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Josgre987 t1_j1aritk wrote

in the 90's when the comic boom happened, my dad bought 20+ first issue copies of different lesser known comics in the hopes they would one day blow up in price.

They did not. I've got stacks of the fucking things. Turok was not the money maker he hoped for, but the bone collection might go for an ok price.


DiabloSerpentino t1_j1c40bx wrote

Mark my words... Mere DAYS after you finally throw out the Turoks, they WILL announce a new movie and they WILL shoot through the roof. I cannot TELL you how many times over the years this has happened to me. I swear to all Gods- the old and the new- I once had an opportunity to buy literally DOZENS (if not hundreds) of Near Mint copies of New Mutants #98 for twenty-five cents each, no tax. At the time, I thought to myself "Why in the hell would anyone buy this book even for a quarter???".


Josgre987 t1_j1c5692 wrote

I swear if I do ever offload these things and they shoot up in price i'm just gonna shoot myself.