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rbsudden t1_j0pl1fn wrote

Shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker, and tits.


BigLouLFD t1_j0plvau wrote

And tits shouldn't even be one of them. Sounds like a snack food. "Cheese tits"! "Corn tits"! "Potato tits"! Betcha can't eat just one!


Gonzostewie t1_j0pn30a wrote

It's like a nickname. Tits, meet Toots. Toots, tits.


rbsudden t1_j0pm2ws wrote

This was the early 70's and you couldn't say them on TV. Not sure why they arrested him, he wasn't performing on the TV.


InterPunct t1_j0pmrzl wrote

The early 70's was a very strange period in our culture. Source: was sentient at the time.


TIGHazard t1_j0r4eg0 wrote

The article says a Milwaukee cop took personal offense and arrested him as a breach of the peace.

At the station, the officer was asked if he had disturbed the peace, to which they replied he had actually received a standing ovation. He was then let go.


Knoblord_McCheese t1_j0prtkb wrote

I feel like the marketing department of whatever entity runs agriculture desperately needs you in charge.


angrygorrilla t1_j0v3s3t wrote

Eurasian tits, great tits, crested tits. My favourite kinds


Such_Personality3690 t1_j0u3y4v wrote

To me it is a snack food. Andof course you can't eat just one. Thats why theres 2 in a package. I prefer to share with a buddy though


43x4 t1_j0vnvn0 wrote

There is a candy "Kuumat kummut" in Finland. It's literally "hot mounds" that means sexy big breasts.

There is also a candy "Kulkuset" literally "jingle bells" that means balls/ballsack.

They both are small, hard candies with salty liquorice powder inside. And of course there are two in a package.


WalkinTarget t1_j0q7vug wrote

I've heard all of these words in a casual stroll thru Walmart in a 30m timeframe.

Maybe next time they will listen to me when I start shouting !!!