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SemiHemiDemiDumb t1_j1l1koo wrote

The same company that makes Dove body/face wash also makes Ben and Jerry's. They also make Axe/Lynx body spray and Hellman's mayo.

So many multi-national conglomerates make many products in many fields.


lewphone t1_j1l2g0t wrote

It's not like they make the products in the same factory.


twobit211 t1_j1lahg0 wrote

they do at the mondelez hemorrhoid ointment/sour cream/correct fluid plant


SemiHemiDemiDumb t1_j1l2sn2 wrote

Yeah, that was part of my point but I see I didn't make that clear.


CoolguyTylenol t1_j1lovpm wrote

Didn't really need to be made clear


KKlouDDN9ne t1_j1mdtdz wrote

It's reddit... It definitely needed to be made clear


MuKaN7 t1_j1mh0a0 wrote

Even within brands, some hold significant autonomy. Ben and Jerry's is a good example of this.


249ba36000029bbe9749 t1_j1lsquq wrote

This infographic shows the consolidation of products (current as of middle of 2021):

Edit: updated with more current graphic. Thanks to /u/SemiHemiDemiDumb for the heads up.


SemiHemiDemiDumb t1_j1lvpxr wrote

That's an old image and has some inaccuracies or misleading aspects. Notable from Pepsi: Gatorade should be under the Quaker brand, Ocean Spray is a farmer cooperative that has an exclusivity deal with Pepsi, in the US 7up is owned and bottled by the Kuerig Dr Pepper company.

For Nestle: the Wonka branch has been sold to Ferrara Candy Company, Nestle also sold their North American water operations to another company but maintains it outside of North America.

The infographic completely misses Kraft Heinz the 3rd largest food and beverage company in the US and 5th largest in the world.


Chewyninja69 t1_j1nvys7 wrote

I work in one of the largest grocery chains in the United States and I didn’t know that Gatorade is….checks non-existent notes…a Quaker brand??

Suffice to say, I’m very surprised.

Edit: and Ocean Spray has an exclusivity deal with Pepsi?


RsnCondition t1_j1l2ist wrote

So many indie companies get bought out to eventually. Multivitamin I used to use ended up getting bought out by nestle.


quazywabbit t1_j1lzfq3 wrote

You mean small businesses and this is pretty standard,


Delanynder11 t1_j1m9sbw wrote

The Dove and Axe comparison here (both owned by Unilever) reminds me of something I was irritated about in a marketing class in college. Dove had just started the 'Campaign for Real Beauty' showing women of natural body shapes and sizes and I brought up How shallow and dishonest this fascade from Unilever was when on a different commercial break the same company under the Axe brand had deeply misogynistic commercials of skinny models throwing themselves like cheap floozies at average men who wore the Axe brand of shitty mens fragrance. Theres no core values when you sell out your own corporate slogans for a profit.


gsdhyrdghhtedhjjj t1_j1nrqpd wrote

>deeply misogynistic commercials of skinny models throwing themselves like cheap floozies

That is considered misogynistic with college kids now?


pixartist t1_j1qgvq2 wrote

What beautiful woman liking ugly men is misogynistic?


IntellegentIdiot t1_j1my29d wrote

Unilever make a lot of things. They're a merger of former British company Lever Brothers and Dutch company Margarine Unie


fffyhhiurfgghh t1_j1nq7th wrote

Clorox doesn’t make it they keep the pofit of the smaller company they own. Which is hidden valley food company or whatever it’s called. There aren’t bleach wipes being made next to ranch in any plant Clorox has. Companies buy other companies to improve stock price or sometimes for banal reasons. If you’re unprofitable then you buy other profitable businesses who’s owners don’t wanna work 18hr days. Then your own business becomes more profitable on paper.


New_pollution1086 t1_j1kxjwe wrote

They also make ketchup, mustard, fresh step cat litter tons of stuff.

