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chaotic_world t1_j28fcu2 wrote

What I've heard of Logic, I mostly like, but I agree that it lacked any sense of true emotion. Joyner Lucas did it better with "I'm Sorry" IMO... the song and video seemed like he understood the feeling of despair.


donkey2471 t1_j28rco9 wrote

That's because Logic is rumoured to of stolen the idea of titling the track with the number. Joyner claims he was going to title his album with it and told Logic who then named a song it.


locojt t1_j28tz24 wrote

You got any more info on that?


donkey2471 t1_j28v0qe wrote This is the video i got it from, watched it years ago so might be a little different


locojt t1_j293nmv wrote

Crazy video cuz they have done songs together since this interview!


[deleted] t1_j29fw13 wrote



locojt t1_j29ixb9 wrote

Joe Budden told Joyner in the interview that was linked that he basically had no right to be mad at logic and his manager that he shouldn't have been sharing the shit he was working on with them in the first place, cuz that's the business they are in.