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rabbidbunnyz22 t1_j0skwmg wrote

>Peterson and Crowder fan

Holy shit get your brain out of that poison bath lmao


notlazarus1010 t1_j0smf9d wrote

mmmm nomnomnom

kool-aid yummy


rabbidbunnyz22 t1_j0sn92n wrote

I know it feels good to be mad at the "cancer of society" little buddy but you're being a fucking Nazi


notlazarus1010 t1_j0snqum wrote

i believe in freedom and justice for all.

Tell me again what evidence I’ve given to show any support for a fascist national socialist government?


rackmountrambo t1_j0t6v6i wrote

The fact that you're going out of your way to call them a national socialist party.


notlazarus1010 t1_j0t7ktf wrote

Your logic, reasoning, and deduction powers are truly amazing. /s