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evclides OP t1_j1yw4nb wrote

Citrus is really interesting, oranges are also a hybrid between a mandarin and a pomelo, grapefruits are a hybrid of those hybrid oranges and a certain kind of pomelo that developed in the Caribbean and my favorite bitter Seville oranges are the same kind of hybrid but with a different kind of pomelo, and lemons, pomelo, mandarins, key limes and all citrus fruits that aren’t taxonomic hybrids are actually hybrids of the citron and different unknown fruits.

I bought key limes to make a pie this past summer and found that I like them better than “regular” limes, they’re very bitter but in a much more pleasant way than lemons or “regular limes” and even though they’re half the size you get double the amount of juice. Same thing with quinces which are one of the ancestors of the apple, I get pies that are less goopy and sickeningly sweet if I use quinces and honey rather than regular apples.


sfxer001 t1_j1yywsk wrote

Apples are all hybrids too and it is fascinating.


arcanum7123 t1_j1zx9dt wrote

Also, apple seeds do not produce their parent plant. To make a specific variety of apple, you have to clone a tree from a cutting


evclides OP t1_j20hvqn wrote

That’s why Johnny Appleseed was so important, the fact that he threw appleseeds all over an insane amount of land that created an amazing diversity of apple varietals. The vast majority of them were probably disgusting but 1/8 of a percent of 1m is still 12.5k.


Great-Tical t1_j21hk9o wrote

A majority of his orchards were uprooted during Prohibition. Some cideries are trying to bring back some of his hybrids.


evclides OP t1_j222jf5 wrote

I only recently learned that cider was America’s drink before the temperance movement, but because Germans tended to be less into teetotalerism than Anglos, beer survived but cider didn’t, until recently. I love cider.


UnkindPotato t1_j223nrx wrote

I used to like beer and wine until I tried cider. Havent been able to genuinely enjoy beer or wine since


dial-upconnection t1_j20c09o wrote

This applies to avocado seeds as well.


hkspowers t1_j20m23b wrote

Well damn... I did not know that applied to avacados as well. I've been growing one from seed for a few years now :( What if I buy one from a nursery would those usually be clones capeable of producing fruit?


Ok-Seaworthiness4488 t1_j20o08o wrote

I've read it can take seven years to produce fruit and not all trees will. And of those many won't taste good and need other avocado trees to pollinate.Nursery ones I think will, grafting from a producing tree is another way.


ZylonBane t1_j216toi wrote

>Apples are all hybrids too and it is fascinating

Oops, all hybrids!


TootlesFTW t1_j1zzasy wrote

> I like them better than “regular” limes, they’re very bitter but in a much more pleasant way than lemons or “regular limes”

I am surprised to read this take, since I just commented how key limes are awful as a replacement lime. I used them as a substitute in drink mixes, though, not food.


PoopIsAlwaysSunny t1_j20lu4h wrote

Yeah. Key limes would not be right for drinks, especially without adjusting recipes.

Great in pies tho. There’s a reason it’s key lime pie, not just lime pie


DonOblivious t1_j218rki wrote

>There’s a reason it’s key lime pie, not just lime pie

Guess what? Lime pies are better. "Key" limes grown outside of the Florida Keys suck, and the vast majority of them are grown outside of the Keys. You're better off buying normal limes, saving a bunch of money, and doing less work and in the end you bake a better pie.


evclides OP t1_j21r1s0 wrote

The original margarita recipe would have been made with a key lime.


SmokeInMyI t1_j224p67 wrote

Agree, I was surprised t I see their take also


suzer2017 t1_j28c5wb wrote

Is there a reason, other than the name "Key", that Key West boasts the best key lime pie? The pie you get there is much better than other versions. Just wondered.