composition wise this song sounds like it was slapped together in 5 minutes by a B-list songwriter.

Loved the awareness it brought it to mental health but I listened once and have no interest in hearing it again.


yazzy1233 t1_j28vq85 wrote

Listen to I'm sorry by Joyner Lucas, you'll end up crying by the end


TheMauveHand t1_j28l9vw wrote

There's more depth in the last verse of The Message than in Logic's entire career. It can be done, if you're good.