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ExtremePrivilege t1_j1yec1g wrote

Men engage in riskier behaviors than women do. Men work in jobs that are more dangerous and die significantly more often at work. Although women appear to attempt suicide more often than men, men succeed wildly more often than women do. One of the strongest indicators of early mortality is loneliness and men tend to have worse social support structures than women (or even none at all). Men are more often the victims or murder and die more often in car accidents. Men are less likely to interact with preventative medical procedures including colonoscopies. Men are less likely to seek medical attention period.

Just off the top of my head. In short, hormones make us riskier, society treats us as disposable and we often go through life isolated and distrustful of institutions. Bleak.


Adam-West t1_j1yggjb wrote

Also im sure that even if you survive the dangerous jobs, working manually your whole life and having screwed up joints must have an impact on your mental health and therefore exacerbate physical problems.


Yudereepkb t1_j1yynxb wrote

Also makes it difficult to keep active and mobile in old age


sleepykittypur t1_j1za9de wrote

And chronic illness from decades of chemical exposure. Don't see many retired oil and gas workers.


BitchStewie_ t1_j215hpd wrote

Just working more than 40 hours a week leads to an increase in rates of non-communicable disease like heart disease, stroke or hypertension.


chrisphoenix08 t1_j1z47i1 wrote

>Social Support

This. Men most likely won't seek emotional comfort on what they're going through, which may lead to depression, mental illness to suicide.

It's hard to show emotion if you're a man, when people see it as weakness, unmanliness (gay, LOL), or just completely disregard it.

Sometimes I envy women, wherein they can confide with their friends with these kinds of situations.


Some_Gun_Nut t1_j1zau78 wrote

I can confide in friends all I want, that doesn't change the disposability or isolation aspect in my experience.


ATownStomp t1_j1zwx2f wrote

Same. Talking about issues doesn’t change much. It’s nice to have some solidarity but, depending on what the problem is, it might not really matter.


chrisphoenix08 t1_j21agxf wrote

Well, really good for you. I do confide with my cousins when we're drinking, and it's certainly liberating even just for a bit, unlike before wherein I just bottled it up, and if it was too much, I thought of suicidal thoughts or kept beating myself up.... Or masturbation, hahahahaha, kidding...

I don't have money for psychiatric help, living in a 3rd World Country; and I know friends/family/romantic relations are not a substitute for this, but to vent out your frustrations and other negative thoughts to someone, at least for me, lessens that emotional baggage.


Poggse t1_j1za19d wrote

I envy women every day of my life. I know so many that never had to work. Just get married and life is on autopilot


JarifSA t1_j1zv16p wrote

Surprised this got downvoted. In many cultures it's common to be an educated women yet get married and take like 3-4 years off work even though they have strong degrees. I definitely don't envy being a women like you said though. I'd rather not have to walk around scared of the other gender.


Poggse t1_j1zv99z wrote

As a white man, I'm scared to walk around the same places women are scared to walk around.


JarifSA t1_j1zwaf2 wrote

Yes but there are definitely places a man can feel safe that a women can't. Such as bars literally in public. Or in a crowded train.


girraween t1_j225h9f wrote

> Yes but there are definitely places a man can feel safe that a women can’t. Such as bars literally in public. Or in a crowded train.

Really? Ever thought to ask what a man feels like in such places?

I don’t feel safe in those places. As a guy, I’m more likely to get attacked in those places.


tim-fawks t1_j208eif wrote

Not really men are much more likely to be murdered than woman most men just aren’t thinking about it all the time.


marmorset t1_j20j1ed wrote

Men are more likely to be murdered because men are more likely to be in confrontations and men are more likely to engage in crime.


tim-fawks t1_j20km07 wrote

Damn bro dude I replied to said men are safe I said they are not and here you are moving goal post just making men in general the bad guy. How about learning to read before you talk.


luckleberries t1_j20p14k wrote

They were just explaining why men are more likely to get murdered.. they're not moving the goal posts. They're agreeing with you. How about learning to read before you talk.


tim-fawks t1_j20p8z6 wrote

Alright let’s take that same energy and apply it to black people we shouldn’t care that black people are killed because black people cause the most crime … see how fucking dumb your arguments are?


luckleberries t1_j20pp03 wrote

No idea what you're talking about... not even sure why you're so upset.


tim-fawks t1_j20pywi wrote

They are dismissing men being murdered because they are murdered by other men and you are backing them up. If you don’t know what’s going on then just stay out of it


luckleberries t1_j20q43b wrote

They weren't dismissing it, they were just explaining why men are more likely to get murdered. You're the one throwing on the assumption that we don't care that men are getting murdered.


