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Elevenst t1_j26zuki wrote

But how many were just people seeing if he was rapping the real number?


PM_ME_UR_TESTIMONIES t1_j2709z0 wrote

I’m not the biggest logic fan, but he has a line in his most recent album: “Speak on mental health, the people laughed at me, that's why I tapped out.”

I felt that one in my bones. It sucks when you try to do a good thing and get demolished for it. Glad he’s got this statistic, at least.


somereallyfungi t1_j270kl5 wrote

Seriously, those people are amazing, doing amazing work. If you ever need someone to talk to, without judgement they are there. Anything that brings more attention to them is good in my book.


Taier t1_j270mlz wrote

If you , or someone you know, might be considering suicide, please pause. More than 95% of people who attempt suicide and survive report immediately regretting the attempt. Things will change. Things WILL get better. Talk to someone.

If you are Logic, consider a comeback with an international album— lyric concepts below.

Algeria, dial 00213983200058

Argentina, dial 135

Armenia, dial 2538194

Australia, dial 131114

Austria, dial 142

Bahamas, dial 3222763

Barbados, dial 2464299999

Belgium, dial 1813

Bolivia, dial 3911270

Bosnia & Herzegovina, dial 08005030

Botswana, dial +2673911270

Bulgaria, dial 0035924917223

Canada, dial 18334564566

China, dial 8008101117

Cyprus, dial 80007773

Denmark, dial 4570201201

Egypt, dial 131114

El Salvador, dial 126

Estonia, dial 3726558088

Finland, dial 010195202

France, dial 0145394000

Germany, dial 0800181077

Ghana, dial 233244471279

Guyana, dial 2230001

Holland, dial 09000767

Hong Kong, dial 85223820000

Hungary, dial 116123

India, dial 8888817666

Indonesia, dial 18002738255

Iran, dial 1480

Ireland, dial 4408457909090

Israel, dial 1201

Italy, dial 800860022

Jamaica, dial 1888429527

Japan, dial 810352869090

Jordan, dial 110

Kenya, dial 722178177

Kuwait, dial 94069304

Latvia, dial 37167222922

Lebanon, dial 1564

Liberia, dial 6534308

Luxembourg, dial 352454545

Malaysia, dial 062842500

Mauritius, dial 2308009393

Mexico, dial 5255102550

Netherlands, dial 9000113

New Zealand, dial 1737

Norway, dial 4781533300

Philippines, dial 028969191

Poland, dial 5270000

Portugal, dial 218540740

Romania, dial 0800801200

Russia, dial 0078202577577

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, dial 97844561044

São Tomé and Príncipe, dial 2392221222

Serbia, dial 381216623393

Singapore, dial 18002214444

Spain, dial 914590050

South Africa, dial 0514445691

South Korea, dial 02715860

Sri Lanka, dial 0110572222662

Sudan, dial 24911555253

Sweden, dial 46317112400

Switzerland, dial 143

Thailand, dial 027136793

Tonga, dial 23000

Trinidad and Tobago, dial 8686452800

Uganda, dial 0800212121

United Kingdom, dial 08006895652

United States, dial or text 988

Zambia, dial 260960264040

Zimbabwe, dial 08012333333

If your country isn’t listed, that doesn’t mean someone to talk to isn’t available, it just means I couldn’t find a single national hotline for your country. Many countries have support numbers by region or city; search for help in your location using any search engine. But please, spend a few minutes talking to someone before you make a irreversible decision- you have nothing to lose by talking.


TomServo30000 t1_j277e8o wrote

Is the United States the only country with a call/text option?? I'm very happy to see a majority of the world have hotlines to call into, but is that because there is more of a prevalence of TTY outside the US or some other reason?


Pattoe89 t1_j2784qy wrote

These lifelines are great. When I worked in a call centre I'd get customers coming through with suicidal thoughts wanting to speak to someone... I'm empathetic but I'm not the right person to speak to, so I'd transfer them over to a suicide lifeline and call them back after an hour to check up on them and every time they were doing much better.

In the UK we have the samaritans.


No-Example-XO t1_j278k54 wrote

When is a person old enough to decide for themselves?

Maybe not age then some immeasurable level of real maturity?

Maybe a prerequisite terminal condition, or state permission with proof of suffering.

Seems like it's the only thing you truly own or does that even matter? Im not encouraging the practice.


Kondrias t1_j2793l0 wrote

I think it was a recent change in the US when they recently changed the suicide prevention hotline to 988. But I could be wrong so it may just be other countries not up to speed on it.


