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spkingwordzofwizdom t1_j12e6t8 wrote

Then all the investors loved him,

And they shouted out with glee.

Hey Nick Ho-lo-ny-ak,

Thanks for creating L-E-Ds!

EDIT: Edited for the musicians in the crowd...


gsohyeah t1_j13zj7e wrote


The meter would work a little better as

Thanks for creating L-E-Ds


necromundus t1_j12n2i7 wrote

I have never heard Rudolph's nose referred to as 'bioluminescent'


FredSpoctopus t1_j13lm1c wrote

It's not wrong, but it kind of spoils the magic doesn't it?


CrackBingeIdea t1_j1471xs wrote

It implies bacteria are responsible though? That - doesn’t sound right? Come to think of it, I’ve never given any serious thought to what it might be. Magic I suppose.


Seraph062 t1_j14aked wrote

> It implies bacteria are responsible though?

Not at all. There are tons of non-bacteria bioluminescent organisms.
The example that leaps to mind being fireflies.


CrackBingeIdea t1_j14c6st wrote

Oh I see, I always misunderstood that term then


MentochTheMindTaker t1_j15cc4p wrote

It seems so, bio means life and luminescent means to produce light so it's simply any living organism which can produce light.


CrackBingeIdea t1_j15fk4q wrote

Yeah, now it seems obvious... I just always figured it needed some symbiotic bacteria existing within an organism. Huh. Thanks man, every day is a school day.


aelwero t1_j1607aa wrote

It's an understandable assumption IMHO. My mind goes directly to algae when bioluminescence is mentioned, simply because it's the only form I've seen firsthand, and was around it quite a bit.


Earllad t1_j12f6vn wrote

The same model of bulb, or that same bulb exactly?


Rampage_Rick t1_j12m5p2 wrote

I doubt it was the first visible-wavelength LED, as that probably didn't put out enough light, and wasn't completely packaged either.

See photo on top-right of page 965:

Those first-gen production red LEDs sold for about $260 each


Riegel_Haribo t1_j12olu6 wrote

Who invented that LED? GE. It was visible, from your article "Within months of the invention, General Electric was selling Holonyak’s red LEDs"

And was there any connection?

"...points out that the television special, bankrolled by GE for its General Electric Fantasy Hour, took about 18 months to complete and cost more than $500,000 to produce, an amount that would exceed $4.5 million today."

Rudolph could have had one of RCA's green LEDs - 1958. And RCA had blue in 1972.

Rudolph figure had "lost" its nose when it came to Antiques Roadshow in 2006, or maybe just resold in 1965?: - it then auctioned for $400000, (but that didn't keep some slimebag Christmas museum from keeping their $20000 gofundme donations to acquire it.)


Seraph062 t1_j14f3te wrote

> Rudolph could have had one of RCA's green LEDs - 1958.

You're confusing things here: RCA had a patent for an infrared LED in 1958 (developed by Braunstein Rubin and Egon Loebner, and documented in US Patent 3102201). RCA also had a Green LED in the 70's (US Patent 3819974) but that was a different technology developed by a different group of people.


undergroundgeek OP t1_j12h3j1 wrote

I would slightly lean toward same exact bulb if you read the article. But it could be just a model it was based from? Not sure, so I had to pick. I tried to find other sources to verify but couldn’t find any. Smithsonian seemed reputable source, let me know if you find any others.

Edit: comma and more words.


The_Motley_Fool---- t1_j12guxd wrote

That special was the best! Loved it as a child


Tribblehappy t1_j12j24d wrote

Loved it as a kid. As an adult I can see it's very problematic.... But I still watch it with my kids every year so they can love it, too.


homietheclown t1_j13ccai wrote

I watch it every year, and every year I’m still taken aback by how almost everyone in Christmastown is a gigantic asshole.


AudieCowboy t1_j133dlm wrote

General electric also makes the GAU-8 auto cannon and washing machines


wegqg t1_j13ashd wrote

They make Christmas 🎄


Seraph062 t1_j14a57a wrote

GE doesn't make either of those now.

