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hatersaurusrex t1_j2difb0 wrote

Growing up in Middle Tennessee, when the Ernest movies came out we were confused as to why Vern's neighbor suddenly went to a summer camp where there was no Purity milk to be had.


peacefulwarrior75 t1_j2djke2 wrote

He even did spots for the Atlanta Braves back in the 80s (it was a lot harder to sell tickets for them at the time)


hatersaurusrex t1_j2dkdrt wrote

Oh man, the pre Bobby Cox Braves. I can imagine.


peacefulwarrior75 t1_j2dkx5c wrote

Ironically Bobby Cox was the GM at the time (he had managed the Braves earlier in the 80s and was hired back as GM a few years later). Then in 1990 he fired the manager mid-season and said “fuck it i’m gonna manage this team myself”, and the rest was history.


hatersaurusrex t1_j2dm4q7 wrote

We had no team here, so growing up it was the Braves on WTBS or the Cubs on WGN. When Greg Maddux went to Atlanta it was like all my childhood baseball dreams came true.

Between Braves games at Fulton Co Stadium and NWA wrasslin' at the Georgia Dome, Ted Turner loomed large in the childhoods of many kids in the Southeast.


peacefulwarrior75 t1_j2dmkhz wrote

And if you liked The Beastmaster, Ted was your man. We used to laugh that he must love that movie and would call down to the station on a weekend: “Hey - play Beastmaster!”
“Umm Mr. Turner, we have programming already scheduled, and we did just show that film earlier this week.”

“I own the station - and I want Beastmaster!”

“Of course, sir”


hatersaurusrex t1_j2dn171 wrote

Dude - I must have seen The Beastmaster 200 times growing up for that reason.

I'm willing to bet an inordinate number of ferrets in the South were named Kodo and Podo in the 80's


snarky_answer t1_j2exgd7 wrote

That’s a brand I forgot about. I used to love the purity lemonade. I haven’t had it in 15 years but I swear I can still taste it.


Tex-Rob t1_j2f82z5 wrote

Yep, confused in Houston as well when he blew up, as he was a staple of our TV ads. I want to say he might have even done a super glue ad? I might just be wrong though, the hard hat on the girder guy?


foodybu4 t1_j2fk7cb wrote

No that wasn't Ernest. I can't remember who it was, though.


Xamuelj t1_j2dliyx wrote

Loved Ernest as a kid. The troll movie scared the crap out of me but I loved it. Poor guy died of cancer due to smoking I believe? . He will never be forgotten.


dishrag t1_j2emk7f wrote

I swear I must’ve watched Earnest Scared Stupid a hundred times growing up.


wejustsaymanager t1_j2f84ln wrote

Him opening the car door and bonking the troll was peak comedy to 5 year old me


dishrag t1_j2feycd wrote

Ha! Now I’ll have to go dig out the old VCR.

How about a bumper sandwich, booger lips?


captainmcfuckface t1_j2fxjdx wrote

Jim Varney. He also did voice over work and played in the Beverly Hillbillies movie.

And he was slinky dog in the first two Toy Story films


Dozzi92 t1_j2f6g1i wrote

Watched Scared Stupid a million times growing up, and nowy kids watch it. I hope to have it passed down through generations, was a great flick.


foodybu4 t1_j2fklx0 wrote

If you don't put down them cigarettes, tha groundhogs'll be brangin' ye ye mail, nowutimean ? He said that to vern, while he himself was a chain smoker.


Szath01 t1_j2fe2nl wrote

Yeah, miak! Bet you thought I couldn’t get it this time of year.


AhabSnake85 t1_j2dicbw wrote

Ah childhool memories. Love him


buck45osu t1_j2dz0qj wrote

When we stops the sleigh in "Ernest saves Christmas" and turns to the camera and says "air brakes" in his goofy accent, it makes me laugh every single time.


twobit211 t1_j2ewx80 wrote

i think bugs bunny did it first. no disparagement though, jim varney had impeccable comedic timing


scorpiogre t1_j2ejc0h wrote

Tubi has his greatest hits/commercials, couple of em had me actually laughing. He was samn talented actor from Shakespeare to Ernest


Bob_12_Pack t1_j2dmeux wrote

I met him when I was a kid, he was in character at out 4th of July festival. He had large hands and smelled like BO, but he was so friggin cool.


M1L0 t1_j2f5wyi wrote

Man is it just me or did way more people smell like BO in the 90’s? Find it’s fairly rare these days thankfully.


BloodyRightNostril t1_j2fcxp1 wrote

Have a 13 year old son and then we’ll talk


aerovirus22 t1_j2ff1us wrote

Why do they refuse to wear deodorant? Do they enjoy the smell? Source: have a 13 and 12 year old.


M1L0 t1_j2feqdg wrote

Haha a few more years and I’ll be there. Already experiencing toddler foot stank.


peacefulwarrior75 t1_j2dikuv wrote

I remember commercials with him; the schtick was “Vern” was the camera POV, so in essence the viewer is Vern - who is annoying Ernest’s next door neighbor. Ernest would come over and pester Vern about whatever product it was, and the camera as Vern would try to get away from him, never speaking.