Poggse t1_j1zxipg wrote

Sure but not even close to the majority. An average white woman in the US that gets married lives a much easier life than average anyone else in the world.


gameshowmatt t1_j2021j8 wrote

I used to follow similar thought processes and one detail that broke the outlook is a reminder that you are describing a specific minority of the gender. Yes, beautiful people of all genders have it easier and sure, I would agree that beautiful women have a whole different set of rules as long as they maintain that beauty.

But thought exercise: when you say these sweeping generalizations try to imagine it applying to an unattractive woman and you know the logic breaks down.

So we need to be sure to not judge based on the most successful unit in a sample size - with both genders. All women are manipulative house pets with an easy life no more than all men are predatory rape-machines just waiting to be triggered by exposed skin. These are outliers. Not defaults.


Poggse t1_j202arb wrote

Except plenty of ugly or average looking women marry and have more comfortable lives because of their marriage.


gameshowmatt t1_j2034qz wrote

I'm afraid I don't agree that this is limited to a gender.

If all someone wants is to get married and they are willing to ignore everything else it's not hard to find. Man, woman, or anything in between.

It just won't look like the pornos.


Poggse t1_j203qh3 wrote

I'm sure some men lead more comfortable lives because they got married, but I'm sure they're a very small minority of all married men. Most married men have to work longer hours, support wife and kids, split all chores, etc. That's just the reality of the situation whether people find it off-putting or not.


chemguy216 t1_j1zz5x3 wrote

I say this with multiple underlying caveats, but there are social aspects of being gay that give me personal freedoms many straight men haven’t embraced. For the ones who associate certain healthy bonding and emotional development behaviors with being gay and effeminate, they have to deal with that baggage that I personally am not weighed down by.

They want to think of me as gay for knowing and continually learning how to take care of my mental health and foster meaningful, healthy relationships in ways that would likely benefit them? Well, I am gay, and I’m doing pretty well with my life both superficially and substantively.


girraween t1_j225aci wrote

You can talk all you want but it’s not going to help if society doesn’t care for you.

And why would it want to empathise with a group that’s labelled oppressive and privileged.


Ma3vis t1_j1ynjzw wrote

> society treats us as disposable and we often go through life isolated and distrustful of institutions

Wonder if these things are all correlated in some way?


neuroticsmurf t1_j1zalp0 wrote

>Men engage in riskier behaviors than women do.

We even have a sub for that: r/WhyWomenLiveLonger.


plumquat t1_j20sz3k wrote

The biggest health risk for men is heart failure. And men with higher T have increased risk for heart attack and stroke.

Very few men are roofers. Or deep sea fisherman, Most men work in an office or retail setting. Most jobs are not building the Hoover dam.

Twice as many men own guns. I'm emotionally intelligent enough to understand that I've been depressed before and probably shouldn't have easy access to a gun.

And media plays a role in loneliness. Masculinity is played for joining the military vets have a high suicide rate from gun death. My uncle.

Masculinity is also played for adjusting identity to political party. It has self isolating messaging to make men more available to consume more propaganda. It sort of subverts group identity. It's more efficient if there's less people to bounce it off of.

And then our technology is isolating us. In the 90's everyone knew each other. We walked around outside. And we had meeting places where our friends were.


LimestoneDust t1_j1zigx4 wrote

>society treats us as disposable

From the biological perspective, we are.


seamustheseagull t1_j20hpbf wrote

There's also a plausible hypothesis that there's a selection bias in effect when it comes to robustness in women.

The balance of births in a normal population ever so slightly favours men. That is, more boys are typically born than girls.

And when you control for all other factors, it turns out that pregnancies involving girls are slightly more likely to result in complications resulting in foetal death or spontaneous abortion. We don't know why.

What does this have to do with life expectancy? Well if girls have a tougher time getting through gestation, then that's an evolutionary selection pressure. Girls need a little "something" extra to survive the process than boys do.

As a result, the hypothesis suggests, born females have a biology which makes them slightly more resilient than born males. This makes little difference through most of life, but as you approach the end of life and the great longevity filter, those who are more robust will survive longer. Which happens to be women. Resulting in these huge demographic disparities when you get to the extreme ages.


Crowbarmagic t1_j21tsk1 wrote

Also, it seems young men tend to do more stupid reckless shit in general I suppose. Not that young women don't do stupid shit but less often the potentially fatal kind of stupid.