Sideways_8 t1_j27aqa5 wrote

I hope he’s on Reddit. Thank you Logic 🙏


AhtimLover t1_j27e0ey wrote

He also says “I’m black”


RDS-Lover t1_j27m3ez wrote

I like to promote people call other, regional crisis lines that aren’t so trigger happy with calling the police or trying to get people in a psych ward when they’re looking for someone to talk to when possible. 988 is semi-regional as well, but they typically use more standardized training that is largely a “CYA” style than it is about providing support for people.

Looking up alternate crisis lines in your area is likely a good move instead if you’re not immediately suicidal. Whenever people see these posts they often think it’s a good resource to contact but if they’re not acutely suicidal it’s probably not going to be as beneficial as contacting an alternative crisis line


MisterMarcus t1_j27mlai wrote

I think this song gets way too much undeserved hate.

The main criticisms I see is that it's "too simplistic" and "doesn't delve into the many conflicting feelings and emotions of a depressed/suicidal person".

It's literally a 3-4 minute pop song, it's not a 200 page psychology thesis.


ft907 t1_j27qakv wrote

That song did kinda make me want to die.


Anon_be_thy_name t1_j27qsb5 wrote

I'm not a fan of Logics music, just not really a fan of Rap in general, but the man is a genuinely good human. Few of those at his level of fame nowadays.


lannister69 t1_j27zddg wrote

When I moved into my first apartment this was my phone number!! Well almost (different area code obv).

I would get messages on my answering machine about once a week from people saying they were thinking about committing suicide. I had no idea why people were calling and leaving me these messages. It was really freaking me out!

Then one day I saw my (almost) phone number on a billboard for the suicide prevention hotline at a bus stop. Right then I realized why I was getting all those strange messages on my answering machine.

I called the telephone company and changed my phone number that day. I felt really bad for all those people who were reaching out for help and ended up just getting my answering machine.

BTW I’m not trying to make light of suicide at all. It’s a very serious issue. I’ve contemplated it myself when I was in a really bad place in my life. I honestly just remembered this after seeing this post. Please reach out and call them if you are having those type of thoughts.


Brolafsky t1_j280mwu wrote

For Iceland;

The Pieta organization (Most known organization in Iceland fighting for mental health and suicide prevention) 5522218 or

The red-cross helpline is 1717.

Both phones are open 24/7.


DrSatan420247 t1_j283noc wrote

Makes me wonder what effect the "1-800-SUICIDE" song from the Gravediggaz album had.


wiqr t1_j2851e0 wrote

For Poland, slight correction.

527 00 00 is regional hotline for city of Olsztyn, and it's an obsolete number - it lacks directional number of 89. In order to reach it, you actually need to dial 89 527 00 00.

But an actual, national mental help hotline is avaliable at 116 123 for adults (mon-fri, 14-22) and at 116 111 for children and youth (24h/7)


raznov1 t1_j289ofn wrote

Not to be "that guy", but that number probably included a very significant number of "prank calls"


JayNN t1_j28buds wrote



murdering_time t1_j28bzm0 wrote

>I had no idea why people were calling and leaving me these messages. It was really freaking me out!

Fuck man, I'd be freaked out too! I'd be wondering why it was happening, like did all these people get a psychic message that they should call me and tell me about their depression? Can you imagine if you had answered one of their calls?!?


"Hi, yeah I'm depressed and I've been having suicidal thoughts."

"Uhh... Okay?"

awkward silence

"Well, uhh... feel better?" click

Not trying to make light of suicide by any means, but holy shit that would be Scott's Tots level of cringe.


Golilizzy t1_j28doo2 wrote

You kno why I didn’t like it? There wasnt actually any heart in it. It was obvious that it was made to try awareness. It wasn’t made with a reason other than for the artists to feel good about themselves doing something to help others. No real pain or passion tied into it. No story as to what drove them to make it.

The “ I want you alive” seem so fake. Like i was seriously depressed at one point because people around me bullying me all the time and I didn’t have anyone at home to speak about it with. What stopped me from actually following through was the thought of my parents pain.

That type of inclusion would have felt raw and real. Instead they kept it super generic. That’s why I think people felt that it was cringy and a way for them to feel better about themselves.

If each had shared a verse of them being on the eve and what drove them back, with the chorus remaining generic, that would have been magnitudes better.

And the Grammy for it felt like the the industry patting itself on the back cuz they did a good thing by doing that. Just get Fake all around.