GE made the original GAU-8s, but GE sold that part of the company to Martin Marietta in 1993. Martin Marietta was bought by Lockheed in 1995 to from Lockheed Martin, and then Lockheed Martin sold it General Dynamics 1997.

Similarly GE once made washing machines, but the appliances part of GE was sold to Haier in 2016.


markydsade t1_j13zbmt wrote

I call BS on the bulb being LED. I’ve read multiple books and articles about the production and never heard that a cutting edge light for the time was used. All reports I read were that it was a 12 volt incandescent bulb connected to a battery from a wire running through his leg. Also, it’s pretty clear the light ramps up and down like an incandescent bulb, unlike an LED.


drawliphant t1_j14gaw3 wrote

Yeah, LED seems absolutely wild to me when stained glass incandescent would have worked great. However PID dimming was possible at the time.


markydsade t1_j15eps7 wrote

I’ll have to rewatch but I think in some scenes you can see the filament of the bulb.


NerdyGerdy t1_j1l1omv wrote

Yeah, just saw a video about the restoration of the puppet and they said the bulb damaged the head, leds don't get that hot.


werdt456 t1_j12lqbk wrote

How is it problematic?


Chillchinchila1 t1_j12lxh6 wrote

“Deviation from the norm will be punished unless it benefits us”.


phobosmarsdeimos t1_j12pur8 wrote

I think you missed the point of the outcome of the island of misfit toys story.


Chillchinchila1 t1_j12qvyf wrote

Fun fact; originally they were left behind. Them being given to kids was added later because it made kids sad.


homietheclown t1_j13c2yj wrote

Go and watch the ending, you know that misfit bird that can’t fly? They toss him out of the sleigh without an umbrella! He just gets yeeted to his death.


Cindexxx t1_j16smv1 wrote

Well now I might have to watch it again. That'll make it fun to point out to my wife.

Thanks :D


kakatoru t1_j13ddeo wrote

Who says it is?


werdt456 t1_j13pv7j wrote

I was responding to someone who said it was. Somehow I posted instead of a reply


PorkshireTerrier t1_j15dapt wrote

Before this people just lit their Christmas trees on fire


ShiningRayde t1_j1477fc wrote

Really kinda weird seeing 'bioluminescent' up there


Kizmo2 t1_j14ip1d wrote

Thank you for posting this.


DolphinitelyJoe t1_j15rxra wrote

Dr Holonyak died earlier this year at the age of 93.


undergroundgeek OP t1_j1689w8 wrote

I saw that as well when trying to find more info. Surprised this TIL info wasn’t mentioned on his page.


AnthillOmbudsman t1_j162kea wrote

I would be curious when these first started appearing in homes. Wikipedia just focuses on the research rather than the rollout in products.

I figure stereo equipment is a good place to look, and just a quick scan suggests manufacturers weren't putting LEDs in until around 1975. Here's a deck from 1975 that was using the bulbs.


Bounty1Berry t1_j16qmcx wrote

I think early LEDs were more commonly used as point illumination.

I have a 1978-model reciever that uses red LEDs for input indicators, but bulbs for lighting the meters and dial scale.


HeavyMetalOverbite t1_j16k0ln wrote

LEDs are solid-state Diodes, not bulbs. Bulbs are fragile glass things which break when dropped. LEDs are chip's embedded in plastic.



kaenneth t1_j177vnv wrote

LEDs are often enclosed in bulbs to diffuse the light and protect the chip(s).


NerdyGerdy t1_j1l1kj7 wrote

The epoxy covering could be called a bulb could it not?


WaySuch296 t1_j18isou wrote

The term LED light bulb seems like a misnomer to me. Simply LED seems right.


bumpywigs t1_j133w5y wrote

Til Rudolph the reindeer came from a American kids TV programme


Car_weeb t1_j13hq7a wrote

The art for this show was so damn creepy


ZylonBane t1_j13x0an wrote

You know the author of that article must be a zoomer if she refers to an oldschool LED as a "bulb". Nobody ever called them that until very recently.