CaptainSupreme t1_j224pow wrote

We should also evaluate the impact that women's behaviors have on men. Being the bread winner of a family and being constantly nagged surely has adverse effects on men's health


Mary_Pick_A_Ford t1_j22zvbz wrote

Oh poor you. We treat men so badly more than women. They have it so much worse than women. Let's all take pity on them since they have no advantages in society.


SerifGrey t1_j20wz0b wrote

also most of that behaviour is driven because “pussy” and “gotta impress the pussy” because as selective behavioural traits women like that behaviour in the mates they select, it is also a learned behaviour in both societal and interpersonal relationships aspects.

Essentially, men die for pussy, in most facets of life, subconsciously and consciously. We are slaves to vagina, it’s just expressed in such nuanced and complicated ways, than our non city dwelling ancestors had to deal with.

I say this because women are given more power now than in the past which also creates a way more black and white playing field for your average man.

It’s truly fascinating to learn about via societal behaviour and life experience.


yoobi40 t1_j1zg7cu wrote

Nitpicking here, but a colonoscopy isn't a preventative procedure. Things like exercise and eating healthy are preventative. Colonscopy is a screening procedure trying to find (early) an existing cancer. I guess you could argue that it may prevent an early stage cancer from becoming a late-stage one. But that's different from preventative in the sense of preventing cancer in the first place (such as by not smoking), or using vaccinations to prevent a virus from spreading.

Also, the evidence that colonoscopies are appropriate for general screening (as opposed to screening only high-risk individuals) is not good, which is why only the U.S. and Germany currently use them in this way. In fact, it's quite likely that colonoscopies do more harm than good when used for general screening.


SoItWasYouAllAlong t1_j1yuqyk wrote

In a way, men carry the burden of supporting healthier lifestyle for women. And women carry the burden of living the hardest part of life without the support of a partner.

In the end it all pales before the injustice which is ageing...


megazen t1_j1yyg7v wrote

Those are all valid reasons why the life expectancy is shorter for men.

>society treats us as disposable

This depends on what type of job, function they have in society.


Lemonio t1_j1z3il9 wrote

Also I’m assuming most importantly is men probably somewhat more often eat like shit and don’t exercise?


GamblingMan420 t1_j1zrv40 wrote

No that’s incorrect.


Lemonio t1_j1zte30 wrote

If you google it 1 in 3 men in the US are overweight vs 1 in 4 women, so why is this incorrect?


GamblingMan420 t1_j1ztot7 wrote

Because a simplification of something like that is stupid. Also those numbers are incorrect.


Lemonio t1_j1zvyog wrote

My numbers were for overweight Obesity is a different statistic


GamblingMan420 t1_j1zwjr9 wrote

And obesity is what is much more statistically significant to health problems than being overweight. A great portion of professional and amateur male athletes are technically overweight. Basically none of them are obese. Obesity kills people, being overweight does not.


Lemonio t1_j1zy88c wrote

Obesity has a bigger effect on risk of death, but being overweight increases risk of death as well


GamblingMan420 t1_j1zywn6 wrote

You’re not wrong. However I still believe that curbing obesity is more important than curbing people that are overweight. BMI is a flawed measurement because it doesn’t account for muscle mass, therefor associating increased mortality with an overweight BMI is a flawed correlation; in my opinion. On the other hand, obesity is qualified by an excess of fat as well as exceedingly high BMIs. I know plenty of “skinny fat” people with more health problems than my friends that lift weights and would be considered overweight by BMI standards. This is anecdotal, but you can be overweight and healthier than a normal weight person. You cannot be obese and healthier than a normal weight person in almost all scenarios.


normal-person-2022 t1_j20fa3b wrote

I suppose the question then, is why are men eating like shit and not exercising, and what are we doing to actively promote healthy eating and exercise to men?


stefantalpalaru t1_j1z1cq1 wrote

> Just off the top of my head.

And it's all wrong, because all those factors do not make a dent in the life expectancy difference.


swanqueen109 t1_j1zrtrn wrote

A few years ago I heard about a study where they only looked at monks and nuns.

Both have similarly organized, very structured and repetitive days of work and prayer. They usually know exactly what's coming and don't tend to stress about things.

Unsurprisingly there was no significant difference in life expectancy.


