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joescott2176 t1_j279qhg wrote

You think that's something? Just wait until you learn about bell peppers.


Mypopsecrets t1_j27ebb8 wrote

Seriously between that and now beans I'm convinced there are actually only like five different types of vegetables.


Chimaerok t1_j2aokzf wrote

If it makes you feel any better, all the food you eat is just different levels of processed sunlight


Zemi99 OP t1_j27h613 wrote

Oh I went down that rabbit hole when I was growing jalepeños a couple years ago. Started crossbreeding them with every pepper I could get my hands on.


HobgoblinKhanate t1_j27snfv wrote

I don’t know much about bell peppers. I’m guessing the yellow ones are African, green europe, blue America?


EERsFan4Life t1_j298kr0 wrote

They are all the exact same plant. They change color the longer they are allowed to ripen. green > yellow > orange > red.


OSCgal t1_j2a19d0 wrote

Yes and no. Green bell peppers are underripe. But the final color depends on the variety. A red bell pepper doesn't turn yellow or orange, just directly to red. Yes, it looks odd!

Purple peppers and white peppers also exist.

Source: my parents like to grow them.


Who_GNU t1_j27bxoj wrote

Also, dogs are all the same species.


BrokenEye3 t1_j27qcas wrote

But only some go to heaven.

(Commander Marshmallow knows what she did)


ImGonnaFapToYourHair t1_j27jee7 wrote

then why do i love pinto and kidney beans but hate green beans


forksofpower t1_j27k74q wrote

It's all about form factor. Pinto and Kidney have a nice skin that holds in the starchy goodness.

Green beans melt and spew out their guts.


wthulhu t1_j2adx4m wrote

Try just lightly steamed fresh green beans


Zorkdork t1_j2ao1e5 wrote

bite one to try it and just when it feels soft and kind of squeaky between your teeth, toss them in a pan with some butter, slivered almonds and dried cranberries.


BillTowne t1_j27f0q4 wrote

I don't think you meant to list green beans. You wanted wax beens.


Hanginon t1_j27qfid wrote

My Aunt would grow green beans and let them mature on the plant, then pick them after the pods dried and shell the beans out. She would have a winter's supply of small white dried beans not unlike Great Northern beans.


Zemi99 OP t1_j27grry wrote

Nope definitely green beans like the ones you get from a can, they are the immature sprouts of the same species.


yargleisheretobargle t1_j27pwyd wrote

The first paragraph of the article reads:

>Phaseolus vulgaris, the common bean,[3] is a herbaceous annual plant grown worldwide for its edible dry seeds or green, unripe pods.

The words "green, unripe pods" contains a link to the Wikipedia article on green beans.


wistfulmaiden t1_j29qigv wrote

Also if you cook them incorrectly you can get really sick


AliensStoleMuhBrains t1_j2b00ph wrote

Reminds me of how many varieties of plant are derived from cabbage. (Broccoli, Cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprout, etc). I hate them all


brokenwound t1_j2bcy29 wrote

One bean to rule them all.


herbw t1_j2egrmo wrote

Show us the DNA testing evidence.......

Don"t have that? Then how do you know? & one in 10 sibs does not have the same daddie, either.