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refreshing_username t1_j0plnu9 wrote

Rolling my eyes that the newspaper censored itself in the course of quoting Carlin.


Affectiobh t1_j0qs1nc wrote

The only man that spoke truth and spoke the future of society.


FritzlTime t1_j0pl7rw wrote

I really wish the bastard was still alive. He would have so much to say about the last decade.


xilix2 t1_j0t9r12 wrote

Yup - "It's a BIG club, and you ain't in it."


DrSatan420247 t1_j0psxuy wrote

Did you see the HBO documentary? Its very good, but the end of the second half they cut and edited his comments into a leftist political message. The made it seem as if he was an advocate for censorship and total government control.


GayBird69 t1_j0q4fzr wrote

Carlin was a pretty big lefty


notlazarus1010 t1_j0qtxjd wrote

a lefty by standards from decades ago. today he’d be centrist-righty.


Shebatski t1_j0qug3p wrote

Yeah sure, he called for the elimination of all golf courses to be transformed into housing for the homeless. Totally a righty position lmao

Edit: also Carlin, in reference to Bush Jr "I have an addendum to that. The real looting in this country takes place in the transfer of the wealth from the poor to the rich... The rich have been made richer under this criminal, fascist president and his government."

Thanks for the laugh at least!


GayBird69 t1_j0qxr78 wrote

bullshit. See the comment below or any interview with his daughter and they bring this up, he constantly advocated for wealth distribution, highly critical of religion, pro gun control, pro gay rights. Good try though.


dr-dog69 t1_j0qysu0 wrote

George Carlin was basically a marxist but would have wanted to be referred to as a Carlinist


notlazarus1010 t1_j0rcewp wrote

Carlin would have given money to get Antifa out of jail after rioting?


dr-dog69 t1_j0rczbc wrote

What does that even have to do with what I just commented on?


alphager t1_j0u2g9d wrote

Your view of what the left is is comically limited. You should reevaluate your news sources.


Grubsteak_Mcgilicuty t1_j0s0364 wrote

Are you fucked in the head?


rabbidbunnyz22 t1_j0sl03n wrote

Yes, he's a Jordan Peterson and Stephen Crowder fan. He has his mouth strapped directly to the business end of the shitpipe of fascist indoctrination.


notlazarus1010 t1_j0s2fgj wrote

Apparently I know Carlin less than you all. I remember so many lefties being cancelled for not being lefty enough.


Grubsteak_Mcgilicuty t1_j0s2ucp wrote

America is crazy imo, simply having like rational thought, and being anti establishment, and like wanting corporations and the systems that are in place to not purposely opress people. Its a big club and you aint in it


notlazarus1010 t1_j0s7e2r wrote

No one has ever given me a greater compliment than to not be part of the mainstream club.


rabbidbunnyz22 t1_j0vebp2 wrote

That's a Carlin quote, you fucking rube. It's about the ruling class, not the "mainstream club". Maybe watch some of his material?


dacuzzin t1_j0shc94 wrote

Dude. You should know that you can’t have a different opinion. It is illegal and immoral to go your own way and do your own thing. At least on Reddit.


rabbidbunnyz22 t1_j0skwmg wrote

>Peterson and Crowder fan

Holy shit get your brain out of that poison bath lmao


notlazarus1010 t1_j0smf9d wrote

mmmm nomnomnom

kool-aid yummy


rabbidbunnyz22 t1_j0sn92n wrote

I know it feels good to be mad at the "cancer of society" little buddy but you're being a fucking Nazi


notlazarus1010 t1_j0snqum wrote

i believe in freedom and justice for all.

Tell me again what evidence I’ve given to show any support for a fascist national socialist government?


rackmountrambo t1_j0t6v6i wrote

The fact that you're going out of your way to call them a national socialist party.


notlazarus1010 t1_j0t7ktf wrote

Your logic, reasoning, and deduction powers are truly amazing. /s


Beliadin t1_j0pkqdh wrote

Easy to get arrested for 7 words, happened to lots of people..."Hand over the money or I shoot" or "she said she was 18, i swear"

Rip George, a true legend


ANOKNUSA t1_j0pvgu3 wrote

“You’ll never take me alive, you pigs!”

…but they did.


Goalie_deacon t1_j0t1y12 wrote

Sure, but NWA was arrest over three words. Group of rappers arrested over three words, while it took seven words to get a white comedian arrested. Exchange rate varies.


400asa t1_j0t4qww wrote

The words being "fuck the police".

I'm French so it feels somewhat okay to get at least arrested for that, cause it's illegal to insult a government employee. Insulting people at all can cause prejudice legally.Telling someone to kts on social media can get you up to 3yrs in jail, 5 if it's a kid.

But in the USA freedom of speech is a bit more "free" isn't it ? On the paper ?