ATownStomp t1_j2003gt wrote

That seems surprising to me. Men and women having different physiology makes it seem like there could be a reason one lives longer than the other inherently.


swanqueen109 t1_j201d0n wrote

That's what I always thought but it's true. Traditionally men have more stressors and are taught from the beginning that they have to fight, solve problems, not cry and ideally never ask for help. If you can take those factors out of the picture it kinda makes sense that they live longer lifes. Sure, the physiology is different but they were made for those differences. Knowing nature if everyone can get what they need and there are no stressors they should pretty much be on equal footing.

I thought it was an interesting thesis. Very neat. Never really thought about it.


RoyalSloth t1_j21nfw3 wrote

I mean whether men or women have more stressors is kind of an impossible thing to quantify or measure. So I wouldn’t chalk it up to men being more stressed than women. If anything women have more reason than men to be stressed out given that we live in a, y’know, patriarchy.

It probably has to do with a mix of things, like how a lot of the men who would be in the oldest cohort right now died in WWII, how toxic masculinity disincentivizes men from reaching out for help, and how a lot of unhealthy behaviors are traditionally seen as masculine, like drinking, smoking, and murder. I’m sure other elements are a part of it too but stress is probably only related indirectly if at all


Autolycus14 t1_j22fsu2 wrote

This makes so much more sense than just physiological differences. The difference in life expectancy is much more culturally informed than biologically informed.


Deafwindow t1_j22olyl wrote

I don't think culture and physiology are mutually exclusive


swanqueen109 t1_j23or6b wrote

I don't disagree. Tried to incorporate former posts. But as far as I know these statistics don't count deaths by war.


TheNightIsLost t1_j23fjey wrote

>If anything women have more reason than men to be stressed out given that we live in a, y’know, patriarchy.

Makes no sense. Living under oppression actually makes people LESS stressed, since they know they have no control over their lives and don't worry about it.

It's why atheistic democracies have such high rates of suicide and depression, whereas religious and more authoritarian states have less.


RoyalSloth t1_j23z8ft wrote

That doesn’t explain how women attempt suicide at much higher rates than men, and more likely to suffer from depression. Of course it’s possible that more men suffer from mental illness and they’re just not reporting it, but that’s getting into the realm of speculation, because it could very well be the case that even more women suffer from mental illness and are not reporting it.

Of course, more men commit suicide successfully relative to women, but a huge part of that has to do with gun ownership being a traditionally masculine behavior.

90% of suicide attempts using guns are fatal, compared to 4% using other methods, and 86% of firearm suicide victims are men. Rather than simply being more stressed, this most likely stems from the fact that nearly twice as many men personally own a gun than women, male gun owners are about 40% more likely to own multiple guns over female gun owners, and men who grow up in gun-owning households are much more likely to go hunting, practice shooting, and use airsoft guns.

Even for women who become gun owners,women become gun owners on average 8 years later than men, and are less likely than male gun owners to practice shooting or go hunting, less likely to consume gun-related media content, less likely to keep a loaded gun within easy reach than male gun owners, and more likely to be in favor of increased regulations than male gun owners.

And furthering the correlation between gun ownership and suicide, female gun owners are 35x more likely to kill themselves with a gun than women who don’t own guns.

This is all US-centric data but I imagine the trends hold steady in at least most of the Western world. All of this is to say that the rate of suicidal thoughts and attempts are more worth considering in determining the impact of stressors on mental health, because the difference in suicide rates between men and women is almost as much a function of gun ownership as it is mental health issues, and when we look at mental health issues alone, women are worse off than men.

Also, your general point about oppressed people being less stressed makes no sense. Oppressed people aren’t going to feel as safe seeking help as non-oppressed people. Compared to whites, for example, BIPOC are less likely to have access to mental health services, to seek out those services, less likely to receive needed care, more likely to receive poor quality of care, and more likely to end services prematurely. This suggests that the reported rate of mental illness in minority communities is significantly lower than what it actually is. But even when you take the reported rates at face value, Native Americans and people of multiple races are more likely to seriously consider, plan, and actually commit suicide than whites. So the idea that people who experience oppression are less likely to be stressed doesn’t hold based on either the available data or the data that we’d expect to be available under favorable reporting conditions.

And yes, religion plays an important role in decreasing the rate of suicide, but the manner in which it does so is probably more coercive than anything else, as loved ones of suicide victims and those who attempt suicide are more likely to be stigmatized in religious communities. This suggests that people in religious communities could very easily want to kill themselves at a similar or even higher rate to people in non-religious communities, but avoid doing so out of fear of failing the attempt or of bringing harm or shame to their loved ones.

I imagine a similar methodology is at play in authoritarian states, given that authoritarian regimes’ legitimacy would be undermined by a high suicide rate, thereby encouraging stigmatization and underreporting of the practice at all levels of society in order to prevent that.