The commercials were kinda funny. I was ASTOUNDED when an Ernest movie was made and couldn’t believe such a ridiculous thing existed. I’ve never seen a moment of those movies, but Jim Varney was a talented actor, RIP.


spirit_of_a_goat t1_j2diyvj wrote

You're really missing out. Yes, they're designed for children. Keep that in mind. I recommend Ernest Goes To Jail to see the scope of this man's acting abilities. The fact that he was classically trained in Shakespeare shows through the characters.


peacefulwarrior75 t1_j2djfep wrote

That movie was covered by How Did This Get Made, and June Diane Raphael famously said Bad Ernest is sexy lol. They kinda enjoyed the movie iirc. Maybe i’ll watch it with my kids sometime.


Cat_Cool t1_j2dvtir wrote

Vern's soda plug was always odd to me after watching the movies first.


covfefe-boy t1_j2djlnd wrote

Ya, MIAK! I betchya thought I couldn't find any this time of year!


TheManRedeemed t1_j2dl7pv wrote

"Nuh uh, ain't no trees in Botswana, nuh uh, I know, I am a Botswanian lumberjack, and I ain't never had a job..."

Scared Stupid had a heap of funny lines but for some reason that one always killed me.


neslo024 t1_j2dqpy9 wrote

" how bout a bumper sandwich boogerlips" is still my favorite line from that movie.


Ludwigofthepotatoppl t1_j2etrlz wrote

“It was a dark night in lower Botswana. Giant bula-bula flies droned in the still air. Then it cane: the shrieking war cry of the Ottoman hordes.”


RODjij t1_j2dyhuu wrote

Ernest scared stupid is my shit


Mynewadventures t1_j2dmqlj wrote

I remember hearing that Jim Varney was a gracious, kind person. I can't think of any scandals or dirt that was dug up.

Not that I care...I'm ashamed of the filth I see when I Google myself, just saying.

I'll bet he woke up every morning and said, "those fucking commercials led to a pretty great career! So, what am I doing today? Oh yes, I'm playing a prince on Roseanne! Ha ha ha!"

Good for him.


Ludwigofthepotatoppl t1_j2eu12o wrote

He smoked a ton but was adamant that no pictures or footage was taken of him smoking, because he didn’t want kids to pick up the habit because Ernest smoked. He was a role model and took it seriously.


nif76 t1_j2f745n wrote

We had an 'Ernest's Commercials' vhs tape when I was younger. Watched it a hundred times over. One was him trimming some weeds talking about a war on the big C (cancer) and cigarettes or some such. Young me had to do the yard work and stepdad smoked. He didn't like my weekly Ernest impression but eventually took over the yard work and stopped smoking.


WentzWorldWords t1_j2dp3ix wrote

Ernest Save Christmas was the highlight of the 80s


DigitallyExhausted t1_j2f1p6f wrote

I watch it every year on Christmas Eve. I watch Ernest Scared Stupid every October.

Even if I’m having an awful day Ernest can make me smile.


daviep t1_j2dxx8g wrote

Ernest Saves Christmas was a Christmas tradition with my family. Looking back, it's incredibly cringe but still good for a few laughs.


presstart777 t1_j2ezfio wrote

It may be cringe, but I just watched it last year after taking a 25year break and man... it is pretty well written.

My hats off to film writers of that Era who could make a movie that made sense and had many plot lines in 1hr 28mins.


TheMicMic t1_j2djk6f wrote

Also, the ad guy "Cherry" in the successful advertising agency of "Carden & Cherry" gave himself the nickname of "Buster" that he used in all of his interviews and promotions.

Can you imagine some businessman walking around and introducing himself as "Buster Cherry"?


kalel1980 t1_j2dmu6d wrote

Jim Varney died of lung cancer in 2000. And no, I'm not fun at parties.


epexegetical t1_j2f5wgd wrote

I REALLY hated the character as a kid, he was more annoying than any cartoon. But watching him as an adult is a blast. My favorite is Ernest Goes to Jail which has a scene where his doppleganger tries to rape a woman.


kalel1980 t1_j2f6p0y wrote

Same, hated him as a kid but as an adult watching him while baked is something else.


Famous1107 t1_j2e3pd6 wrote

I sing oh Christmas tree every year to my friends and family. Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree....oh Christmas tree...oh Christmas tree.


ElfMage83 t1_j2di8kw wrote

Jim Varney is a national treasure.

Also, Taco John's is not “national” since it's not in all states.


feetandballs t1_j2e1wli wrote

How many states does it take to cross that threshold? Would a brand count as national if they’re only in the contiguous 48?


ElfMage83 t1_j2e4alf wrote

>all states


feetandballs t1_j2e4qxr wrote

So what if it was in every state but not Washington D.C.? It’s hardly national if it’s not in the nation’s capital. But that’s also not included in “all states.”

E: spelling


TacticoolPeter t1_j2dvint wrote

Trauth dairy in Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky.


foodybu4 t1_j2fksbv wrote

My favorite Ernest movie is Ernest goes to jail.