Could have been done much better imo

A great example of truly sobering and suicide related song is swimming pool by Kendrick. That has his personal true raw material that he ties so perfectly into the subject of addiction and suicide

Of course no Grammy for him for that album. By far deserved album of the year but Grammys are racist af

Still tho, I wanna thank logic for doing it. It clearly helped the world and that’s what matters. My personal opinion on the song doesn’t really matter if it genuinely helped saved lives.

I’m just trying to shed some light on to why there were groups of people who didn’t like it.


chaotic_world t1_j28fcu2 wrote

What I've heard of Logic, I mostly like, but I agree that it lacked any sense of true emotion. Joyner Lucas did it better with "I'm Sorry" IMO... the song and video seemed like he understood the feeling of despair.


General1lol t1_j28g72s wrote

My main qualm with it is that it’s just not a good song. I LOVE pop music, it’s all I listen to; but composition wise this song sounds like it was slapped together in 5 minutes by a B-list songwriter.

Loved the awareness it brought it to mental health but I listened once and have no interest in hearing it again.


EMPulseKC t1_j28g7oq wrote

If he waited a few years, he could've just called the song 988.


bleunt t1_j28hb7w wrote

I guess I'm pragmatic like that. It's like corporations supporting LGBTQ only once a clear majority of consumers do. Yeah, it's fake as fuck and they would not do it if the issue only had 30% support. But it still has a positive effect. So did this, apparently.

I don't see anything wrong with doing good things because it makes you feel good. That's how humans work. It's beneficial behavior, and such behaviour will be evolutionarily rewarded with dopamine.


Sometimes_Stutters t1_j28kbp9 wrote

I like this kinda information because you can spin it multiple ways. Obviously one way is that his song spread awareness of the suicide hotline (most likely). Another way is to look at it and say “this song increased suicidal thoughts by 27%” (likely wrong). Another way is to assume that US logic fans are both unaware of the suicide hotline AND at a higher risk of suicide (probably also wrong, but less wrong than option 2).

Just a good reminder that data is subjective, and needs to be backed with a solid hypothesis and sufficient auxiliary information.


AnotherGopnik t1_j28ncm6 wrote

Logic is awesome, i have been listening to him since 2017 and he is one of my favorite artist


AnotherGopnik t1_j28ne5f wrote

Logic is awesome, i have been listening to him since 2017 and he is one of my favorite artists


AnotherGopnik t1_j28neo0 wrote

Logic is awesome, i have been listening to him since 2017 and he is one of my favorite artists


draggar t1_j28ox7g wrote

>I’m not the biggest logic fan, but he has a line in his most recent album: “Speak on mental health, the people laughed at me, that's why I tapped out.”

It's what happened to Andrew Luck (retired quarterback for the Colts)- one of the reasons he retired was because he was "mentally worn down" - and people ridiculed him for it.


UltimateBronzeNoob t1_j28p12o wrote

We do have two numbers to call for suicide prevention, or battling depression in general. The 113 is the emergency I-need-help-now-because-I-am-about-to-kill-myself hotline, there's another one (not sure if it's the one listed under 'Holland') for less emergent situations


WhiteRaven42 t1_j28u43d wrote

Man, this is too much a legitimately good thing to make lame jokes about.

But there is a very lame joke in my head, About a rap so bad people had to call for help.


LuangPrabangisinLaos t1_j28wnhf wrote

>No real pain or passion tied into it

Kind of sick that a project around awareness can be disregarded because the audience can't enjoy a painful connection between the artist and their work. That sentiment is in the same vein as the enjoyment of blood sports.


BiblioPhil t1_j28yghc wrote

Yeah, I struggle to understand why people get so worked up over the possibility that someone is getting satisfaction from doing good things. Why does it even matter why someone is doing it, as long as the end result is a good in itself?

See also: The hysteria over virtue-signalling. Like, who cares if someone is being smug? Smugness doesn't hurt people like racism or homophobia does.


Hobbs512 t1_j28yjff wrote

Yeah virtue signaling that has a positive impact on society is still a good thing. We always act selfishly when trying to help others, because it makes us feel better about ourselves, or we know we'd feel guilty if we didn't do it. But it's still a good thing.

I just wonder how many of those calls were just non-suicidal people either ignorantly, or curiously, calling the number and took up room that ppl who really need it could've used. But i doubt that represents the majority of the additional calls.


beastlion t1_j28z282 wrote

Coincidentally, logics streams fell by 73% after dropping this album.


beastlion t1_j28z4ek wrote

He has to make a remix since they changed the number.


