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hemuni t1_j1ce6lp wrote

Lots of people got killed in the days after. Just cause a war is declared as “over” doesn’t mean people immediately stop killing each other. And FYI clocks and watches were not that exact back then. This is an interesting story, but likely he was just one of the very last to get killed, just before the war was declared over.


Martel67 t1_j1crs2s wrote

…one of the very last of many thousands. There were fightings still going on for a few days.


Skippymabob t1_j1dsvdv wrote

Literally the first sentence of the guy your replying too


Liktwo t1_j1cvqwn wrote

Not to mention the soldiers and civilians who died after the war officially ended, due to wounds, diseases and so on.


ChanceStad t1_j1e04b2 wrote

Ya, my Grandma was told her first husband was the "last" soldier killed in the war - 3 days after it ended.


Goalie_deacon t1_j1el7az wrote

War was declared over before hand, and orders were sent out telling all commanders on both sides about when the war would officially end. Literally every soldier could’ve just slept in, and be eating a nice breakfast in the open as the war ended. Sadly, psychopaths were in command.