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anotheralpaca69 t1_j24vg0j wrote

People have been taking fuzzy footage of it and putting it up on YT as Ukraine footage... and people believe it.


CygnusX-1-2112b t1_j271yza wrote

Gonna hijack top post to go on a tangent with my (maybe?) Unpopular opinion.

This war has been documented like no other in history. It places us in the unique circumstance of being able to show the average person what war is really like, and why those who have seen it say it is hell. There is a video on the combat footage sub right now where you have a POV perspective as a man in the front lines moves to contact, tries to save the life of a comrade who was hit, gets shot himself, records himself saying goodbye on his phone for his family, and bleeds out to death.

This is the face of war that people need to see so they understand why it must be avoided. There is no glory, no heroic last stands or words, just doing what you were taught to do to try and avoid ending up bleeding to death in the mud. It's unrealistic and a macabre wish to have, but I wish that news networks were able to show videos like those in full exposure, and would also actually do it.

Feelings and sensibilities be damned, people need to know the reality to make an informed decision about going to war. But that's the kicker, isn't it? That's why they'll never get to see. If they really know, they'll never agree to letting their government do it.


chevymonza t1_j274tkk wrote

Man, even in the early days of the internet, I remember a co-worker telling me how he wanted to make a website for this exact reason. He was talking about how he wanted to show the images that mainstream media never do, because people need to understand just how serious it is.

Gov't learned after Vietnam that showing the reality of war meant it would become unpopular and cause protests. That's why there's hardly any footage anymore, AND they've stopped reporting on the number of casualties.


Check_Their_History t1_j274uz1 wrote

You are going to get mind blown when you see all the things routinely upvoted on the front page if that makes you excited.


SpiritedSoul t1_j24vocj wrote

Yeah when I was in the Army we would use a heavily modded version of Arms 2 to train on. It was amazing at simulating actual artillery trajectories and impacts


shadowdash66 t1_j25iena wrote

It's probably one of the best MILSIM games tbh, DayZ came about as a mod from Arma 2.


attackplango t1_j25om6m wrote

Sounds incredibly recursive.


zKarp t1_j26b6p7 wrote

Don't get them started about the Arma 2 expansion pack that inspired the mod which inspired the base game.


Cockalorum t1_j28xh1a wrote

In order to understand recursion, first you must understand recursion


Major_Lennox t1_j26yxjn wrote

A couple of years ago, a solider in the UK was charged with disobeying orders for teamkilling in a VBS training exercise.

> “We were supposed to imagine we were travelling in armoured vehicles through a really hostile built-up area. One of the lads just lost his rag and ‘opened fire’ as it were, killing the soldier next to him.

> “He then drove down the street deliberately smashing into cars. It's safe to say the officers in our battalion did not find it as funny as we did.”


CygnusX-1-2112b t1_j2728c4 wrote

A Reddit mod just creamed his pants at the thought of being able to punish someone in real life for not playing by the rules of their game.


PlayerSalt t1_j25sc4x wrote

Are ladders as deadly in the army as in arma i always wondered

This is also likley why the army sucks at any operations that involve going underground


CygnusX-1-2112b t1_j26vyrr wrote

Boy step over here and let's have a talk for a second, okay?

Now listen you don't go and say that word in front of these guys. They're tough, all of 'em. But inside when someone starts gettin on about those things, it digs up some bad stuff, okay? Stuff they'd all really rather forget about.

Hell Half my company went on profile from ladders. They were in back at the motor pool, Christ knows how they got there. S1 still said afterward that they weren't supposed be there, but fuck, they're supposed to know that shit, aren't they? By the time First Sausage returned the basement after beating those PV2s that were on the grass, it was already too late. So many profiles, so much lost paperwork... All for nothin.

See that guy over there with the box on his head? That's /u/SpiritedSoul. He lost his Platoon Sarnt to a ladder, happened right in front of him. Now you tell me how a just and fair God would do something like that to someone like him?

Godammit you even got me going, now... Listen, just.. think about who's around when you bring things up, okay? Not tryin to make you feel like an ass or nothin, but just in the future give it a second.


SpiritedSoul t1_j279hzr wrote

I was an FO and one time had to climb a ladder two stories with my radio in full MOPP gear in the Carolina summer… yes ladders are as deadly as they are in Arma


CygnusX-1-2112b t1_j298tud wrote

F's in the chat boys, and don't forget to like and subscribe for more top -shelf MOPP gear tales.


