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JustPlainRick t1_j1xfxzu wrote

She was awesome, i was so bummed out that she died so close to her 100th birthday, just 18 days!


shadow_pico t1_j1y0ey0 wrote

Technically she did live to 100 if you count months in the womb. So, the way I see it, she made it to 100 and did it with style.


Cheshire_Cat8888 t1_j1y0xki wrote

That’s how they do it in Korea so in Korea she was 100.

RIP to an absolute legend.


JustPlainRick t1_j1y9mik wrote

They actually is gonna change that system now, i think with the new year every south Korean will be one year younger. But it's a fascinating and fun way of counting the years.


pierricbross t1_j1ypoa0 wrote

It wasn't just the womb (which is true), but also each new year is '1 year'. There were babies that would literally be 2 years old a few days after birth.


JustPlainRick t1_j1yrxpy wrote

I remember it being mentioned in the article i read about this topic. As said it's fascinating and curious to say the least.


shadow_pico t1_j1y69ui wrote

Really? That's cool. I just thought Mom was being kooky when she pitched me that idea. There really should be a statue of Betty somewhere. She was a national treasure.


toiletting t1_j1ynkyo wrote

It’s a bit more nuanced and changing soon actually. You’re 1 at birth then turned 2 on New Years Day regardless of how soon it came. Your age went up at the start of each calendar year as opposed to your birthday.


ExiledToTerminus t1_j1yzdu7 wrote

yep, the Koreans essentially count the number of distinct calendar years you've been alive for, even if it leads to silly things like somebody born on December 31st, 2004 being 3 years old on January 1st, 2006, despite being only 366 days old in elapsed time. it really only makes a big difference for very young ages, where being off by a year or two can be significant.


katycake t1_j1zxivx wrote

That wouldn't count as far as I'm concerned. She wasn't born. Thus no BIRTHday.

This all sounds like a bogus workaround, to try and claim her to be 100.


CleverCarrot999 t1_j1yowvj wrote

Just count the many leap years she was alive for. That’s easier than letting the anti-choice nut jobs use your comment as an evidence point for their shitty arguments.


JustPlainRick t1_j1y9oix wrote

She certainly did, she was a classy lady!


shadow_pico t1_j22eivi wrote

Even her nudes felt wholesome to me, which I thought could never happen. LOL. She was so adorable.


Big_Deetz t1_j1ynhci wrote

They still had previews for her birthday special running in the theater the day she died and the audible awws and some soft nos followed by silence from everyone in the room was a morose intro to the movie.


JustPlainRick t1_j1ynq1g wrote

I can imagine it, i remember her tweeting about, everyone was so looking forward to her birthday and then shit hit the fan ..

She was like a grandma to everyone, and i say that being Swedish, but she was such a sweet person and made it feel like she was your own beloved granny.


Zjoee t1_j2069p6 wrote

I was half expecting/hoping that she would show up for her 100th birthday and say the news of her death was just a joke.


JustPlainRick t1_j206qv3 wrote

Now that would've been awesome!, and although not realistic I can totally see that being in her style :)


SavageComic t1_j1y0ts6 wrote

She was in the industry so long she had 4 shows called "The Betty White Show" and no one was confused as to which was which because they all happened so far apart


[deleted] t1_j1zpuny wrote



bugaosuni t1_j20pame wrote

I'm more partial to The Betty White Show but I respect your opinion.


SavageComic t1_j21ewk8 wrote

Come on, the order obviously goes

4: The Betty White Show 3: The Betty White Show 2: The Betty White Show 1: (and this is where it gets controversial) The Betty White Show


Xiaxs t1_j1xj3cd wrote

People will call current generations lazy for still living with their parents but Betty FUCKIN White did all that shit while living at home.


Raichu7 t1_j1yoa8a wrote

It was the 50’s and she was a woman, she wouldn’t have been expected to move out until she married.


5OZO t1_j1xjhoq wrote

Iirc She was fired from her own show too, for standing up for a person or peoples.