PleasantPin6349 t1_j2f03ao wrote

He owned a twin turbo DeLorean, I think only 6 were made. He was also friends with Billy Bob Thornton and Billy Bob said that Jim Varney was a “hillbilly with money” and probably the only person with a twin turbo DeLorean on blocks in his front yard.


Duder_4 t1_j2dllzk wrote

My boss says almost daily. Know what I mean Verne?


TheJambo- t1_j2egq0z wrote

Ernest scared stupid was one of my favorite movies as a kid


wondernerd14 t1_j2ehu9p wrote

I was a 20 year old playing classic wow in 2020 with a bunch of 40 year olds and I made an Ernest reference. They didn’t think I could possibly know that. Ernest goes to camp and Ernest scared stupid were my favorite movies as a kid.

I did I stole the Lindbergh baby I am Joseph Mengele.


Elike09 t1_j2esoh9 wrote

Dude could even do Shakespeare. Genuinely a great actor. Fuck cigarettes and I hope every shareholder of phillip morris, BAT, and every other tobacco company gets lung cancer.


similar_observation t1_j2f2kus wrote

it's the other way around. The guy is a classically trained stage actor and thespian but put his talents to bringing the goofy Ernest character to life.

His modern successor is Larry the Cableguy, who doesn't actually have a drawl accent.


personalhale t1_j2fhjpg wrote

I just watched Ernest saves Christmas after not having seen it since it was released. It's still absolutely hilarious. The range Jim Varney has is just incredible. He's kind of a more complicated Mr. Bean in that he uses a lot of physical comedy and facial expressions.


ImperiumSomnium t1_j2fn795 wrote

One of my first memories of going to the movies was to see Ernest Goes to Camp. I think I was 4. My friends mom was trying to take us to see one of the Benji movies but we were able to talk her into Ernest. Glad we did it was the funniest thing I'd seen in my young life at that time.


CapeMOGuy t1_j2fwnnz wrote

When I lived in the Los Angeles area I saw quite a few commercials he did for Cerritos Auto Square (a group of dealerships owned by different people who advertised together as a "destination" for car shoppers).

Here's a link to my favorite. Great line in it: "Don't worry about the salesmen. Anyone can whup a salesman..."

Edit: lots of his commercials are on YouTube.

Edit 2: Jim was very good as Jed Clampett in the Beverly Hillbillies movie, too. The first half of the movie was hilarious.


Chiantiandfava t1_j2dnpht wrote

I didn't have four fathers! I only had one father and I didn't know him that well!


AdRepulsive7699 t1_j2e8vs8 wrote

Large Marge terrified me and my siblings as children!


aild87 t1_j2ea7j4 wrote

Same for large marge being terrifying but that’s A Pee-Wee Herman character. The troll in Ernest Scared Stupid was equally terrifying to me as a kid.


AdRepulsive7699 t1_j2eab12 wrote

You’re right. I’m a jackass. Whoops!


BurlSwift t1_j2efaue wrote

Making mistakes is ok, you’re not a jackass.

Ernest wouldn’t be mad at you.


neildmaster t1_j2ekw9l wrote

I first saw him doing electric company commercials.


foodybu4 t1_j2fl83x wrote

I think it's got uh short rrttt in it


FailureToReport t1_j2f845s wrote

Ernest Halloween fucked me up as a kid LOL.


drums_addict t1_j2fbh6n wrote

RIP Jim. Wish he didn't smoke.


peacefulwarrior75 t1_j2dirdg wrote

I’m sure the Ernest character was at least inspired by the classic Andy Griffith Show character, Ernest T. Bass.


Pubics_Cube t1_j2djfxr wrote

I remember hearing that he was an accomplished opera singer too at one point. Cant find any mention of it in his wiki though, maybe mandela effect?

RIP, he was a big part of my childhood.


shingofan t1_j2e0g32 wrote

My guess: Ernest kind of looks like Mike Rowe, and Rowe is a trained opera singer.


foodybu4 t1_j2flgqt wrote

Yes ! I always thought he looked like Mike rowe! But Mike is hot.


xXCoconutHeadXx t1_j2dxb2d wrote

I’m not sure it was opera but I’ve seen a news video about him doing something like that or plays.


rraattbbooyy t1_j2dou2x wrote

“Dukes o’ Hazard’s whatcha aughta be watchin’, Verne.”


greenknight884 t1_j2ds5aw wrote

I remember his commercials for Cerritos Auto Square


hobbsarelie83 t1_j2es8du wrote

I remember the tv show. And the Pine State commercials he was on.


Burz4dayz t1_j2fa4cs wrote

For more information like this and reads of unreleased scripts check out The Ernest P. Worrell Preservation Society podcast.


foodybu4 t1_j2fk092 wrote

Why don't they recap these things at home


greatgildersleeve t1_j2e4c02 wrote

Too bad he didn't listen to his own PSA on smoking.


foodybu4 t1_j2fllqr wrote

Tha groundhogs'll be brangin' ye ye mail, nowutimean?


epexegetical t1_j2f4j5l wrote

The character was most likely a ripoff of Ernest T. Bass from The Andy Griffith Show. Same outfit, voice and name: Ernest tooth