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theRealGermanikkus t1_j18avdx wrote

This was THE comic when I was growing up. Only rivaled by Spiderman and perhaps Daredevil. Avengers was not in the same league in the mid80s. Funny how they are only an afterthought in this MCU stuff.


insertusernamehere51 t1_j18p0g6 wrote

They are an afterthought now BECAUSE they were big before

Marvel had sold the movie license for most of their properties when they were in financial trouble. Then, When Marvel began the MCU they couldnt get back the movie license for Spider Man, X-Men and Fantastic Four, specifically because they were the most popular properties and the licensees kept them (On the other hand, stuff like Daredevil and Ghist Rider returned to Marvel). So Marvel was forced to start with their B-listers like Iron Man and Thor and the few A-listers they still had


Bug1oss t1_j1antgm wrote

The X-Men movies did start to get better. And Logan is fantastic.


jfudge t1_j1at33j wrote

I think overall they were a mixed bag. It seems typically that for every two or so good x-men movies that get made, they follow with one or two that are widely regarded to be quite terrible.

X-Men: fairly good for its time (although superhero movies have come a long way since then)

X2: better than the first

X-Men - The Last Stand: complete and utter nonsense

X-Men Origins: started off decent I thought, but we all know what they did with Deadpool

First Class: very good

The Wolverine: I honestly do not have a strong memory of this one, but I believe I remember it being extraordinarily okay

Days of Future Past: also very good

X-Men Apocalypse: disappointing to say the least

Dark Phoenix: never saw this one, but I think by all accounts it was quite bad

Logan: obviously excellent


omicron7e t1_j18rufd wrote

> Funny how they are only an afterthought in this MCU stuff.

If Disney had had the rights to the X-Men, they would not have been an afterthought.


Bug1oss t1_j1an1u0 wrote

My cousin had 2 subscriptions to spider-man and X-Men. One to read, one to collect. He would buy and sub, then unsub other books, but in the 90s, those 2 were king.

If there was a good story line, he'd put a stack of them in front of my brother, and I would read them as he finished.

X-Men were always crazy stories. The brood, Phoenix, people breaking off to join X-Force, X-Factor, eXcalibur.

And he always called everyone "Bub".