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Jasong222 OP t1_j1t21vi wrote

Some big-ish name boxing event(s), like in the US how (American) football is big on Thanksgiving or something.

Why would you still call it that day if no one does the thing it's named after any more?

I always thought it was kind of a big holiday, but it sounds just like our Black Friday. Which is a day we talk about but we don't really use it as a reference point for other things in conversation. (We don't say, let's meet on Friday. Oh, black Friday? Sure I'll meet you at the restaurant)


SaveThePatrat t1_j1tvhox wrote

"Why do we call it Thursday when we no longer worship Thor?"


Dinoz4dayz t1_j1t9mfp wrote

Nope - no boxing matches or anything like that. One team might have a football game on/planned, but that's not a national thing.

It's usually just a day to eat leftovers with the family, and maybe go into town to the shops with the boxing day sales (good time to buy next year's Christmas decor at 50% off).

Never had any connection to Boxing the sport.

Boxing gifts for the poor was it's origin.


FinancialYou4519 t1_j1tcgpv wrote

Premier League has always(?) had great fixtures for boxing day, thought that was tradition at least


Dinoz4dayz t1_j1tcmv5 wrote

Never knew anyone who liked football growing up, so certainly in my family/friends families, it wasn't a thing. Maybe one tv in one room an uncle watched, but it wasn't an event.


Jasong222 OP t1_j1tc54f wrote

Sure, I get that, that’s why I thought it would make a decent post. For sure I’ve never heard it explained, just assumed it somewhere from something on tv or in the movies


jetloflin t1_j1vp6mg wrote

In what way does Boxing Day sound like Black Friday? The only thing they have in common that I know of is being the day after another holiday.


Peterd1900 t1_j1vqxx7 wrote

I suppose they are both known for their sales


jetloflin t1_j1vr90i wrote

Interesting. I watch a fair amount of British tv and haven’t heard about that, but I must’ve missed it. I doubt it’s quite as bad as Black Friday though.


Peterd1900 t1_j1vtekx wrote

The traditional Boxing Day sales in the United Kingdom were never as large an event as the Black Friday sales are in the United States