Cheeto_Enjoyer_420 t1_j28z8sl wrote

lmao this is dead on the money as to why i dont like logic very much despite him being a very good rapper "technically". or at least logic with that vibe, he does have some good songs.

in particular that "who can relate? WOO" line is just laughably ridiculous and bad

the guy in general is like... reddit personified as a rapper. "we played chess and watched anime while recording this" is randomly thrown in there in one of his album, come on man, have some self awareness


Bumwax t1_j28zz6g wrote

Or just rich people in general.

Money makes it easy to live with lifes many obligations - rent, loans, mortgages, food, material needs etc etc.

But it doesn't make you happy, not on its own. Money doesn't buy you love (platonic, familial or romantic), perhaps one of the most crucial aspects of mental well being. A lot of people fail to understand that, probably a lot of people who also take the important things like family for granted.

Owning three Ferraris is probably quite cool but if they're just collecting dust in a garage while you sit alone in a dark apartment, how happy are you really?


fairie_poison t1_j293em2 wrote

I hate this song. it would always come on at the worst times and put terrible lines into my head like "I just wanna die today."
I don't care if the song "ends on a good note" I never stuck around to cry for 3 minutes straight to "Get to the good part" it just upset me every time.


Mother_Welder_5272 t1_j293ueg wrote

It's not that, it's that pussyfooting around the topic can actually make it worse IMO. The root causes of our mental health epidemic is the way we structure society and the economy. There are fundamental ways that we've set up the world (and everyday things like jobs) that do not jive with our biology or ecology. The solution is systemic change.

Corporations and virtue signaling celebrities have found a comfortable middle ground where they can put the onus on the individual and shirk any need for collective change. "Don't be afraid to speak" or "Take care of yourself, nobody wants to see you go" or "we need to stop the stigma". These are meaningless phrases that do nothing to address the epidemic. It neuters any attempt to get to the issue at it's heart, because the agreed upon solution is now "just get some health insurance and pay hundreds for a therapist, or tens of thousands for inpatient care! The system works great!" That is the spectrum of options we're given when everyone just parrots the accepted "take care of yourself" line.

When you actually suggest systemic solutions, or talk truly honestly about your struggles and what would solve them, all of a sudden people can't make eye contact and they change the conversation real quick.


Coalmen t1_j293wni wrote

I'll put money(that I don't have) down on the fact the you calling back made a huge impact.

You mave spent 5 minutes on the phone but you gave them hope for years, I can only imagine.


mdjnsn t1_j295aw4 wrote

As someone who's volunteered on a similar hotline for several years, they account for that and don't count those.

I worked on a crisis hotline for sexual assault issues, and we definitely got a lot of what we called "inappropriate use calls". That included anything from prank calls, to people calling for issues completely unrelated to what we did, to people calling just to chat for some reason. Basically, any call that didn't match the purpose of the hotline and organization.

It was important for us to have accurate numbers regarding how many clients we actually served, for our reporting for things like donations and grants. The executives running the organization took that very seriously, of course.

So while I don't know how this group records their data necessarily, I have no doubt that they know how to filter real calls from fake ones and report accordingly.


DuckonaWaffle t1_j295td0 wrote

> Things will change. Things WILL get better.

These lies don't help anyone, they just make it worse. You cannot guarantee that things will improve for the better.

Please refrain from language like this in future if you want to help people. You're hurting as much as you're helping.

> But please, spend a few minutes talking to someone before you make a irreversible decision- you have nothing to lose by talking.

This is another lie. It may be true for specific 'hotlines', however in many countries admitting that you've considered suicide can lead to your rights being torn up and you being incarcerated against your consent.

Please consider what you're saying in future.


RampantDragon t1_j296ut4 wrote

Is his music that bad it's driving people to this???


Pattoe89 t1_j297dz9 wrote

I stopped working for that company for other reasons, but one thing that made me happy to work for them was that they allowed me to make outbound calls to customers for any reasonably purpose, and allowed me to share my company email with customers too.

I was always above the average handle time (how long my calls last) most months, but never got in trouble for it.

If I wasn't allowed to go the extra mile for customers that genuinely needed support and help, I would not have stayed there nearly as long as I did, it would make a 12 hour shift of being shouted and screamed at feel worth it.


redpandaeater t1_j29hcm9 wrote

Makes me wonder how many people tried dialing 0118 999 881 999 119 725 3 after the IT Crowd aired.


locojt t1_j29ixb9 wrote

Joe Budden told Joyner in the interview that was linked that he basically had no right to be mad at logic and his manager that he shouldn't have been sharing the shit he was working on with them in the first place, cuz that's the business they are in.