TheNightIsLost t1_j242wfy wrote

Are you a frikking bot?


RoyalSloth t1_j243di0 wrote

No? Everything you said was just the complete opposite conclusion of what virtually every fact about the topic would suggest, so I wanted to bring those facts up for you and for anyone else who might be misinformed by what you’re saying.


TheNightIsLost t1_j245kak wrote

What kind of normal person scrounges up a veritable sea of paragraphs and links like that? Also, you posted the same comment in a reply to your OG comment, which isn't something that can just happen.


RoyalSloth t1_j248io5 wrote

Yeah the app is annoying, I tried editing some things I noticed I worded wrong when I was reading the original comment and somehow I replied to myself instead of making an edit. Really confusing lol.

I mean if I’m being perfectly honest I’m also trying to get myself into academic writing mode so I can finish a college paper I need to do. That comment helped with that a lot lol. But mostly, you responded to what I said with stuff that’s not only completely wrong but dangerous if it were to be believed, since you’d be fooling people into thinking that oppressed people have it better than they actually do, and that mental health is better under authoritarian or theocratic regimes than democratic ones. No way in hell was I gonna let that slide


Void_0000 t1_j20i536 wrote

Shit, so you're telling me the memes were right all along?


alex_quine t1_j22bfxd wrote

I’ve seen some research that the gap can be entirely explained by behavioral differences. Take for example diet: women are more likely to order a salad, men are more likely to order the bacon cheeseburger. Which gender is more likely to watch their figure? Regularly apply sunscreen? Smoke? Drink to excess? Etc…


DMRexy t1_j22pe6n wrote

Which group composes the vast majority of deaths at work and due to violence? Which group is more likely to suffer harsher legal penalties for the same crimes? Who commits suicide more often? Who's more likely to not be able to stop working if they are Ill?

This difference is not because of who orders a salad. It's because men are still trapped in a medieval patriarchal system, being raised to be working machines, never learning they have any value but what they can provide financially.

Women managed to break free of a fucked up system, and now have their roles in society adjusted to a modern existence. It's far from perfect, it's far from good even, but the process is ongoing and irreversible. Men are still trapped, and most aren't even aware of how fucked they are.

So that's how you get half of the population losing 5 years of their lives. 80 cents to a dollar is horrible, but the people profiting from it are getting almost 9 years to a decade, and believe they have it good.

Gender inequality hurts everyone horribly. And until we let go to of the idea that it's something natural, that it's just how men are or just how women are, we will still be fucked by it.


alex_quine t1_j22vo6u wrote

It’s not either or. The thing you listed are in there too.


NotAnotherScientist t1_j22mv94 wrote

Most of the differences in life expectancy that are due to genetic factors present themselves in the early stages of life (<20 years). So by the time someone is old enough to join a convent or monastery, life expectancy mostly evens out.

For example, look at infant mortality rates:,to%20diseases%20and%20premature%20death.


Loki-L t1_j1yz68z wrote

The gender gap varies from country to country.

Even among the countries with high life expectancy the values for the gap vary widely.

Japan and Iceland are both in the top 10 in terms of life expectancy. Japan is #1 and Iceland is #7. The life expectancy for men is almost the same with Iceland actually scoring slightly better, but while women only outlive men by 2.80 in Iceland they outlive men by over 6 years in Japan.

Meanwhile In Russia and Belarus the difference in life expectancy is about a decade and that was a lot worse in the past and likely will be worse in the future too.

I guess the secret is to be born a woman in a rich country, eat lots of fish and don't do drugs and alcohol in excess.


CheeseStandsAlone262 t1_j1zcntb wrote

Within countries, life expectancy is strongly differentiated by wealth as well. US males in the lowest income quintile have a life expectancy of like 67; whereas women in the highest income quintile have a life expextancy of 96.


bukminster t1_j20k92n wrote

>don't do drugs and alcohol

Fuck it I'll just die young


theluckyfrog t1_j20rbsu wrote

If you do enough of those to die young, you're probably also going to die miserably, unless you just overdose


Maysa69 t1_j222d35 wrote

It's the odd moderation part. I drink daily and also a member of r/alcoholism. I'm also older than most here. It's a combo I hate life but really NOT ready to die. Queue suicide hotlines please. I have called a couple times, got locked up a few times but all honesty they saved my life. Not really sure wanted life saved but it happens.


echochamber4liberals t1_j22bkem wrote

I got 1/4...

