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temporarysecretary17 t1_j2d42tk wrote

The monster doesn’t stay as a child forever. By the time Victor meets him he’s basically a poet. But people still line up to defend his child murder because I guess they think it makes them profound?


Greene_Mr t1_j2d511w wrote

He has really bad emotional control issues. As is plainly proven over and over again. He cannot control his anger; he cannot control his joy. Had he been born in the natural fashion, and raised from infancy to adulthood, rather than suddenly becoming with a child's capacity for unchecked emotion in a fully-adult body and mind, he might not have started murdering folks.


dmk_aus t1_j2dehgo wrote

Is killing with months of planning and warning, Killing because of breach of contract and killing by setting someone up to be executed for a child murder you committed able to be considered "uncontrolled anger".

He controlled his anger enough not to kill the Doctor outright. He controlled his anger if it benefited him. I don't know why the world is full of Creature apologists.


temporarysecretary17 t1_j2d53qd wrote

Idk, I think what mostly differentiates him from a child and truly makes him irredeemable is him basically saying “I want to kill mused but instead of doing that I’m going to dedicate my life to torturing you specifically”.


Greene_Mr t1_j2d5749 wrote

Because at the end of it all, he never wanted to be made -- hence, the epigram from Paradise Lost at the start of the book, for pete's sake.

"If I could not inspire love, I would instead cause fear"