Source a relative was a lead chemist for them


CodingCarpenter t1_j1l1yp8 wrote

Fresh step is the shit. I swear by that stuff


pinks1ip t1_j1l4rbf wrote

Hmm. I still opt for a toilet whenever available.


SelppinEvolI t1_j1l4xkn wrote

This guy sh!ts


SailorET t1_j1lma2o wrote

Everybody poops. There was even a book about it.


Chewyninja69 t1_j1nwqx6 wrote

I use to believe (up until a disturbingly high age) that women didn’t poop. I don’t know why I thought that, I just did.


DavoTB t1_j1m4zg8 wrote

A most reasonable comment…


ox_raider t1_j1lbpau wrote

I’m not sure where you got that, but no to ketchup and mustard. Clorox food brands are limited to Hidden Valley, KC Masterpiece BBQ, kitchen Bouquet, and Soy Vay.

The other Clorox brand that seems to surprise people is Burt’s Bees. They’re getting in the Vitamin and Supplements game as well.


zosowon t1_j1l1on9 wrote

Thanks Todd Clorox, and happy holidays. Edit: legalize ranch, that is all.


Mr_Venom t1_j1lq5qt wrote

The Clorox Man with the Clorox Plan


KnudsonRegime t1_j1l2p6u wrote

Clorox is also Burt’s Bees. Chemicals is chemicals and everything is made of chemicals so a chemical company making chemicals seems pretty normal.

What would be weird is if Kotex made marinara sauce. Or Agtech cattle insemination corp made mayonnaise.


usdrpvvimwfvrzjavnrs t1_j1l861o wrote

If they accidentally switched the products you might end up with mayonnaise on your sandwich 🤢.


AndrewPurnell t1_j1kzylc wrote

I did my college co-op at a butyl rubber production facility. They had a contract with Goodyear and Wrigley’s. And yes both products came from the same process.


Tank905 t1_j1lbodm wrote

The Clorox Company currently owns a number of well-known household and professional brands across a wide variety of products, among them:

Brita water filtration systems (Americas only)

Burt's Bees natural cosmetics and personal care products

Clorinda: bleach and cleaning and disinfection products, alternative brand of Clorox Chile

Formula 409 hard surface cleaners

Fresh Step, Scoop Away and Ever Clean cat litters

Glad storage bags, trash bags, Press'n Seal, GladWare containers (joint venture with P&G as 20% minority shareholder)

Green Works natural cleaners

Handy Andy floor cleaners in Australia

Hidden Valley dressings, sandwich spreads and condiments, dips and dressing mixes, croutons and salad toppings, side dishes and appetizers

Kingsford charcoal

Kitchen Bouquet, KC Masterpiece, and Soy Vay sauces

Lestoil heavy-duty laundry / multipurpose Cleaner

Liquid-Plumr drain cleaner

Natural Vitality

Neocell dietary supplements

Pine-Sol, Tilex, Poett and S.O.S cleaning products

Objective health and wellness supplements

Rainbow Light

Renew Life digestive health products

The ingredients in Clorox bleach are water, sodium hypochlorite, sodium chloride, sodium carbonate, sodium chlorate, sodium hydroxide and sodium polyacrylate.

-- Wikipedia


mynewme t1_j1n6o63 wrote

They acquired Glad from Union Carbide following the Bopol accident and subsequent settlement.


mynewme t1_j1n6u7p wrote

Don’t forget STP and BBQ sauce


Beatnikdan t1_j1ky3yq wrote

That's why its made in a hidden valley


Landlubber77 t1_j1kw9cv wrote

Cleans me right the fuck out, so yeah.


guyincognito69420 t1_j1maxcu wrote

Wait until you learn about Procter and Gamble.

Companies makes lots of things that don't go together.


