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Fetlocks_Glistening t1_j2d32p2 wrote

And instead of hitting a ball with a stick, they’d chop commoners heads off, otherwise pretty much the same game


gravi-tea t1_j2dfnsw wrote

Except they did hit a ball with a stick. And I don't think beheadings were a regular part of the game though they were certainly a part of the culture.

I'm not sure, but perhaps you're conflating this game with one in mesoamerica where sacrifice and beheadings were seemingly common in conjunction with the game.


Lo8000 t1_j2d4i9a wrote

I assume "other people" are slaves and the chopping off of heads part involves criminals, and I bet this happened bedween big games, to keep the masses entertained.

At least the romans followed this pattern.


TacTurtle t1_j2d94ia wrote

In Japan this was called CutCut Golf, with the more intense competitive version called Ninjature Golf.


Landlubber77 t1_j2d47yx wrote

They had a water polo version of the same game but had to stop after the sixth drowning.


StuartGotz t1_j2dz2rm wrote

They also played air guitar on the paddles