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OldMork t1_j1u04hh wrote

NZ and australia are places where politicians do weird stuff, I believe one aussie minister got some world record in beer drinking(?) another went for a swim and never came back.


The_Thunder_Child t1_j1u7e59 wrote

It was the Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke who held the record for drinking a yard glass of beer the fastest. He achieved this decades before being PM though.


brkh47 t1_j1uehmr wrote

Bob Hawke looked like a guy, who loved a drink. Ruddy skin, with a shade of braggadocio.


RJWolfe t1_j1vja17 wrote

Plus he was the Union leader during the country-wide strike on Frank Sinatra.


DharmaCub t1_j1vuzct wrote

Why was their a countrywide strike on Frank Sinatra?


RJWolfe t1_j1vvwnq wrote

He was just being Frank Sinatra, baby. Mid-way through a show, he started calling Australian journalists whores and all kinds of stuff.

I've been an asshole in my life, but I've never been a whole-country-hates-me asshole. So that's some solace, at least.

Edit: I should submit that, actually. You better not beat me to the punch!


twobit78 t1_j1wi3mw wrote

Pick up your game buddy. Get on some watchlists


RJWolfe t1_j1wicyq wrote

Hard pass. Can't sing worth shit.


monoped2 t1_j1udjia wrote

>another went for a swim and never came back.

And then they named a swimming pool after him.

Doing a Holt, or pulling a Harry Holt is also rhyming slang for bolting and leaving unannounced.


RaideNbeyaz t1_j1uid01 wrote

Another shat himself in McDonald's


EvilioMTE t1_j1uyxv3 wrote

And didn't even deny it. Laughed about it, even.


Anthro_DragonFerrite t1_j1vhru7 wrote

An American one?


acallamhoftheocean t1_j1vle5m wrote

How could Australia have an American prime minister?

Even if you didn’t know, now you do know that Australians who hold dual citizenship are automatically disqualified from being elected into any federal seat in parliament.


Libtinard t1_j1vzg8h wrote

That’s only a recent thing. Australian politics used to be dominated by British ex pats. And Chinese people


twobit78 t1_j1wicdy wrote

Not that recent. Only the huge fight over it was recent.

Also ex pats are allowed, you don't need to be born here you just can't be duel citizen.


acallamhoftheocean t1_j1xv0bz wrote

How can you be this wrong? If you’ve lived in Australia your whole life this comment should embarrass you. Know your nation.


Libtinard t1_j1y939b wrote

I’m sorry I was misinformed. Only been to Australia once. Not Australian I mis remembered the news when the big row took place as the time they changed it. Sorry dude


FionaTheGreen t1_j1u3uac wrote

>another went for a swim and never came back

Not the weirdest way to quit a job, to be honest.


ZanyDelaney t1_j1vy67g wrote

Before becoming Prime Minister Bob Hawke was active in the Trade Union area and in that era drank a lot. While at university (in the UK) he had set a "world record" by skolling two-and-a-half pints of beer in 11 seconds. This was University College, Oxford and Hawke was a Rhodes Scholar. Pretty sure calling it a world record was a student joke.

Hawke gave up drinking when he went into politics in 1980 and did not drink while he was PM. He started drinking again after leaving politics in 1993.


Hegar t1_j1v2hsl wrote

A west australian state treasurer used to sniff the chairs of female parliamentarians after they stood up. In the early 2000s iirc.


Ythio t1_j1uviln wrote

>another went for a swim and never came back.

Understandable, also happened to a triple king of Germany, Italy and Burgundy during a crusade.

Then again there are always overachiever like that one English duke that was sentenced to death by drowning in wine.


AdminsAreLazyID10TS t1_j1vzg14 wrote

That's called the Holy Roman Emperor my guy

Literally the most famous one, too, the definition of BDE Frederick Barbarossa himself, more or less the German King Arthur, once and future king, uniter of Germany type stuff.


MrSpecialjonny t1_j1vwxd3 wrote

Harold Holt was the PM that went for a little swim and decided to disappear, ironically they named a swimming pool after him


TheFightingImp t1_j1wzowb wrote

Then we have Kevin Rudd, who went to a strip club in NYC with some mates, before he became PM in '07. Hes now our ambassador to the U.S.


the908bus t1_j1w82nh wrote

Do I get to choose between drinking records vs armed insurrection in my world leaders?