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KarIPilkington t1_j28w13v wrote

Rich sports stars basically aren't allowed to be depressed/anxious in some people's eyes. Such a backwards view to hold.


Bumwax t1_j28zz6g wrote

Or just rich people in general.

Money makes it easy to live with lifes many obligations - rent, loans, mortgages, food, material needs etc etc.

But it doesn't make you happy, not on its own. Money doesn't buy you love (platonic, familial or romantic), perhaps one of the most crucial aspects of mental well being. A lot of people fail to understand that, probably a lot of people who also take the important things like family for granted.

Owning three Ferraris is probably quite cool but if they're just collecting dust in a garage while you sit alone in a dark apartment, how happy are you really?


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EmperorKira t1_j29mmrv wrote

Disagree a little, seems to be particularly rich AND famous people. Fame is just not good for you at all.