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Goalie_deacon t1_j0t1y12 wrote

Sure, but NWA was arrest over three words. Group of rappers arrested over three words, while it took seven words to get a white comedian arrested. Exchange rate varies.


400asa t1_j0t4qww wrote

The words being "fuck the police".

I'm French so it feels somewhat okay to get at least arrested for that, cause it's illegal to insult a government employee. Insulting people at all can cause prejudice legally.Telling someone to kts on social media can get you up to 3yrs in jail, 5 if it's a kid.

But in the USA freedom of speech is a bit more "free" isn't it ? On the paper ?

So how do they work around that, civil court ?

(light googling)

Nvm, the cops arrested NWA with some bullshit maneuver, not because of the lyrics LMAO.


FlyWithChrist t1_j0t5jzq wrote

How can insulting someone being illegal feel somewhat ok lmao especially a government employee, it’s the DUTY of a citizen to insult the government


Beliadin t1_j0tk2sn wrote

Smacks of Lèse-majesté... I thought you guys got rid of that in 1789

Any kind of incitement to violence, hate speech or similar should if course be illegal towards authorities as it should be against all others, but just insulting people seems ridiculous


Goalie_deacon t1_j0tw6cg wrote

It worked out for NWA, as they still made a ton of money. Also, the law they were arrested under is no longer on the books. It happened in Michigan, and the law was repealed about 20 years ago.


laughingRiles t1_j0tzw57 wrote

You can say anything you want, but you are not free from repercussion for the context of your speech. Honestly with fuck the police the charge usually has to do with inflammatory speech, inciting a riot, or the ever popular shouldn't be able to exist as a single charge resisting arrest


HPmoni t1_j0vcme3 wrote

Pretty sure they were vandalizing cars.