-domi- t1_j24wsuv wrote

I dunno if anyone remembers, but they tried circulating low-res DCS footage as spirit of Ua soon after the invasion.


LastMinuteChange t1_j251ala wrote

My dad was showing me a video the other day of a plane...but it was Flight Sim.

We're almost there.


Shurgosa t1_j26eam3 wrote

I had a good laugh at the YouTube video where the guy takes the role of a flight control tower operator giving instructions to other players. You should hear some of the technical babbling that goes on it sounds so deep


fusaaa t1_j26izgq wrote

I'll always love the videos of AirforceProud95 acting as or interacting with ATC in Flight Sim, you can go from super serious to a hot air balloon going SLEW mode upside down down a runway in the same video.


Surprise_Corgi t1_j259xhs wrote

Only showing the planes helps a lot. The infantry moving in Arma is gigajank. Vehicles don't fare very well, either. Anything touching the ground in Arma does not do it well.


tl01magic t1_j29cijo wrote

lol, omg arma is very janky in alot of parts, not anywhere it matters with respect to typical game play.

ballistics is tops, collision physics...even after much improvement are pretty bad.


Bl_lRR1T0 t1_j24u3u2 wrote

It really doesn't take that long to look at it and realize it's not real. Journos are just lazy.


Sol33t303 t1_j28kca0 wrote

Yeah, while it's gameplay is incredibly deep, graphically it's not the best and it's easy to tell after a second.


shadowdash66 t1_j25i8zq wrote

Same with Red Dead Redemption when News need "forest" footage lol.


Mitthrawnuruo t1_j274qty wrote

It has more to do with the lack of education of reports then the realism of the game.

Not that it is a bad game. But let’s me honest about the cause of the Mistake. Idiots calling wheeled vehicles tanks, for example.


Starkrall t1_j268yaj wrote

Escape from Tarkov has an updatde upcoming that adds an arena and body cams. There is a lot of real footage from Ukraine that looks very much like Tarkov, I'm guessing we will see a ton of that floating around as actual footage as well.


This_Bug_6771 t1_j27qkzt wrote

its only because the clips are so short, if they went on another few seconds you'd see a tank clip thru a fence and be sent flying across the map at the speed of light


tl01magic t1_j29cq7t wrote

arma collision physics....somehow in same game as their top notch ballistic physics.


Bunch_of_Shit t1_j2743ec wrote

The new Arma Reforger looks even more realistic.


Lanceo90 t1_j292lvw wrote

Also always fun when Kerbal Space Program screenshots get used for actual space news reports.


tl01magic t1_j29b3d5 wrote

Yay! one of my fav games & developers.

Dayz; a popular mod for Arma.

Bohemia Interactive hired them to develop it into "retail" game.

MANY mods for game, tons of servers with a large variety of game types / modes.


One of the for sale DLC's had used Red Cross logo without permission. Of course it was removed, and in addition they donated all proceed from the DLC to ICRC (International Committee of Red Cross / Crescent.


"born" From Arma mods was the "king of the Hill" game mode.


stellar game that I highly recommend


That said, while the game is fairly realistic graphically am surprised anyone would mistake it for actual footage.

however the is VERY realistic. crack crack

First heard an A-10 warthog in Arma, thought it sounded unrealistic / stoopid...perhaps bugged.

Heard video of actual A10 firing it's cannon and game sound is spot on! Brrrrrrr Brrrrrrr


Going back to Arma 2, us military used a version for training....probably with regards to maps, traversing land and where / how to look for enemy's and how to keep formation / spread out.


Voidbearer2kn17 t1_j29kqqj wrote

Given the ... low quality expectations I have of mainstream media, this fact does not surprise me. At all.


phdoofus t1_j27dsa7 wrote

Yes I'm always fooled when I see smoke from something make nice little round poofs in the sky. Very convincing.


PosXIII t1_j295c7u wrote

All I can picture is the likes of Soviet Womble and Cyanide having their comms tied to game footage, and being mistaken as real XD


Alternative-Flan2869 t1_j280189 wrote

Fox news is self-identified as “entertainment” not legitimate news reporting, which likely accounts for this behavior, unbecoming a legitimate news organization.


monkeypox_69 t1_j25ardu wrote

No, it's used as propaganda on unsuspecting people. Then going "oops, our mistake" when caught.