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extremophile69 t1_j06yebe wrote

Pls go tell my neurologues, they seem to have missed something and just won't fix my arm. Your gross oversimplification is disgusting to people like me suffering daily from nerve pain.


DishGroundbreaking87 t1_j09e20b wrote

Will not or can not? Like my legs,They can’t “fix” your arm if the source of the problem is your spine, not without paralysing or killing you that is.


extremophile69 t1_j0bfqks wrote

My spine is fine. But apparently some idiots on reddit know better than the best neurologists in my country.


DishGroundbreaking87 t1_j0bg55c wrote

Considering you believe the best neurologists in your country know nothing that’s not a hard task.


extremophile69 t1_j0bglrm wrote

No sarcasm where you come from?!


DishGroundbreaking87 t1_j0bgwtk wrote

If you run into one idiot, you ran into an idiot. If everyone you run into is an idiot, you’re the idiot.


extremophile69 t1_j0bh5jb wrote

What?! My neurologists are fine. The only idiots i ran into are you and op.


DishGroundbreaking87 t1_j0bhbch wrote

Then stop blaming them, me, op, and everyone else for your situation. Grow up.


extremophile69 t1_j0bhja5 wrote

When did I blame anyone? Your damaged brain stroking or what? I was just pointing out the gross oversimplification.


DishGroundbreaking87 t1_j0bir36 wrote

And being a dick about it.


extremophile69 t1_j0biz2y wrote

Just returning the favor, dude.


DishGroundbreaking87 t1_j0bj87y wrote

There was no favour. OP was not being a dick.


extremophile69 t1_j0bjfqc wrote

No he was just being a clueless idiot, repeating and spreading oversimplifications. You on the other hand are either real dense on purpose or a lot less clever than you think.