FreneticPlatypus t1_j1ys6w4 wrote

She booked a black performer and was told not to do it again. Of course, being Betty White, she did.


Pumpkkinnnn t1_j1ygc42 wrote

Golden girls will always be my favourite show… there us a moment in one of the episodes where the 4 main girls agree to take care of each other until the end of their lives… then Rose (Betty’s character) says “What happens when only one of us is left?”.

That moment always creeps me out because all of the other golden girls died before Betty. :(

Rip Betty!!! And all of the Golden Girls!


lurq_king t1_j1xfl86 wrote

We need a statue of her on the mall in DC.


maesterbae t1_j1ycke7 wrote

She predates sliced bread. Sliced Bread.


theknyte t1_j1z5ym5 wrote

Everyone knows that Sliced Bread is the greatest thing since Betty White.


SnowbackMcGee t1_j1y5hdv wrote

For us older farts, it boggles my mind Betty White had a full career before the Mary Tyler Moore Show.


Cluefuljewel t1_j21g3q9 wrote

Loved her on mtm. The more I learn about this lady the more I love her!


90daylimitedwarranty t1_j20857l wrote

A national treasure.

You watch her on SNL in her later years and she still had it. Her timing was impeccable. A true pro in every sense.


shawikkywoo t1_j1y92i2 wrote

She was the best. And watching old episodes of Password and Password Plus, her and Allen Ludden were just so sweet.


membraneguy t1_j1yvvk9 wrote

She was one of a kind. Bless her Soul 💐


thekactuskween t1_j1zxfj0 wrote

She was an incredibly bad b*tch. RIP.


Oro_Outcast t1_j1y41mi wrote

Didn't Lucille Ball have her own studio complete with film stages/Backlot?

No, I'm not trying to diminish how awesome BFW, but we should forget the other groundbreaking folks out there.


Prison_Mike_DM t1_j1yj4in wrote

IIRC Betty white had complete control of her show in like 1954 and Lucille Ball didn’t have full control of Desilu Productions until the early 60’s.


54_actual OP t1_j1zclpy wrote

yes, lucy and ricky owned desilu studios, which originally was the rko studio lot.


Papichuloft t1_j21bicf wrote

And the 1st lady of TV. RIP dear Betty. It's been almost a year since you passed and we love you.


DABBERYDO t1_j222rtc wrote

And she managed all of everything she did without once bitching about inequality or patriarchy or any of that other bullshit that feminist bitch about nowadays....


UnderAchiever7 t1_j1xi9v5 wrote

One of only a few true American celebrity Icons.


Kyanche t1_j1ya251 wrote

Ah yes, ELLEN HARPER JACKSON. Heheh :D I'll miss her great acting.


diiejso t1_j1xlymi wrote

Sadly, she never did achieve her one true dream of having William Shatner cum on her.


Decadoarkel t1_j209gkq wrote

Dunno why the downvotes, she literally said that.


Nerje t1_j1xnk2f wrote

To be fair, William Shatner's the guy who finally got to space and "that shits fucked. Nope"

There's no way he'd appreciate such a fine specimen like Betty


diiejso t1_j1xp0f3 wrote

That’s an almost disrespectful summary of his thoughts on the trip. To quote a part of his reaction:

> It reinforced tenfold my own view on the power of our beautiful, mysterious collective human entanglement, and eventually, it returned a feeling of hope to my heart. In this insignificance we share, we have one gift that other species perhaps do not: we are aware—not only of our insignificance, but the grandeur around us that makes us insignificant. That allows us perhaps a chance to rededicate ourselves to our planet, to each other, to life and love all around us. If we seize that chance.

I’m not sure how you can read his thoughts on it and get “that shits fucked. Nope” out of it.


Nerje t1_j1xqput wrote

Given that it's a response to a comment about him cumming on Betty White I'm not sure where you think I was being serious


diiejso t1_j1xqvuo wrote

I was was actually quoting something she said lol