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tbe37 t1_j05ytnv wrote

Break it down enough & anything biological can be manipulated in a mechanical way.


FuckUGalen t1_j05zspk wrote

Then why can't we fix spinal breaks?


Exoddity t1_j0657fn wrote

can we reroute gut/brain axis stuff? cause this IBS nonsense is murder.


caraamon t1_j065d3j wrote

It's the difference between repairing a telephone line and repairing a trans-oceanic communicatoons cable.

One has one or two "wires" and the other has thousands.


zebtacular t1_j06bw0d wrote

It’s hit or miss. At least it was for me in 2005. Tore my perineal nerve and the surgery odds were something like 50% change of recovery. Never recovered but moved on with life anyways.


shoutymcloud t1_j06dsnc wrote

This title is a gross over simplification…


Valyrianson t1_j06mq6j wrote

Must have been fun to figure out x.x


Porkamiso t1_j06p2qc wrote

Hope your day is peaceful and quiet friend. Nobody realizes how good of actors we have become. I have to keep the worst to myself as my kids worry too much and I feel like they do better when they arent worried about me. Tomorrow will be better for us.


Old_timey_brain t1_j06rvhm wrote

Thanks for the kind thoughts. Right back atcha.

Mine is only diagnosed in the last four years, but the symptoms had been around essentially forever.

Prior to diagnosis I had been in a private residence to purchase a used item they had advertised, and discovered a particularly unusual hell for the mom and kids of the guy that lived there. I recognize now what I was seeing was someone behaving as if they were having a strong onset of level II attack, and were at the angry fight the tormentor stage. And god help anyone in the blast radius. I stood at the front entrance inspecting the item, and watched this giant of a man stride through the area in full fury, raging at the world, and even glaring at me and shouting, "Who even buys things like this used?!!". The retort, which remained unspoken, was, "who even lists them?".

Everybody around was cringing physically while he ranted, and before he headed out to his workshop and solitude.

I'd be willing to bet that when he is not suffering an attack, he is a good and loving father. He was certainly providing well enough.

And now I realize it truly is better for all involved for me to have remained single. There are times when I simply must shout out my demons, and this is something nobody else needs to hear. It would be too damaging for the average person.

On another note, the day is peaceful and quiet, thank you. Up early, clear headed and productive, and loving it. Christmas carols sung in stone cathedrals playing in the background. Good food, good coffee. All is well for the next hour and that is good enough.


Accelerator231 OP t1_j071ihz wrote

If you want to go for a long-scale discussion on the various effectiveness (or not) of different nerve surgeries for varying conditions, there is a place for it. Like in NCBI or r/askscience


Temporary_Bug7599 t1_j07br2x wrote

I've seen this done in hand reconstructions. They can take the sural nerve that supplies sensation to the back of the lower leg, and can graft it into the hand and even cut it into further smaller pieces if multiple nerves are damaged. There's a risk of neuroma formation (painful benign tumor from disorganised nerve regrowth) with all damage nerves, whether they get repaired or not though.


Timely-Quit-9861 t1_j1gxyc3 wrote

The ever-changing world of medicine is amazing! Nerve grafts and stem cells are magical. I want to believe that humanity will one day have a cure for everything.