So how do they work around that, civil court ?

(light googling)

Nvm, the cops arrested NWA with some bullshit maneuver, not because of the lyrics LMAO.


FlyWithChrist t1_j0t5jzq wrote

How can insulting someone being illegal feel somewhat ok lmao especially a government employee, it’s the DUTY of a citizen to insult the government


Beliadin t1_j0tk2sn wrote

Smacks of Lèse-majesté... I thought you guys got rid of that in 1789

Any kind of incitement to violence, hate speech or similar should if course be illegal towards authorities as it should be against all others, but just insulting people seems ridiculous


Goalie_deacon t1_j0tw6cg wrote

It worked out for NWA, as they still made a ton of money. Also, the law they were arrested under is no longer on the books. It happened in Michigan, and the law was repealed about 20 years ago.


laughingRiles t1_j0tzw57 wrote

You can say anything you want, but you are not free from repercussion for the context of your speech. Honestly with fuck the police the charge usually has to do with inflammatory speech, inciting a riot, or the ever popular shouldn't be able to exist as a single charge resisting arrest


HPmoni t1_j0vcme3 wrote

Pretty sure they were vandalizing cars.


Icyrow t1_j0wltcr wrote

"bomb in (important place)"

also interestingly, the whole "free speech" thing is never absolute. there's tons of stuff you can say in america that'll get you into seriously deep shit. countries just have different tolerances for it acceptable free speech.


[deleted] t1_j0pl47a wrote



Garper t1_j0qbvuj wrote

The words so foul even reddit didn't want them spoken.


DaClems t1_j0rvhbv wrote

Told you, that sentence is cursed


YourWiseOldFriend t1_j0pzv7f wrote

As an artist there is no greater win than to be arrested just for speaking out.

George Carlin was a giant of a man.


JimC29 t1_j0qr3cd wrote

Or it can send you to an early grave as it did to Lenny Bruce


mcampo84 t1_j0rqx9y wrote

Pretty sure that was the drug use


JimC29 t1_j0rtofo wrote

The arrest is what sent him down that spiral though


Likesdirt t1_j0rn85h wrote

When a record of the bit was broadcast on the radio, complaints were made, the FCC involved, and eventually those naughty words became the standard in the US. Arrested and made enough of a statement to be a little part of history.


YourWiseOldFriend t1_j0vame2 wrote

To be fair, back in the 70s the 'Streisand Effect' was still an unknown phenomenon.


throwawayforj0b t1_j0rimd5 wrote

I'm glad I got to see him live while I was in college. I literally joined a student org and ushered the show to get tickets.


Kronos_001 t1_j0tjrkw wrote

I so wish people in my country understood even an ounce of that statement.


HPmoni t1_j0vcgi6 wrote

He was quite short, actually.


Puzzleheaded-Law-429 t1_j0rwiv9 wrote

“Everyone is so easily offended by everything these days!”

Television in the ‘70s was laughably prude by today’s standards. The bathroom shown on The Brady Bunch didn’t have a toilet because it was seen as offensive to show one on TV.


Goalie_deacon t1_j0t1l46 wrote

Also in the 70s, All in the Family used toilet flush sound affect as a running joke. First show to break ground on toilet humor.


squirrelhillfrog t1_j0pkesw wrote

Rat Shit, Bat Shit, Dirty old twat, 69 assholes tied in a knot, Hurray, Lizard shit, Fuck


Knoblord_McCheese t1_j0prl07 wrote

Please don't let me get hit by a flying turd.


gregpurcott t1_j0sky2r wrote

Help me also to find a nymphomanic coke connection who owns a Ferrari dealership.


Dawildpep t1_j0u05ha wrote

My Fraternity used to sing that when drinking.. I thought they made that up!


hahamu t1_j0q91tg wrote

This is the great old America they want back.
Back when you were free and words could send you to prison.


[deleted] t1_j0r7wug wrote



hahamu t1_j0rj3c5 wrote

Even if that was true (it's not), my point is that there never was a "better America" It was always the same, in some cases worse even. MAGA doesn't make sense, it's a chase for something that does not exist.


Chillchinchila1 t1_j0s3pc6 wrote

I fucking wish but no, Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro made that whole thing up.


Electronic_Growth554 t1_j0t5tpx wrote

You definitely can't in the States, and you can't even in Canada contrary to popular belief.


Sea-Blueberry-3184 t1_j0qjv0y wrote

He won a SCOTUS case. Carlin V AMERICA. We all know who won that one.


PM_Me_OCs t1_j0sqph7 wrote

Every time I see SCOTUS, I briefly forget what it stands for.


