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Loki-L t1_j1yz68z wrote

The gender gap varies from country to country.

Even among the countries with high life expectancy the values for the gap vary widely.

Japan and Iceland are both in the top 10 in terms of life expectancy. Japan is #1 and Iceland is #7. The life expectancy for men is almost the same with Iceland actually scoring slightly better, but while women only outlive men by 2.80 in Iceland they outlive men by over 6 years in Japan.

Meanwhile In Russia and Belarus the difference in life expectancy is about a decade and that was a lot worse in the past and likely will be worse in the future too.

I guess the secret is to be born a woman in a rich country, eat lots of fish and don't do drugs and alcohol in excess.


CheeseStandsAlone262 t1_j1zcntb wrote

Within countries, life expectancy is strongly differentiated by wealth as well. US males in the lowest income quintile have a life expectancy of like 67; whereas women in the highest income quintile have a life expextancy of 96.


bukminster t1_j20k92n wrote

>don't do drugs and alcohol

Fuck it I'll just die young


theluckyfrog t1_j20rbsu wrote

If you do enough of those to die young, you're probably also going to die miserably, unless you just overdose


Maysa69 t1_j222d35 wrote

It's the odd moderation part. I drink daily and also a member of r/alcoholism. I'm also older than most here. It's a combo I hate life but really NOT ready to die. Queue suicide hotlines please. I have called a couple times, got locked up a few times but all honesty they saved my life. Not really sure wanted life saved but it happens.


echochamber4liberals t1_j22bkem wrote

I got 1/4...

Not a women - 0 Born in rich country - 1 Little fish -0 Probably too much drugs and alcohol - 0