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PM_Me_OCs t1_j0sqph7 wrote

Every time I see SCOTUS, I briefly forget what it stands for.


KiIgore-Trout t1_j0t7qao wrote

It’s the dangly bit that holds your testicles


EntertainersPact t1_j0u1rfr wrote

No, that’s a scrotum. The SCOTUS are the people from the country north of England


PM_Me_OCs t1_j0t89j2 wrote

Even less funny than the last "joke" answer.


KiIgore-Trout t1_j0taqg0 wrote

I thought you were making a joke, man. Turns out you just can’t remember basic ass things 😄


PM_Me_OCs t1_j0tb5dh wrote

You're just embarrassed your lame ass joke didn't land. Go back to middle school, where your actual target audience is.


[deleted] t1_j0sz47z wrote



PM_Me_OCs t1_j0szlfz wrote

This wouldn't even have been funny if you hadn't forgotten the "T".