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bolanrox t1_j1k14sz wrote

The chipmunk Christmas song is just tape speed minipulation as well


WyleCoyote73 t1_j1kyu1x wrote

The first time I ever popped for a ring tone it was dog's barking the Italian National Anthem. I loved that damn ring tone so much it followed me onto two more phones before I lost it in a switch over.


GetsGold t1_j1jyxgz wrote

Still better than today's "music".


molluskus t1_j1kbfqo wrote

There's plenty of great music and plenty of bad music no matter what time period you're looking at. Being a curmudgeon is boring.


GlandyThunderbundle t1_j1k7cel wrote

In 1969, the year Led Zeppelin I came out, the top charting song was “Sugar Sugar” by the Archies. There has always been horrible drivel.


DavoTB t1_j1ktkxz wrote

Several earlier examples of a “tape-manipulated“ hit record were those recordings by guitarist Les Paul, who used overdubs, speed manipulation and effects to create many hit songs, starting in the late 1940’s. His recordings with his (then) wife Mary Ford were among the most popular, with some 17 titles reaching top ten status and a few reaching #1. The majority of their hits were recorded and released before 1955.


Irishpanda1971 t1_j1kdmkr wrote

I remember hearing it for the first time as a kid, thought it was the greatest thing ever at the time (mid-70s or so)


purplhouse t1_j1l3k7q wrote

One of the first jobs I had was working the holiday season at a Toys R Us where this song featured on the lineup of a 60-minute perpetually looping tape (other memorable musical interludes on that tape included All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth, Alvin and the Chipmunks singing Christmas Don't Be Late, and Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer).

To this day, Christmas music--ANY Christmas music--makes me want to grab a chainsaw and rampage.


bolanrox t1_j1k11ga wrote

And I knew it from Dr demento, But anyways thought it was early midi. This is way more impressive


A_Melee_Ensued t1_j1ku6gk wrote

My Dad had a portable reel-to-reel we used to play with. Back in the day all the music that was released on vinyl was also released on r2r. This was before 8-tracks and long before cassettes. Splicing was routine, splicing made it possible to edit, you could make radio interviews flow by cutting out the dead space and the mis-speakings, you could edit your garage band recordings, for the first time you could record church services for distribution, etc. You could make concert bootlegs which was revolutionary. R2r was immensely important into the 70s.

Here is an r2r bootleg of the last time Duane Allman played the recently composed "Blue Sky" live before he died, no studio version with Duane was ever made but we have this.


DavoTB t1_j1lzu8z wrote

Wish we had all my dad’s old reel to reel tapes from that era.


originalchaosinabox t1_j1l48rr wrote

When I was a kid, my local radio station would play this to intro their lost pet announcements during the holiday season.


beefstewforyou t1_j1kwgde wrote

This is a song I play on very long car rides when I start to go insane.

I also didn’t realize it was that old.


EstroJen t1_j1lbk1m wrote

Replace Last Christmas with this song.