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Bizprof51 t1_j0vva1p wrote

The Protestants, Puritans and other anti-Catholics did not believe in celebrating the pomp and circumstance of Christmas. They thought it was an example of Popery and that was what they were fighting against, along with King Charles I. During Cromwell's reign, even the Parliament met and passed laws on Christmas. Ah, those were the days. /s


RedSonGamble t1_j0w0kcd wrote

I unfortunately grew up in a very strict religion that believed Christmas was the devils work or pagan whatever. It’s always weird to me when churches start competing for who can be more strict to earn gods love.

Like we’re all gods children, but I’m his favorite.


Fillertracks t1_j0wckqy wrote

Would you mind sharing what religion that was?


RedSonGamble t1_j0welz5 wrote

Philadelphia church of god. It’s a relatively small church but it’s like if jehovah witness was combined with orthodox Jewish


HobgoblinKhanate t1_j0weuvv wrote

Back then, all sides were very strict and excruciatingly not fun. I imagine Christmas was so boring even where it was allowed


tugrumpler t1_j0wkrlk wrote

Huh. Wait, what was the Parliament war then, where Charles didn’t think anyone but God could tell him what he could and couldn’t do. I thought that was the English Civil war. I have to stop drinking and watching PBS…


AtebYngNghymraeg t1_j0vxy8c wrote

That's because Cromwell was a miserable, soulless bastard.


pollok112 t1_j0wkihp wrote

Scotland banned christmas after the reformation in 1560 and it wasn't celebrated until the late 1950's

The civil wars were started because charles i tried to interfere with the church of scotland and make the church more like the anglican church

in the end he got his head chopped off and scotland continued without the bishops and christmas etc so not a great idea really


XPlutonium t1_j0woonx wrote

And on the other extreme of it during WWI soldiers stopped fighting to celebrate together for a day


TheParisCommune1871 t1_j0wx0h2 wrote

Cromwell like Napoleon is as the kids say nowadays is a problematic fave.


herpecin21 t1_j10ndau wrote

Christmas was also outlawed in the American colonies for the first 100+ years that Europeans were here.


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BrokenEye3 t1_j0w188f wrote

At very least we ought to repel Christmas's invasion and occupation of Thanksgiving and sabre-rattling against Halloween