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Markooo95 t1_j0q8mom wrote

So what? Try to shout "Heil H*tler" in the middle of Israel, and you'll be (rightfully) arrested for 2 words only


MonstrousVoices t1_j0qccgk wrote

Random curses vs praising a genocidal maniac. Gee I wonder what the difference is.


Markooo95 t1_j0qfh7a wrote

Never said that they are the same, just meant that even two words might be enough in certain situatioms


dr-dog69 t1_j0qzgaz wrote

Do it in Germany. The german people will take care of you themselves


PM_Me_OCs t1_j0sr1vu wrote

Fuck it. Make your over to a particularly bad hood and yell the n-word. Hard "r". Dead on the spot for one.

Or you become their king.