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RoyalSloth t1_j243di0 wrote

No? Everything you said was just the complete opposite conclusion of what virtually every fact about the topic would suggest, so I wanted to bring those facts up for you and for anyone else who might be misinformed by what you’re saying.


TheNightIsLost t1_j245kak wrote

What kind of normal person scrounges up a veritable sea of paragraphs and links like that? Also, you posted the same comment in a reply to your OG comment, which isn't something that can just happen.


RoyalSloth t1_j248io5 wrote

Yeah the app is annoying, I tried editing some things I noticed I worded wrong when I was reading the original comment and somehow I replied to myself instead of making an edit. Really confusing lol.

I mean if I’m being perfectly honest I’m also trying to get myself into academic writing mode so I can finish a college paper I need to do. That comment helped with that a lot lol. But mostly, you responded to what I said with stuff that’s not only completely wrong but dangerous if it were to be believed, since you’d be fooling people into thinking that oppressed people have it better than they actually do, and that mental health is better under authoritarian or theocratic regimes than democratic ones. No way in hell was I gonna let that slide