Not a women - 0 Born in rich country - 1 Little fish -0 Probably too much drugs and alcohol - 0


Ciscoblue113 t1_j1yblgd wrote

The men in my family usually croak out between 50 - 60 yet the women in my family have gone into their early 90s.


TheNightIsLost t1_j23fo0k wrote

.....let me guess, you live in a place with a big drinking culture?


bungmunch t1_j1yf1ja wrote

>The men in my family usually croak out between 50 - 60, so the women in my family have gone into their early 90s.


HomoLegalMedic t1_j1ysfd9 wrote

Sure, 80% of suicides are men.

I wonder why when people casually make comments like this that men simply existing ruins lives, it's a mystery.

Get a grip.


mr_ji t1_j214xeo wrote

Oh, I read it to mean the men work themselves to death and the women benefit from it to live long lives. That's been my experience anyway.


ParticularValue580 t1_j1yxrxj wrote

To be fair, women attempt suicide at higher rates than men, men just choose deadlier ways to do it.


HomoLegalMedic t1_j1yy0gz wrote

True, but I imagine for vastly different reasons.

I imagine one of the few big reasons for men is being seen as socially disposable or a hindrance.

Personally I've had 8 attempts resulting in hospitalisation but only a few of those times were for social reasons.

Which that person's comment reinforces, idiotically.


normal-person-2022 t1_j20fjp2 wrote

So for equality do we show women where they are going wrong so they succeed more? Or provide male focused anti suicide support?


land_beaver t1_j1ycjye wrote

You mean I have a chance of getting laid? Eventually...maybe?


Kadianye t1_j1ydef3 wrote

Just go hire a sex worker instead of waiting for 60 years if you're that desperate to not be a virgin anymore.


Puzzleheaded_Luck885 t1_j1zanq5 wrote

Honestly, it's not all that great.

I left the red light feeling more sad and disappointed than I went in.


master_a_skywalker69 t1_j20js8b wrote

This is the reason why I don’t hire a sex worker.

The pros: Get laid.

Cons: Cost. Reminder of how lonely and pathetic I am.

Right now the cons outweigh the pros but if money ever stops being an issue I’ll do it in a heart beat.


Puzzleheaded_Luck885 t1_j20un7k wrote

Facts, you get laid, but you remember she doesn't give a shit about you either, and you're literally paying money to feel some sense of affection

It breaks my heart as I trudge home, feeling absolutely worthless

It's basically the same as not having sex at all: nobody wants you, you're alone, and you're sad.


master_a_skywalker69 t1_j20vcur wrote

I mean there’s nothing wrong with meaningless sex but it’s kinda bummer that youre paying for it. Some people want love and some people want some ass and it feels bad that no one wants either from you 🥲


Puzzleheaded_Luck885 t1_j20wcvs wrote

Well, if you're having meaningless sex with someone you picked up, at least you know she was in to you! Plus, there's always some level of intimacy.

From prostitutes there's no intimacy, and they weren't in to you.

I went a few times but I don't generally go because it just sucks


master_a_skywalker69 t1_j20wnbr wrote

Yeah exactly my point.

I’ve heard people say that professionals can be …err good at what they do…and that can include being a good conversationalist and overall lead to positive human interaction that transcends sex, but the transactional nature of it ruins it for sure.


Kadianye t1_j1zuw5c wrote

People place far too much value and power on virginity, fuck purity culture


idevcg t1_j20f61a wrote

It's the other way around. People today are too morally degenerate and don't know what's right and wrong and just follows their instinctual desires like an animal.


PhoneQuomo t1_j1ymxh8 wrote

Absolutely dont do this, stat away from whores and their many STDs...


how-puhqueliar t1_j1yuqwe wrote

women have more STDs than men generally, have sex only with your bros


getbeaverootnabooteh t1_j1zsp3j wrote

Gay dudes have even more STDs than women do. Jacking off to porn or boinking blow-up dolls is the way to go if you want to 100% avoid STDs.


how-puhqueliar t1_j1zsw6m wrote

lol me and my bros aren't gay, nice try


getbeaverootnabooteh t1_j1ztyfh wrote

Okay then let me rephrase that. Totally straight 100% heterosexual not-gay-at-all men who have sex with other men have high rates of STDs.


Adam-West t1_j1ygjfx wrote

Just gotta eat your vegetables, exercise regularly, don’t drink or smoke too much, work hard so you can afford a nice retirement home with lots of hotties and before you know it you’ll be attractive enough anyway to get laid right now and won’t have to wait until you need a pill to get a boner.


