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barrycarter t1_j02zzlt wrote

I believe this is true for most or all birds and several reptiles. According to the highly educational (About 1:19 if you're impatient) anacondas do this as well, but it's even crazier as it's sort of a gangbang


laker9903 t1_j0343zt wrote

Yeah, but the anaconda don’t want none unless she’s got buns, hun.


platonicphil t1_j0390ue wrote

Do yourself a favour and don't Google duck penis.


Ruth_Goose12 t1_j04llyr wrote

But do google echidna penis, if you are morbidly curious. If I had to see it, it seems fair that everyone should.


AdultEnuretic t1_j03paza wrote

Anacondas don't do the cloacal kiss, they have hemipenes (it's like two penises, one for each side).


ziburinis t1_j05ko3o wrote

So do iguanas. And if you keep male iguanas as a pet you realize that they need to masturbate, so filling a tube sock with rice and putting it in the microwave to warm up is very common. And if you don't clean it the next time you use it, you feel your home with the warm aroma of nuked iguana jizz.