Surprise_Corgi t1_j1l40ef wrote

TheRussianBadger just taught me that General Electric, the people who make washing machines, also make the GAU-8 gatling gun the US military's A-10 uses. You know, the BRRRRRTTTTTT gun. One spins to clean blood and excrement out of clothes. One spins to get blood and excrement into clothes. But both are about spinning.


usdrpvvimwfvrzjavnrs t1_j1l80z4 wrote


RipLanky7154 t1_j1lxwhh wrote

I don’t think they make appliances any more tho. Haier has the rights to the name through 2056.


Car-face t1_j1lfjvj wrote

But which one makes the Funcooker^TM ?


housevil t1_j1kzukl wrote

If I put on cowboy clothes would I be ranch dressing?


Twobytwostuck t1_j1kwqa6 wrote

Wait, you guys are eating this stuff? The bottle is clearly enema shaped.


actual_griffin t1_j1laejq wrote

Don't eat the bottled ranch. Use the packets and make your own. It's substantially better.


YandyTheGnome t1_j1l1lqq wrote

TIL my parents are older than ranch dressing


VeryJoyfulHeart59 t1_j1na0oz wrote

I'm so old that I still think of Ranch as "that new salad dressing." (I'm 63.)


JonnyZhivago t1_j1lpgjw wrote

Yeah, I could see marinating a chicken in that


Warlord68 t1_j1lr4d9 wrote

Bleach, the secret ingredient.


Patzercake t1_j1mzphl wrote

*The Clorox company bought the Hidden Valley Ranch company.

Every day is an opportunity for Reddit to get bamboozled by the concept of a conglomerate.


Boracyk t1_j1l2h3c wrote

They own and make all of the Burt’s Bees line of products as well


Sdog1981 t1_j1l2qcw wrote

They also own KC Masterpiece. I assumed they were both owned by Kraft.


VeryJoyfulHeart59 t1_j1nbl11 wrote

No way, Kraft's version of ranch is so awful.


Sdog1981 t1_j1oqphd wrote

I did not think Kraft was competing with Clorox in the ranch dressing field.


LesWhite t1_j1l3x5j wrote

Perfectly fine by me, since that's the serving thing I like to eat most


andygchicago t1_j1l5bqp wrote

Phillip Morris cigarettes owned Kraft foods for a while


sparkie0501 t1_j1lkxma wrote

Where did you think they dumped the harsh byproducts from the Clorox?


AltairsBlade t1_j1lnb3y wrote

SC Johnson a family company.


lolokaydudewhatever t1_j1m3b4l wrote

And Nestle chocolate is manufactured by the same company that manufactures human suffering.


sids99 t1_j1myul9 wrote

Make your own ranch from scratch....tastes amazing!


Swoah t1_j1mz5yz wrote

Hidden valley ranch salad dressing


parlimentery t1_j1n6tct wrote

I am suddenly much more concerned about the ingredients in ranch.


whipfinish t1_j1nhk08 wrote

Again, the Power of the Preposition is demonstrated upon us.


Vladius28 t1_j1o2b2p wrote

Well son of a bleach. Learn somethin new...


os2mac t1_j1ogi7v wrote

and the recipe's originally from Alaska.


plague681 t1_j1l1eu0 wrote

No wonder it's so tasty.


BrokenEye3 t1_j1lcugo wrote

So that's why the valley is hidden...


sipes216 t1_j1m8tut wrote

No wonder i have to go tk the bathroom sfter... it really cleans me out!


Stachemaster86 t1_j1kz7q5 wrote

That’s how they get it so white


3woodx t1_j1kzjo1 wrote

Say it ain't so!!!


kthulhu666 t1_j1kzqau wrote

"During the 1990s, Hidden Valley had three child-oriented variations of ranch dressing: pizza, nacho cheese, and taco flavors."

How do you do, fellow kids?


MegaWattson t1_j1l08ti wrote

Another strange one to me is Kingsford Charcoal lol


fhrblig t1_j1l1afj wrote

Coming soon... New Tide Pods Thousand Island