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picado t1_j1xd1el wrote

> Carcinisation (or carcinization) is an example of convergent evolution in which a crustacean evolves into a crab-like form from a non-crab-like form. The term was introduced into evolutionary biology by L. A. Borradaile, who described it as "one of the many attempts of Nature to evolve a crab"


MosesActual t1_j1xe1v3 wrote

So, if we were ever to discover a hyper-evolved alien species, they'd probably be space crabs. And we'd probably be on our way to becoming crabs.

Crabs are the true form of life.


KingGorilla t1_j21rc36 wrote

There are only two paths: Return to monk or evolve to crab


Alone_Agent3576 t1_j1zxllo wrote

Check out Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir. One of my favourite space crab first contact stories.


PhilParent t1_j1xi8gv wrote

Hey, what do you call horseshoe crabs having babies?

Moreshoe Crabs.


spoon_shaped_spoon t1_j1xyh2m wrote

Horseshoe Crab blood is one of the most valuable substances in medical research. The lysate derived from it runs about 75k a gallon.


dishonestdick t1_j1y69bv wrote

It is taking more time than usual, but eventually they will evolve into crabs.

They will, we will, every life form will … just give it time.


kmn493 t1_j1yjhrg wrote

Thank you for that knowledge ANAL McDICK RAPE


bushleague-ump t1_j1xyge8 wrote

I remember my dad caught me a horseshoe crab. And I asked him if throwing it back into the sea would bring our luck back.


sponge_bob_ t1_j1z3hbf wrote

On a related note, there is no such thing as a fish


OrtimusPrime t1_j23vk8i wrote

Having flashbacks to Jones Beach in NY right now, those ugly bastards were everywhere. Ughh.