CopprRegendt t1_j2a0q5n wrote

In America you can call 998, the national suicide hotline. You can also Google "suicide hotline chat" if you'd rather type than talk.

Search for "suicide hotline" anywhere in the world for a local or nonprofit international hotline.


raznov1 t1_j2agg8q wrote

I'm moderately confident though not convinced that this hotline does a similar process as you described. I'm 100% not confident the author of this article would have made that distinction.


Lhumierre t1_j2b2pbp wrote

There was also a big surge after that MMA fighter Paddy won and talked seriously about it instead of having a gloating speech. Really commendable.

I hope more people use their platform for compassion.


Taier t1_j2b679s wrote

Have either of you had any professional training in counseling a suicidal individual? Have you any credentials in supporting people at risk ? I have, and do., and speak from experience.

These are not lies, but rather proven trends. A Gallup Research Poll of individuals who have attempted suicide clearly indicates that 96% of respondents indicate they were at a low point when considering suicide, and things rebound for the better shortly after they pass that low point. “Things will change” is not only a viable promise, it is also a certainty. (One could argue that change is inevitable in any state, but besides from that, >95% of those who attempt suicide state that this is exactly what they experience after the attempt.)


DuckonaWaffle t1_j2bgo4h wrote

> Have either of you had any professional training in counseling a suicidal individual?


> Have you any credentials in supporting people at risk ? I have, and do., and speak from experience.

I speak from experience as well.

> These are not lies, but rather proven trends.

They're lies. Things may get better for some people, but that doesn't mean they're guaranteed to improve for everyone.

> A Gallup Research Poll of individuals who have attempted suicide clearly indicates that 96% of respondents indicate they were at a low point when considering suicide, and things rebound for the better shortly after they pass that low point.

So for 4% didn't rebound, thus proving the original statement to be false.

> “Things will change” is not only a viable promise, it is also a certainty.

You're lying. It is not a certainty, and you've just admitted as much.


DuckonaWaffle t1_j2bgwa6 wrote

You should be ashamed. My statements are objectively true.

Telling suicidal people that things are guaranteed to get better only gives false hope and makes things worse when they inevitably don't "get better".

Lies like that are just harmful.


Cosmic_Hitchhiker t1_j2dka1c wrote

I wish so much that I'd known when I was suicidal last year to call my local psychiatric intervention center over calling the suicide hotline.

The suicide hotline called the cops. I was humiliated and dropped in front of a hospital, that didn't even have a psych ward, with no wallet or ID of any kind. The hospital treated me horrifically, only asking me any questions after pushing ativan on me so i was deliriously tired. They misplaced an IV line that I didn't even need and then left me for 12 hours, going so far as to tell the next shift they didn't need to pay attention to me.

When an ambulance finally came to pick me up to transfer me to a different facility, they got into an argument about where I was going. No one asked me where I'd like to go, so now I also owe $600 for ambulance transfer.

I called the SH at 630am. At 1230am the following day I was dropped at my local psychiatric intervention center who got me set up with outpatient care, a psychiatrist, a therapist, and a hot meal within 30 minutes and then paid for a taxi to take me home safely.

I don't mean this lightly: I will absolutely kill myself before ever calling the suicide hotline again.

I have the psychiatric facility number saved instead.

And this isn't counting the time i called them in college after being sexually assaulted and having the man tell me I just "didn't want it to happen that way. Doesn't mean it was rape."


RDS-Lover t1_j2fxbso wrote

I’m really sorry to hear you went through that. Negative experiences receiving care, whether it be mental or physical health, can make people want to avoid care when they really could use help. Losing your sense of autonomy and ability to make decisions for yourself while being made to do things you disagree with against your consent is also really traumatizing.

I’m glad you have the psych facility number saved instead, got connected with a therapist and other resources, and that the people there sound as though they treated you with respect.

It’s also appalling to hear how they acted when you called in during college. That is definitely against protocol these days but awful they ever thought that was appropriate.

I hope stories like these help people realize the risk. And I don’t mean this in a minimizing way as your story sounds like it was a really upsetting experience, but a lot of people aren’t as “lucky” as to get out of the hospital that quickly or end up with absolutely astronomical bills.

Thank you for sharing