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Kale_and_Oatmilk t1_iz4snwf wrote

Jon Townsend does a great demonstration of this:


ASK_IF_IM_PENGUIN t1_iz4v4mj wrote

Shame he doesn't show what it looks like at the end when you reheat it, but it does look like something I would want to try. Once.


natephant t1_iz5b34p wrote

I just went a peeked at a few videos because I know for a fact he uses that portable soup in a few videos but the 2 I found also didn’t show a good look at the actual soup after lol. Oh well.


Sippio t1_iz5eief wrote

I made some of this a few years ago, following the Townsend recipe. It turned out great! I normally added a few pieces to stews while camping, but I also made a straight cup of broth with it. It tasted exactly like a regular broth, minus the aromatics of onions, carrots, and celery.

One tip for letting it dry is to keep it in a relatively cool place so it can stay solid. I once tried to make some in the summer, and it was just too warm to solidify. After a few days of being liquid, mould bloomed on it and I had to throw out the whole batch.


ralthiel t1_iz5g0z4 wrote

That's how I know I watch too much Townsends. I read portable soup and instantly think of the channel.


Admiral_Fancypants t1_iz4s9as wrote

Pocket Soup sounds like a euphemism, but not sure for what.


20_BuysManyPeanuts t1_iz535ka wrote

Probably the prize you get for winning a game of Pocket Billiards.


LtSoundwave t1_iz5egrg wrote

Nah, sounds more like accidental diarrhea.

“Oh, sorry to run folks. I just had some no-fat Lays, and I think I’ve got some pocket soup cookin.”


Techn028 t1_iz6b5hc wrote

Pocket Soup (n) The act of soiling one's pocket whilst attempting to conceal an errection.

"I was talking to Jessica earlier and tried to hide my boner, but I ended up with a handful of Pocket Soup!"


I_might_be_weasel t1_iz5c2pw wrote

Is that soup in your pocket or are you just excited to see me?


tewnewt t1_iz65gdi wrote

Don't threaten me with a good time.


IPeeFreely01 OP t1_iz4ry3o wrote

>The jelly was variously described by Plat as a meat broth boiled down to a thick and dry paste which he called "gelly”: "Victual for Warr", "Dry gelly carried to the sea", and “A food for soldiers on the march.”


orbital_one t1_iz52v86 wrote

I don't quite understand that title.


Kvothe514 t1_iz5lbw9 wrote

Can't help but think pocket soup isn't as good a weapon as pocket sand


Chickens1 t1_iz5wzph wrote

Dr. Matrurin regularly requests a restocking of this for his medical supplies in the Aubrey-Maturin series of novels (Far Side of the World) by Patrick O'Brien.


ClownfishSoup t1_iz6yl7l wrote

Ah! That's what it is! I remember it mentioned many times in the "Aubury and Maturin" books (ie; Master and Commander) and always thought it was hilarious, unlike "stationary soup".


AJ_Deadshow t1_iz62vlg wrote

Britons have no fine cuis-


artinthebeats t1_iz6gcjv wrote

This sounds ... great.

It sounds like a soup stick, or a soup jerky but not stiff.


BobRoberts01 t1_iz6oby9 wrote

I don’t understand what you said, but I am fairly certain it did not sound appetizing.


whiffitgood t1_izc2ddp wrote

this was the precursor to bone icing and tendon buttercream which are both closely related to marrow frosting which gave rise to ligament fondant and platelet consume.


dbx999 t1_iz54wql wrote

It becomes a piece of dried out gummy bear without sugar. It doesn’t seem to have much in calories or nutrients besides the gelatin/collagen content. Maybe it’s got decent nutritive minerals


OH_FUDGICLES t1_iz7dz7k wrote

It was used for flavor, not nutrition. Pocket soup would be added to whatever stew you were making, similar to how we use bouillon.