KiIgore-Trout t1_j0t7qao wrote

It’s the dangly bit that holds your testicles


EntertainersPact t1_j0u1rfr wrote

No, that’s a scrotum. The SCOTUS are the people from the country north of England


PM_Me_OCs t1_j0t89j2 wrote

Even less funny than the last "joke" answer.


KiIgore-Trout t1_j0taqg0 wrote

I thought you were making a joke, man. Turns out you just can’t remember basic ass things 😄


PM_Me_OCs t1_j0tb5dh wrote

You're just embarrassed your lame ass joke didn't land. Go back to middle school, where your actual target audience is.


[deleted] t1_j0sz47z wrote



PM_Me_OCs t1_j0szlfz wrote

This wouldn't even have been funny if you hadn't forgotten the "T".


hrudnick t1_j0q7byu wrote

He was wonderful. I wish he could have gone on forever.


Caligullama t1_j0r31t9 wrote

“Don’t tell me what I can’t do!” - John Locke


WanderlustFella t1_j0skket wrote

The real comedy

>Tom Schneider, then a young assistant district attorney, had been at Carlin's show. In the office the next day, Schneider says in the documentary, Carlin was brought in, accused of disturbing the peace.

Schneider's boss, who knew he'd been at the show, asked him if Carlin had disturbed the peace; Schneider told him Carlin received a standing ovation.

The charges were dismissed in December 1972


leadchipmunk t1_j0pkmv6 wrote

What seven words?


rbsudden t1_j0pl1fn wrote

Shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker, and tits.


BigLouLFD t1_j0plvau wrote

And tits shouldn't even be one of them. Sounds like a snack food. "Cheese tits"! "Corn tits"! "Potato tits"! Betcha can't eat just one!


Gonzostewie t1_j0pn30a wrote

It's like a nickname. Tits, meet Toots. Toots, tits.


rbsudden t1_j0pm2ws wrote

This was the early 70's and you couldn't say them on TV. Not sure why they arrested him, he wasn't performing on the TV.


InterPunct t1_j0pmrzl wrote

The early 70's was a very strange period in our culture. Source: was sentient at the time.


TIGHazard t1_j0r4eg0 wrote

The article says a Milwaukee cop took personal offense and arrested him as a breach of the peace.

At the station, the officer was asked if he had disturbed the peace, to which they replied he had actually received a standing ovation. He was then let go.


Knoblord_McCheese t1_j0prtkb wrote

I feel like the marketing department of whatever entity runs agriculture desperately needs you in charge.


angrygorrilla t1_j0v3s3t wrote

Eurasian tits, great tits, crested tits. My favourite kinds


Such_Personality3690 t1_j0u3y4v wrote

To me it is a snack food. Andof course you can't eat just one. Thats why theres 2 in a package. I prefer to share with a buddy though


43x4 t1_j0vnvn0 wrote

There is a candy "Kuumat kummut" in Finland. It's literally "hot mounds" that means sexy big breasts.

There is also a candy "Kulkuset" literally "jingle bells" that means balls/ballsack.

They both are small, hard candies with salty liquorice powder inside. And of course there are two in a package.


WalkinTarget t1_j0q7vug wrote

I've heard all of these words in a casual stroll thru Walmart in a 30m timeframe.

Maybe next time they will listen to me when I start shouting !!!


captjust t1_j0plg4t wrote

Indubitably, neoteny, floccinaucinihilipilification, taxonomy, plethora, etymology, and moist.


casewood123 t1_j0sr3jx wrote

A true first amendment warrior. Not the dipshit Elon Musk.


ronflair t1_j0qngbu wrote

Depending on the words and context, everyone here can still be arrested for 7 words.


Only_Philosopher7351 t1_j0rnwys wrote

I tried to share this on FB and was suspended. [kidding] [not really]


TBTabby t1_j0s3dj0 wrote

Nowadays we get bigoted jerks screaming to their audiences of thousands that they're being censored because they got kicked off a social media network for telling trans women to kill themselves.


southernsass8 t1_j0pu4wl wrote

The only man that spoke truth and spoke the future of society. He was a genius. He would've eventually been killed off in a horrific car cash if still alive today.


Markooo95 t1_j0q8mom wrote

So what? Try to shout "Heil H*tler" in the middle of Israel, and you'll be (rightfully) arrested for 2 words only


MonstrousVoices t1_j0qccgk wrote

Random curses vs praising a genocidal maniac. Gee I wonder what the difference is.


Markooo95 t1_j0qfh7a wrote

Never said that they are the same, just meant that even two words might be enough in certain situatioms


dr-dog69 t1_j0qzgaz wrote

Do it in Germany. The german people will take care of you themselves


PM_Me_OCs t1_j0sr1vu wrote

Fuck it. Make your over to a particularly bad hood and yell the n-word. Hard "r". Dead on the spot for one.

Or you become their king.