Saif_Horny_And_Mad t1_j1zaw4k wrote

well, that's the price of having a bigger body with stronger muscles and bones. you expire faster.

also being seen as disposable pawns with no need for mental care, forced to repress our emotions, being the main part of the population that works in dangerous jobs, being the ones drafted en mass and sent to combat during wars, plus the dumb shenanigans we do as teenagers and young adults kinda makes this the only logical outcome


WilliamGoat t1_j1zl1r2 wrote

You forgot bigger brains & smarter


Saif_Horny_And_Mad t1_j24hfpk wrote

i donno about smarter, over half the human population has a lower iq than a plant from what i saw, but technically we men do have bigger brains by virtue of having a bigger size, since the brain size is proportional to body size


echochamber4liberals t1_j22dcfw wrote

How are you at -30? There aren't more females than men here... That's for sure. So that means many of your downvotes are from men. What kind of guy would downvote that? Not that I think men have bigger brains, there's no science to prove that. I think you know that, and I believe you're probably being sarcastic (although, this is reddit.), I find this humorous. To clarify, I haven't a sexist bone in my body, but this is funny.


WilliamGoat t1_j22dr8n wrote

Lol yea it's a joke. & a technicality b/c men are bigger. Doesnt correlate w/ intelligence necessarily but enough to butthurt the hivemind. Still funny!


Saif_Horny_And_Mad t1_j24h912 wrote

oh, right, you need to add /s at the end of a sarcastic joke on reddit, otherwise people will take it literally and downvote you to hell


SalukiKnightX t1_j1ygcfw wrote

Crazy that my granddad out lived my grandmom by 10 years.

Thing was, by the time he retired he became a grandparent and changed his life. He quit drinking (drink of choice: Crown Royal, and did it cold turkey) and spent his habit of getting up ridiculously early (was a USPS city carrier in Chicago) walking his neighborhood picking up trash, taking said trash to recycling and picking up his Sun-Times with a black coffee from Dunkin’.

My grandmom wasn’t as busy once her kids left.


BeefLightning78 t1_j1ydzof wrote

This is the reason for retirement communities having an epidemic of chlamydia.


uselessartist t1_j20t9m1 wrote

Men: *Start taking care of themselves to make it to the sex party retirement communities.


Billypisschips t1_j1yt0s4 wrote

My greatest fear is outliving my wife. Without me she could carry on the same but with one less lump under her feet, but without her I'd be completely lost.


HBFvckYoV t1_j1yibhd wrote

And yet still, no one shows up to watch women’s sports. Blame grandma!!!


tyedyezzz t1_j1yvxf3 wrote

If I live long enough, I can have my pick of all the women!


[deleted] t1_j1yzvv0 wrote



tyedyezzz t1_j1z2g6i wrote

I don't think any 85 year old gal would be interested in me. I need some hair on my ears.


idevcg t1_j20fb8w wrote

then again, I always get complimented by old people of my looks, while I never get complimented by people of my own age


Goalie_deacon t1_j1z0gp1 wrote

Dogbert told this to Dilbert as dating advice. Dilbert asked if that meant his dating life will improve late in life. Dogbert said “Why wait”


le8onkdenberg t1_j1zpinc wrote

Do men even want to live that long?


mr_ji t1_j215ob6 wrote

I want to live long enough to stop working, stop worrying, and enjoy it for a few years at the end. I don't think that's asking too much based on how much I'm putting in now.


Micheal42 t1_j1zhdex wrote

Some of us will finally get laid


Pay08 t1_j1zaj1d wrote

You didn't know this OP?


ElJamoquio t1_j1zc890 wrote

At 85 I'm gonna be gettin' all the ladies


MauveAlong t1_j1zfqoh wrote

My grandfather moved into a retirement community in his 70's and had a ridiculous amount of sexual partners for the last chunk of his life. I knew he was going to die when he stopped sleeping around. He constantly joked around about just how easy it was to get laid.


Rottenox t1_j1zsng0 wrote

I want to point out that part of the reason men engage in riskier behaviour than women is because they are taught to. It’s not just a “men are dumb” thing. Men and boys are encouraged to take risks and be more physical to a far greater extent than women and girls are, and that pressure comes from society in general, meaning everyone. Men and women.


brkh47 t1_j1zqa9k wrote

And that’s the reason insurance companies often promote specula retirement policies for women due to their longevity. The money has to last much longer b


i_cum_while_pooping t1_j20b07i wrote

There's your chance, incels! Horny MILFs in your area. Go get them champs. Maybe they'll cook for you too.


odiin1731 t1_j20bjp0 wrote

So you're telling me there's a lot of hot, old singles in my area?


