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PermanentTrainDamage t1_j0gn4ey wrote


GyreCarline t1_j0h4vhf wrote

Must have changed since I was a kid then, I had a bunk bed without guards and the summer camps I went to as a kid never had rails on the bunks


Quw10 t1_j0jxvm5 wrote

Bunk bed i had growing up the rails were removable and just slotted in place, I ended up removing them because the cat would wake me up climbing up the vertical ladder or jumping up and trying to claw her way up/between the wood rail.


konami9407 t1_j0h92eh wrote

They're supposed to have a rail on one side and be bolted against the wall on the other side. If not bolted, they need rails on both sides.

No rails on either side, in the middle of a room, is just the summer camp admins being stupid greedy asses who want more money instead of worrying about safety.