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Jeramus t1_j1rsg6d wrote


Accomplished_Dot4409 t1_j1rsrxp wrote

Its not very important how it tastes... But to be honest I'm not sure, I tried the pruno once and now I just help make it since other people don't understand the basic science of what's going on. I usually tell people to add soda after I pour them a cup if they have issues with the taste or strength.


Jeramus t1_j1s2pgj wrote

I understand that if it is the only alcohol you can get that taste wouldn't matter. I was just curious.


Accomplished_Dot4409 t1_j1s3lhf wrote

Like spoiled wine? Or rotten fruit? Kinda like barf? Very acidic. Very bitter. The goal is to make all the sugar into alcohol so it usually isn't sweet unless you backsweeten it.