TurtleHermit360 t1_j20hzl0 wrote

Now is my chance, call me Mr steal yo grandma


StuartGotz t1_j20nm5z wrote

But they also get more Alzheimers's, more depression, less aphasia from stroke, less dyslexia, and less impulsivity (all of these are on average in large samples.


Elsecaller_17-5 t1_j20za7b wrote

So your saying once I turn 85 I'll have a chance at getting a girlfriend?


lucyken t1_j212wuz wrote

I am a left handed (-8years), Male(-6years) smoker(-10 years).


At 44 I'm a medical miracle.


mr_ji t1_j215spc wrote

How was life in the monastery?


luckydayrainman t1_j217hqx wrote

Christian conservatives hate this one little trick to extend your life.


StableElegant t1_j21qn1n wrote

Sooo…what you’re saying is, if I make it to 85 my odds go way up?


rmarkmatthews t1_j223b8i wrote

“Why do Jewish men die before their wives? They want to.” - Henny Youngman


Jaeker t1_j234x5b wrote

Prostate cancer


CheapChallenge t1_j203qpd wrote

Just gotta make it to 85 years old, then will be drowning in pussy.


RussMantooth t1_j20fh9g wrote

The gender wage gap was made up but here's a real thing that puts men at an overall life disadvantage. If it were the other way around I could only imagine the feminist weaponization of this in another campaign against men.


IntrospectiveCopium t1_j20jxsu wrote

its almost like men predominately do more physical labor (you know, the things that actually develop our world and society besides literal childbirth) and die earlier, which is a direct result of what they did while they were living


SplendidPunkinButter t1_j1z86nu wrote

That’ll probably come down in the US now that we’ve banned abortion in a lot of states

I’m serious


DontEverMoveHere t1_j1zixmt wrote

Mostly it’s because we prefer death to even one more minute of them


Kurotan t1_j1zmjyr wrote

This is why I wouldn't want to date a woman older than me. I'm already destined to die sooner and leave her alone longer.


MrBobBuilder t1_j1zxq4c wrote

If she is older though your more likely to die about same time


Current_Individual47 t1_j1zyyfs wrote

"By age 85, 67% of the population is female in the US."

That's a nonsensical statement. There are thousands of people in the US that are 85 years old. Is the US population currently 67% female?


NotAPimecone t1_j20dr08 wrote

>Is the US population currently 67% female?

No, but apparently within the 85-and-older set, it is.

Put another way - A quick google search indicates that in 2019, there were 6.6 million 85+ in the USA. source. The number is probably a bit different now, but let's go with it.

So if 67% (two thirds) were female then 33% (one third) were male that's 4.4 million vs 2.2 million. There exist approximately two 85+ grannies for every one 85+ old man.


WEEEBBER9999 t1_j1ya3t7 wrote

The reason men die first is because they want to.


cutelyaware t1_j1yt36y wrote

Part of the reason is certainly the spare X chromosome, but I suspect a big factor is the social pressure for women to appear attractive. Attractiveness usually signals health, so a lot of the things we do to appear attractive have a side-effect of also making us healthier.

TL;DR Men could live longer too if they'd take better care of their health


how-puhqueliar t1_j1yuw4x wrote

it's not just health, it's safety. men die young from things like car accidents and stuff more frequently, too.


cutelyaware t1_j217k2g wrote

It's certainly not just one thing, which is why I mentioned the missing X chromosome.


Kiandough t1_j1yxrt7 wrote

Its partly related to health, but not the way you think. Men smoke, drink and overeat more on average.

But there are many other factors such as the dangerous jobs, xy vs xx chromosome, men dying from suicides way more, etc ... That needs to be taken into account.


cutelyaware t1_j217dui wrote

Certainly. I'm just pointing out a big factor that is usually overlooked. The downvotes show you why.


PhoneQuomo t1_j1yn0ho wrote

People with easier lives live longer.....shocking!!


cutelyaware t1_j1ysskw wrote

No, it's the women who live longer. Pay attention.


DangerousSuggestion8 t1_j1yhdq9 wrote

Yeah because they don't have to deal with themselves haha


how-puhqueliar t1_j1yusl3 wrote

boomer shit


DangerousSuggestion8 t1_j207lks wrote

Nah i'm just messing around haha - looks like 18 people took it wayyyy too serious - you can even see the "haha" marking it as a joke