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PM_Me_ThicccThings t1_j2duumx wrote

In Finland they're called "pussy phones"


hivizdiver t1_j2eon7u wrote

Came here to post that I've seen them all over Finland (and other parts of Europe, tbh), didn't know that's what they were called there, however. 😂


ReluctantChimera t1_j2dyh51 wrote

I have one of those! I got it off Amazon. Total game changer.


fazalmajid t1_j2dsnta wrote

It’s also called a “Muslim toilet” and common in the Middle East. Nowhere near as sophisticated as a Japanese washlet, though.


ElectronGuru t1_j2dxexw wrote

Washlets are the bomb and the favored style here: r/bidets


herbw t1_j2e83bn wrote

At least someone here knows of the Bidet.


KryptCeeper t1_j2dzzq9 wrote

XD "ass-blaster"

That is a name I haven't heard in a long time.

Now I want to watch Tremors


herbw t1_j2e7lhr wrote

Civilized nations have bidet's. And the first time a kid sees one and asks what it's for has resulted in some of the finest & funniest family humor ever seen.


TheRomanRuler t1_j2ehr9i wrote

If hand spray counts as a bidet, then i agree. Entirely separate bowl on other hand is just huge waste of space.


jcd1974 t1_j2eo1xr wrote

I was told they were French ladies to clean their privates, because they only bathed once a week.


GinTrial t1_j2ea5by wrote

We had one to clean off the..solids off kiddo's cloth diapers before washing in the machine. Loved it.


UserNamesCantBeTooLo t1_j2fuqdx wrote

How do you keep the doodoo from just blasting off everywhere? Do you just use low pressure?


GinTrial t1_j2fvxja wrote

Put diaper in the bowl and aim down. We had a "honey bucket" of sorts to bring diapers from toilet to washer

Maybe once there was enough to "spray out" and we just cleaned it up - not like a baby doesn't mean poop on the floor at any given time lol


kundehotze t1_j2e1j14 wrote

Ubiquitous in Finland and occasionally in other European countries. Was one in my modern Lisbon hotel room last week.


Evnl2020 t1_j2e5ifj wrote

Yeah these are good. Also common in Turkey but usually integrated in the toilet.


scuzzbat1 t1_j2ezzhu wrote

Used one for the first time in 2015 and I must report that they are much better than scraping shit off your ass with pieces of paper.


dromni t1_j2fpquy wrote

I guess it’s common in all countries that use bidets. It’s cheaper and it requires no extra space in the bathroom. Here in Brazil almost any toilet built / retrofitted in the last 20 years will have them. Usually it’s called simply “duchinha” (“little douche”, and the nh is pronounced like the ñ from Spanish, ch pronounced like sh from English).


Awellplanned t1_j2eqwam wrote

If you haven’t used one and find yourself in Thailand remember to hit it the O at an angle and not direct. The water pressure is usually not too regulated.


areglis t1_j2f50jm wrote

“Don’t even get me started on how coddled the modern anus is”


OorPancake t1_j2epgmw wrote

You use a Shattaf to blast the shitaff.

[or, if your my mum, for washing your hair in the sink.]


CaravelClerihew t1_j2f53cl wrote

Pretty common throughout South East Asia, not just Thailand


asianinindia t1_j2dwtmc wrote

They're there in most urban Indian toilets as well.


Apprehensive_Ad3731 t1_j2f164c wrote

Lived with a Filipino who installed one in the bathroom he was using. Seemed like he installed it wrong though because the blaster pressure was stupid high and the toilet pressure dropped.

Was just odd for me to see and he explained how it’s such a basic thing over there. They used a scoop before that and would scoop water out of the reservoir.


PlannerSean t1_j2fbyko wrote

I hate shitting places that don’t have a bidet (or a version of one). Should be a mandatory part of all toilets.


Skirem t1_j2fg3jz wrote

What are you doing after getting really clean and wet? How to dry yourself?


Long-Confusion-5219 t1_j2fuy78 wrote

Wife is Vietnamese so I had to get one. Game changer , itchy hole ? What itchy hole ?? Shower fresh every time


OctopusGoesSquish t1_j2e9gfy wrote

My work has them, but the water is far too cold to be pleasant.


Emmy-O t1_j2f4m7g wrote

Really makes sure you clench that butthole and pinch off anything that's up there


kupimukki t1_j2f1e2v wrote

Of course the wikipedia pic is from Finland though :'D I've never tried the separate sink type bidets actually, they seem kinda gross? but life without a pussy phone would be agony!


MarcusXL t1_j2f8yzi wrote

Politics is one big ass-blast.


BillTowne t1_j2fpqlo wrote

They are common on india as well.


AlgaeSpirited t1_j2fwug4 wrote

I received one of those for a Christmas present! I still need to get it installed.


LimpPeanut5633 t1_j2fh7xn wrote

I mean when your that full of shit(murica politicals) I'm sure the ass Blaster is a must!


BongCloudOpen t1_j2e0bm1 wrote

Ever see the thing about the amount of overspray from normal urination? So bad that your toothbrush that is feet away on the bathroom sink, still gets measurable microscopic particles? But hey don't mind my thoughts on this while you ass blast your poop


feral_philosopher t1_j2eaj6y wrote

I don't understand how freezing cold water, without soap, and using your HAND to clean your dirty anus is a thing.

Edit: I hope you washed your hand (with soap) before you touched your phone to down vote me


ILearnedSoMuchToday t1_j2dxune wrote

I would rather use toilet paper than that. Can you imagine the particles on that thing? Everywhere else on the toilet is cleaner than the thing you have to hold.


ReluctantChimera t1_j2dy7o3 wrote

Do you not wash your hands?


ILearnedSoMuchToday t1_j2dzvb0 wrote

Wtf of course I do. But you are still possibly spraying other people's fecal matter all over your ass. You are also grabbing something that has other people's fecal matter on it and if you have a cut you could easily get an std.


jimicus t1_j2ea6tu wrote

How far up your arse are you sticking it?


Beau_Buffett t1_j2elbgg wrote

Tell me you've never used one without saying you've never used one.


ILearnedSoMuchToday t1_j2emdms wrote

Tell me you failed in science without saying you failed at science.


Beau_Buffett t1_j2eofq5 wrote

Says the guy claiming you spray feces all over your bum if you use one.

You've decided all of this in your scientific head.

You should hear what people with countries that use them think about using paper to remove poo from your ass.

If you had poop on your wrist, would you grab a kleenex and wipe it off or go run it under a faucet, professor?

Butt you're right. You probably shouldn't use one if your plan is to place it under your poo-smeared inner buttocks shooting directly upward. You might need to put your knuckles in the toilet water to even attempt that.

Someone here failed geometry and physics. It wasn't me.