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DuckonaWaffle t1_j2bgo4h wrote

> Have either of you had any professional training in counseling a suicidal individual?


> Have you any credentials in supporting people at risk ? I have, and do., and speak from experience.

I speak from experience as well.

> These are not lies, but rather proven trends.

They're lies. Things may get better for some people, but that doesn't mean they're guaranteed to improve for everyone.

> A Gallup Research Poll of individuals who have attempted suicide clearly indicates that 96% of respondents indicate they were at a low point when considering suicide, and things rebound for the better shortly after they pass that low point.

So for 4% didn't rebound, thus proving the original statement to be false.

> “Things will change” is not only a viable promise, it is also a certainty.

You're lying. It is not a certainty, and you've just admitted as much.