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artie_pdx t1_j0aca01 wrote

One of my friends had 9 wisdom teeth. His brother had 11. I called him Cro-Magnon Man.


cscf0360 t1_j0aq41w wrote

I had 7 wisdom teeth. They were little fragments of teeth, but you better believe the oral surgeon charged full price for extracting each one.


artie_pdx t1_j0aqx9h wrote

This dudes mouth was all sorts of fucked up because of them. I don’t think they were fragments. Once they got them all out, he had braces and eventually had a great smile.

I only had two on the top and they weren’t bad at all. Once they cut through, they were pulled. No cutting required. I guess I was lucky that way. I’ve heard horror stories.


7eggert t1_j0b0oxe wrote

They charge for the last bit being removed; everything else is included.


[deleted] t1_j0bu9y1 wrote



dazednowconfused t1_j0c63kg wrote

I'm not making this up honest. But I was at uni with a guy with six nipples top two normal sized then got smaller as you came down...weird


eternamemoria t1_j0c9onc wrote

Cool. I have four nipples, two normal sized and two below them that look like tiny bruises with more body hair than the surrounding skin


grinch1225 t1_j0ac01b wrote

Man, a comma really could have helped that title.

For what it’s worth, I had someone I knew with extra nips. They were 6-8” directly below the normally placed set.


rawfish71 t1_j0b5kky wrote

I helped my uncle Jack, off a horse at the farm yesterday.

Commas really are important.


Super382946 t1_j0badkk wrote

I mean, that's still wrong, right? "I helped my uncle Jack off a horse..." is already correct, and if you do wanna use a comma you could do "I helped my uncle, Jack, off a horse...".


jumpup t1_j0b9ffj wrote

i helped my uncle jack down from a horse, i don't off horses


Tarantula_Saurus_Rex t1_j0afvw7 wrote

If I'm not mistaken, 6 fingers (or polydactyly) is controlled by a dominant allele, or version of a gene. 6 fingers is a dominant but uncommon trait.


HighMountainSS t1_j0aqpow wrote

Yeah there is a group of Huterites, or menonites idk, some crazy religious farm people, who have this trait pervading their group.. because yeah.. small group.


Va-Va-Vooom t1_j0bah5h wrote

2 in the pink, 3 in the stink. You think evolution would let this go?


Va-Va-Vooom t1_j0ba9hf wrote

Yeah, it runs in my family. But it's never a solid 6th finger but always a half baked pinky.


Guilty-Web7334 t1_j0bts9x wrote

My mom’s friend growing up had a sixth toe removed because shoes. Mom’s family and friends were Pennsylvania Dutch (German, but not Amish). My aunt knocked out an adult tooth, but another grew in. I had to get my canines pulled twice on each side because of another tooth coming in without the old one falling out. My son had an extra left lateral incisor. My daughter has no adult lateral incisors.

I have hefty orthodontist bills in my future. Being mutants isn’t without disadvantages.


UnjuggedRabbitFish t1_j0ae2a7 wrote

I thought the title was about donor organs at first. Like, who the hell's transplanting nipples??


jumpup t1_j0b9pgs wrote

that's actually something surgeons can do


TheDollarstoreDoctor t1_j0aio9x wrote

Extra teeth? Damn, I didnt even get all the teeth I was supposed to get. 2 of my baby teeth had no adult tooth under them.


F0000r t1_j0abtbf wrote

Had 2 gf's that have each had 3 nipples. Oddly enough both extra nipples have been on their right.


realstonedjedi t1_j0ahvdi wrote

Ya nice try Chandler Bing


n1gr3d0 t1_j0b3ou4 wrote

You have OP confused with someone, their name is Ms Chanandler Bong.


lynivvinyl t1_j0aezyf wrote

Nipple teeth however, are not.


ouyin2000 t1_j0bpzwm wrote

Nippkes are just the teeth of the chest.


Zkenny13 t1_j0agw3i wrote

I had an extra tooth!


Simple-Ad4396 t1_j0atzxt wrote

I have a third nipple and two extra teeth.


leonryan t1_j0auyuz wrote

my cousin has an extra vertebrae in his lower back that makes his ass stick out. Girls love it.


F1nn3rs t1_j0bu0ap wrote

What about missing organs? My dad was born with only one kidney!


KnottyKitty t1_j0awal0 wrote

I have extra wisdom teeth. Correct number of everything else though.


bertrum666 t1_j0bf778 wrote

I worked with a bloke who had 6 nips. The normal 2 at the top then an extra 4 going down the left side of his torso. He was quite proud of them.


Mbhuff03 t1_j0burk4 wrote

I like that the stock photo used was a lady with extra arms as if that’s the most common extra organs😂😂😂


Groundbreaking_War52 t1_j0ce62d wrote

I have two spleens but only one wisdom tooth. Guess God needs a calculator....


Fun_Key_ButtLovin t1_j0cih62 wrote

I have a mole near my armpit, my aunts always called it a beauty mark. Went to a dermatologist one day to have a different mole removed I asked about the beauty mark and without hesitation the Dr said "it's not a mole," and used some words including "mammary." I was so confused. He finally ELI5 and told me it's an extra nipple.


anthroaggie t1_j0dth5k wrote

I have two different color eyes and I had supernumerary baby and adult teeth. As an adult, I had to have surgery to remove an embryonic twin/teratoma that enveloped my ovary.


kthulhu666 t1_j0ahjli wrote

Not all such persons belong to Spectre, just most.


damgood81 t1_j0aukpc wrote

yeah extra baby adult and wisdom teeth checking in here.


softdetail t1_j0b4a9o wrote

i wish my girl had an extra nipple on her back for slow dancingg


shed1 t1_j0bebwm wrote

I've got like 20 extra self-awareness organs.


RedshiftOnPandy t1_j0btjkt wrote

I only have 2 wisdom teeth and webbed toes


TriesHerm21st t1_j0ahdqd wrote

Extra body parts, blah blah blah, reread the title 3 times. Hol the fuck up organs?????


Ensabanur81 t1_j0bnebm wrote

I have 4 kidneys that melded into two really misshapen kidneys. The littler one died, so it was surgically removed a few years back, and the bigger one does the work of two kidneys because it IS two kidneys. Kind of. Sometimes it works out!