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xwing_n_it t1_j0fdmsu wrote

My kid called them "bonk beds" and we've used that ever since. A friend fell off the top bunk of mine when I was a kid.


inuhi t1_j0gf8zl wrote

At summer camp, this one kid fell off the top bunk and broke his arm


TheWhyWhat t1_j0ht7yu wrote

I fell off one once, woke up on the floor perfectly fine as my mom and brother were gaping at me.


Killer-Barbie t1_j0fhsy4 wrote

When my dad was about 13 he would use his legs push up on the bottom of the top bunch while his sisters were on it, sort of like a leg press. It had a sheet of plywood under the mattress and it missed a support else one time and pinned his head against the wall with both sisters weights on it. He ended up having seizures for a few years from it.


RichKaleidoscope7342 t1_j0fgz3d wrote

Funny that, I had a bunk bed growing up and used to hold the top bannister/ part of the frame and flip over it to the floor, never injured myself once. Then I saw a photo of a kid that died from getting his head stuck between the frame and suffocating. Freaked me out but I didn’t stop doing it. Just saw it as an excuse to do flips really


justabill71 t1_j0fh5m7 wrote

Hey, I never asked you. Do you like guacamole?


scamartist26 t1_j0fdxao wrote

I have a scar on the bottom of my chin from hitting a chair on the way down. I was like 7 and it was the first time I ever drank wine. My mom gave it to me thinking it would make me feel calm. Anyways, bunk beds! That’s my story.


ash_274 t1_j0flsfs wrote

I’ve read a lot of stories, and that’s certainly one of them.


jcd1974 t1_j0hlcyl wrote

7 year old + wine + bunk beds = what could go wrong!


beornegard t1_j0fhyn1 wrote

Show us 35K as a percentage of the total population, then compared to the total percentage who owns bunk beds, please. I bet a cod its about 0,003% on the first, and 0,043% on the second.


ash_274 t1_j0fmc83 wrote

Also: “emergency room treatment”. Kid falls and a reasonable parent takes them to the ER, even if there aren’t any obvious injuries or symptoms. A big majority of those would end up with “put some ice on it, don’t go to sleep for a few more hours, and quit jumping off the top bunk with a pillowcase ‘parachute’, because that’s not a thing.” Actual severe injuries from them are probably a few thousand per year, so safer than trampolines and most playgrounds, especially considering the kids are in contact with the bunk beds daily.


PermanentTrainDamage t1_j0gmw8p wrote

Sleep is actually good for concussions, just have a buddy to check for responsiveness every few hours.


GodOfChickens t1_j0lmvso wrote

Where is it normal to go to the emergency room for any old fall with no obvious injuries? Around here unless there's an obvious break or concussion, or the kid is obviously in extreme pain when a lesser injury would have begun to hurt less, then they would usually just keep an eye on them or book a doc appointment for something in the middle, and I live in the UK, I'd have thought people in the US (if that's where you are) would be even more resistant to getting a $$$$+ checkup at the ER for something that's going to happen to any kid dozens of times throughout their childhood, is a normal part of learning coordination, and for most kids never results in a serious injury?


marmorset t1_j0fvnt9 wrote

But they leave so much room for activities!


ssbSciencE t1_j0hgx2o wrote

Remember going to bed on the top bunk, don't remember how I ended up waking up on the floor... It's probably fine.


Future_Green_7222 t1_j0fd8uo wrote

wtf really? I've had bed bunks forever without any trouble


Geniunelad OP t1_j0fdfib wrote

I looked this up because I remember watching my cousins playing Majoras Mask from the top bunk and my legs were over the red aluminum bar, and one of the screws must not have been all the way in and I fell 5-6 feet right on my ass to hardwood. I didn't have to go to the hospital, but I had the intrusive thought, how many do? haha.


Zkenny13 t1_j0fi24t wrote

All 3 of my my brothers and I had hospital visits related to them. We still didn't get rid of them. We also all had our own rooms which was very very odd.


Future_Green_7222 t1_j0fi5fx wrote

Did your beds have rails?


Zkenny13 t1_j0fiv7p wrote

Yes. But boys will be boys.

Side note. I actual bruised my cheek bone last night because I fell out of bed last night haha.


Beaglescout15 t1_j0fiqrr wrote

My kid used to fall out of bed all the time until we got her in a bunk bed that had a mattress lower than the sides of the bed. I have a friend whose kid broke their collarbone falling off a bunk bed--the lower bed.


captainmcfuckface t1_j0jkm83 wrote

my daughter rolls out of the bottom bunk almost nightly.(floor level and we have a mat next to it so she’s fine, but the top bunk I feel way safer because it has rails all the way around asid from the ladder entrance, which is at the foot and can be easily blocked with a pillow. I want her to start going up there more.

We got this bed because we didn’t feel a standard would be safe


Apoc73 t1_j0h9vve wrote

I used to close myself up in a box on the top bunk then rock myself off the edge and fall to the floor while in a box. No injuries.


jlees88 t1_j0hamrc wrote

When I was 24, we had a weekend party at a cabin. I took the room with a bunk bed. In the middle of my sleep after drinking all day, I rolled off the top bunk in my sleep. Woke up mid fall and landed hard on the wood floor. No more top bunks for me.


qdtk t1_j0hqh1a wrote

Proud member of the “bunk beds with no ER visits club” there must be dozens of us!


MentallyMusing t1_j0gble9 wrote

I've definitely fell off mine as a kid but I feel like these stats have gone astray from what they Used to be used for... At one time they were told to us along with the changes that were being made to an unsafe product. Now they give us these numbers as scare tactics. Kids are actively and get bumps, bruises and sometimes breaks.... It a natural part of learning how to move around and what your body is capable of. Life is being designed to put us right into a chair with straps and keep us there making us physically weak through fear based inactivity


FamiliarWater t1_j0hldwx wrote

I used to wedge myself into the corner onn top deck to avoid getting beaten.


hobogreg83 t1_j0s7cde wrote

When I was 3 or 4 I was playing with my 3 older brothers and they though it was fun to push me off the top bunk on the wall side. I bit through the skin below my lip and had to get stitches.

Fun story to tell at family gatherings 35 years later.


GyreCarline t1_j0gj2zz wrote

I've never understood why bunk beds don't come standard with guard rails.


PermanentTrainDamage t1_j0gn4ey wrote

They do, kids are just stupid


GyreCarline t1_j0h4vhf wrote

Must have changed since I was a kid then, I had a bunk bed without guards and the summer camps I went to as a kid never had rails on the bunks


Quw10 t1_j0jxvm5 wrote

Bunk bed i had growing up the rails were removable and just slotted in place, I ended up removing them because the cat would wake me up climbing up the vertical ladder or jumping up and trying to claw her way up/between the wood rail.


konami9407 t1_j0h92eh wrote

They're supposed to have a rail on one side and be bolted against the wall on the other side. If not bolted, they need rails on both sides.

No rails on either side, in the middle of a room, is just the summer camp admins being stupid greedy asses who want more money instead of worrying about safety.